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  1. Trizael

    Samsung Galaxy S6

    i accidentally put the wrong password on my phone and now i cant get into it .. the home button is broken so i cant boot into recovery mode.. can somebody please help
  2. Trizael

    Old TV Resolution?

    How do i fix that my TV cant display 576p when the resolution of the tv is 1366x768?
  3. Trizael

    Headset Buzz In Mic??

    So , i've been looking for a solution for this for a while now , but i cant seem to find one . I sometimes randomly hear a mid/high pitched buzz in my headset , it goes on for around 3 seconds and then stops . I thought i was the only one that heard it but , people in Discord told me they can hear it aswell. Its not because im too close to my mic , they cant hear game sounds either so , it must be something with the soundcard? please help .
  4. Trizael

    FRAPS not recording.

    how did you fix it , im still stuck with this problem , please help!
  5. Trizael

    Fraps isn't recording..

    the last thing , was that i re installed steam ... dont think that could have anything to do with it.
  6. Trizael

    Fraps isn't recording..

    its very bad, intel i3 2100 , igpu , 4gb ddr2 but , thats why i use Fraps and Geforce NOW (cloud streaming) and C Drive has 90GB out of 360 left but i have another L drive that has 100GB Free
  7. Trizael

    Fraps isn't recording..

    90GB free so , no
  8. Trizael

    Fraps isn't recording..

    wont work , the worst part is , i use Geforce NOW with intel hd graphics here
  9. Trizael

    Fraps isn't recording..

    i re installed multiple times and i still have 90gb on that drive , i could change a drive . im going to see if that works!
  10. Trizael

    Fraps isn't recording..

    i re installed it multiple times , and i use it for more than a year so , i cant see the problem..
  11. Hello , i just wanted to record some game play so i started my recording software : Fraps. I opened my game , and when i pressed my hotkey the Fraps FPS counter turned red for just a millisecond (fraps counter turns red if recording) and then it just went back to yellow. I searched on the internet a ton and i could not find a solution. My Fraps worked for more than 1.5 years now , and it just started doing that. PS: i tried looking for other recording programs but everything accept Fraps lags just too much , so dont comment ''that i have to try OBS'' Thank you , Trizael
  12. Trizael

    Headphone Mic Only Picking up Audio?

    yes , i have both plugged in
  13. Hello . So my Headset (Sennheiser PC 360 G4ME)'s Mic is not working. I installed all newest drivers etc. if i turn on ''Listen To Device'' in the Windows settings i hear a ''Screech'' or '' White Noise'' sound. I Started a recording app and i hit Record. nothing worked. so i kept my music on when i started recording with a Recording Program and i only heard my music! my Mic was picking up the audio what my headset should hear. I bought this headset used. so i only have the chord , no USB adapter. I already use the back panel for my Mic (because the front panel is broken) so if you can help , Thanks! PS (The video demonstrates this and i was talking in to the mic while recording!) 2018-07-20-2222-53.mp4
  14. Trizael


    but it doesnt fit into my case i think