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  • CPU
    Intel i5-9600k
  • Motherboard
    Gigabyte Aorus z390 Elite
  • RAM
    16gb (4 x 4gb) Crucial Ballistix Sport DDR4-2400 PC19200
  • GPU
    Gigabyte Aorus 1080ti Xtreme
  • Case
    NZXT h700i - White
  • Storage
    500gb Samsung 860 VNAND SSD x2, 1tb WD Caviar Blue HDD
  • PSU
    SeaSonic S12II 80+ Bronze 520W
  • Display(s)
    2x Acer 27" HA270 Ultra Slim LED - White
  • Cooling
    Corsair h100i Pro RGB, 6x Corsair AF120 White LED Fans
  • Keyboard
    MSI Gaming Interceptor DS4200
  • Mouse
    MSI Gaming Interceptor DS200
  • Sound
    Logitech speakers
  • Operating System
    Windows 10 home

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  1. @2FA its the standard text messaging on Samsung Galaxy via Android operating system. Its not a classified environment, but its a sales company that tries to thwart stealing customer information. They monitor out computers very carefully and it makes me believe that if they could do it, they would try to intercept text messages if they could. So it is poasible if my phone is connected to wifi? Whether it be standard SMS / multimedia texts, or the samsung "chat" system i mentioned above? Its not like im trying to do anything illegal, but to be honest the girlfriend of the company's COO is having an affair with me (and she works there and may sometimes be on wifi) and there are some pretty intense conversations that we would not like to be seen obviously. So what's done is already done, but what can I do to avoid this in the future? Please give me your best suggestions. A VPN as mentioned by the other guy I feel wouldn't solve anything as they can still be seen. Thanks a lot
  2. Trivial as unimportant, but still possible? If sent via SMS over wifi. With Samsung's Galaxy phones being used by both users, by default the messages are sent by "chat" which I believe is some sort of user-to-user web based chat? Not exactly sure but it sounds to me like you're saying that it would be very easy to do?
  3. I'm wondering if network admin of my employer can see my cell phone text messages when my cell phone is connected to wifi ? Sounds like it would be possible if they really wanted to. Please advise if it's even possible, and what the likelihood is of it happening based on technical difficulty? Thanks!!!!
  4. Yeah, well I needed a mATX for the case, and the price & color scheme on both is really what did it for me. I know there are more preferable B350 boards out there and I have an Asus B350-F Gaming lined up for $60 new tomorrow, to pair with this Ryzen 5 2600 & 980ti I have sitting here for the next build
  5. @mxk. yeah you know, I heard these cpu's run better with faster RAM I think there is still room in the budget for some 3000 or 3200 mhz RAM, if I can get a decent deal on 16gb for under $100 I have been keeping my eye out for it, and I would just throw this RAM in the next build, as I have two more 980ti's just sitting here ready to go LOL
  6. I am currently endeavoring in building gaming computers from used/discounted parts found off of Ebay, Craigslist, Facebook marketplace, etc. with the goal of getting an above-decent performance, at a discounted price - to sell them for a small profit, and allow others to enter the PC gaming realm fairly cheap and get a decent build. I will post photos below of the recent build I am doing; a Red & Black themed mid-tower to match the red & black theme of the Asus Strix 980ti. Total: $566.41 And I am hoping to sell it for $800 for a decent little profit - I think it's worth it, 100% - but to be honest I kind of fell in love with it. These are really some high quality parts for a killer price - I even think I could maybe sell it for closer to $1000.00 LOL but we will see! What do you think I could reasonably ask for it? My experience thus far with selling on Craigslist, Facebook, etc - is that people love to low ball or offer trades for ridiculous things. My last build, an i5-7600k w/ 8gb RAM & a 1060-6gb - I ended up trading for a Taco Bell edition Platinum Xbox 1 X, very rare - with controller and plus $150 - which was fair - but I won't keep trading, especially for this bad boy. Anyway - any input would be welcomed. PS - excuse the mess of cables! This is currently being tweaked and modded, haven't finalized cable management yet!!!
  7. Matter of perspective I suppose. I know how to build a computer and there's nothing wrong with using a b350 mobo. I'm still waiting for someone to tell me the major difference between a b350 and b450 mobo and why when doing a budget build you wouldnt go with the cheaper option even if it means simply flashing BIOS? Again, first AMD build - simple oversight... Moving along... I love you too.
  8. @Brent744 yeah I actually bought a 1700x for a second build so I might just throw that in here to make things simple because I'm buying an asus rog strix b450-f later today which the 2600 can go in. I just couldn't get it at open box price ($68) at the microcenter location I drove to last night.. which, I specifically drove to for a discounted open box nzxt s340 elite which was supposed to have everything but the side panel screws for $60... two hour drive and no side panel either ugh what a headache. Anyway, they have the strix b450-f at my local MC 15 mins away so that's the plan. Thanks for the input! I expected to maybe have to flash the bios worst case scenario, I got this mobo for $29 brand new it's a $70 mobo so, cant complain. The integrated graphics was an oversight.
  9. @xg32 Aww discredit your opponent that's just as lame as me calling you a disgruntled little bitch. You're criticizing a situation which 1) you barely have an idea of what research I did 2) instead of calling someone lazy either help or dont say anything. You waste all that energy starting the personal attack, for what? Obviously bored, you're probably broke compared to me if you want to bring that into it and so sour with life you're the obvious example of the type that comes online to start arguments. I work on wall street my nyc rent is $3500 a month, that is less than 1/100 of my annual income, and I decided to building gaming rigs from used/discounted parts and flip them for fun. Never did an AMD build, and I am well aware of integrated graphics not being included in the chip. Far from lazy, a simple oversight. You just want to show your superior knowledge because you have nothing better to do, well guess what? Wrong forum to do it on. This forum is full of newbs and when it really comes down to it I actually doubt you know more than how to put a pc together and install windows. Show me your code, show me your qualifications, show me your employee badge saying you're a network admin. Cant? No surprise little boy. Get off my nutz now byeeeeee loser.
  10. You say "used a zen+ cpu on a first gen board" like theres actually a difference. I did do research in fact, that's why I went with AMD for this build and 95% of the people said to get a b350 board if it's cheaper because when it comes down to it theres no difference actually. First AMD build, forgot about integrated graphics.. and was panicking as on a build last week I had to flash bios and had a bad ram socket on the mobo... so excuse me for coming to a pc help forum for help? I love little sour bitches that sit at their screen so unhappy with their own life that they have nothing better to do than antagonize other people over nonsense. Act like you are so superior in knowledge when in fact you are most likely one of those ppl that googles everything and pretends to know everything so whos rambling when they have nothing constructive to say? @xg32 grow the fuck up, kid.
  11. you're welcomed to not read or respond. next time leave your negativity elsewhere. I would rather supply 110% of the information when asking for help, so 1) it can be narrowed down and 2) to give context to the situation. @Mephi00 @schwellmo92 @dgsddfgdfhgs - thank you very much for the input. I believe the BIOS is fine, as it is advertised to run Ryzen 2 - but it's definitely going to get an update as it appears there are newer BIOS that are more optimized for such. I totally forgot that this chip does not have integrated graphics!!!!! That has to be the issue thank you very much for reminding me! I will let you know if it works tomorrow when I finish the build! Thanks again!
  12. Bad BIOS as in bad GUI? If that's the case then yes you are absolutely correct. I bought a z390 Aorus Elite to match my Aorus Xtreme 1080ti.... wow I regret being cheap. I'm never not going with ASUS again.
  13. I just bought a ryzen 5 2600 with an Asus Prime B350m-E mobo for a budget used parts build i'm doing to pair with a used Asus 980ti I bought. I've head stories about threadripper needing to be torqued properly or they won't boot. Does that apply to Ryzen 5? Probably not right? I have no idea what the problem is but.... Mobo lights, fans - ON. BIOS screen not appearing, and I know it's the pc because my keyboard RGB lights are not even coming on, which they usually do. I switched out the RAM - not the RAM. I checked ALL connections from power supply... I thought I maybe was shorting something out by plugging the f-panel plugs in wrong, as I was having issues figuring out whether ground was +/- or if the arrow was +/-, or the black wire with the grey stripe was +/-... so i just unplugged them all and left the power switch one in which was plugged in correctly. I shorted out the RTC RAM pegs, and a second time even unplugged the CMOS battery then did it - nothing. I really have no idea what it could be... I am using a used power supply though, as my other one is in use - BUT I have used this power supply just last week and it worked fine... it's the only anomaly I could think of though. The 980ti isn't plugged in yet so the hdmi cable is plugged to the mobo.. but still, that can't be the issue because like I said, the RGB on my keyboard isn't powering on, which it would at least. I just don't know if I did something wrong, like you know the arrow on the corner of the CPU chip which shows you which way to plug it? Now I'm thinking that maybe I put that in incorrectly... but I am pretty sure it was right. Would I even be able to close the latch on the cpu if it wasn't seated correctly? I am second guessing myself with that because it is sideways on this mobo, not what I'm used to with past Intel builds - the CPU is turned clockwise 90 degrees on this one. I was really hoping I would be impressed with AMD and become a convert over from Intel, but it's looking more bleek by the minute LOL. Any ideas, advice? Thanks
  14. @faizannoor as a matter of fact, I FORBID YOU to spend your money on a 7700k and a 2gb 1050. DO NOT! please, inbox me - i'm going to hook you up.
  15. @faizannoor ryzen 5 2600 OR ryzen 7 1700x ~ $160 get a USED* graphics card off ebay, you can get a GTX 980ti for around $200 or $250. OR get a 6gb 1060 used for around $150 - $180. then get a mATX b350 motherboard new for like $75 and another 8gb DDR4 RAM for $75 BAM the best $500 you've ever spent in your life. If you want, I have a EVGA 980ti still under warranty I can sell you for $250 USD. AND - there is absolutely nothing wrong with buying used hardware, especially when it comes to graphics cards. DO NOT buy a 7700k - unless you're getting a great deal on a used on for under $150 then what's the point? i just got a BRAND NEW mATX Asus Prime B350-M-E mobo for $29.99 by pairing it with a ryzen 5 2600 today at Microcenter (US-based store) which give bundle deals like that. you can find deals EVERYWHERE you just need to look. i would love to help you with this build if you have any questions.. oh and by the way - there's absolutely nothing wrong with having a 60hz monitor. that is the last thing you should worry about upgrading. give me an exact budget and i will get you the most bang for your buck, trust me - I do used part/budget builds all the time to sell them.