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  1. lol... a) This rubbish URL get blocked by many Firewall for a good Rreason b) I know since the early 90tis Metal Keyboard for the Industrial Application.
  2. Hi I use some SDR Dongle who sould run 24/7. Sadly my Server dont work that well with an USB 3.0 Card so I will switch to independent System who can run 24/7. Before someone come with an Pi the suck. I need a Win to run the Software on. I see I will need Win10 for (who cost me ~100€ wtf...) Now there is an offer for this shuttle: http://www.shuttle.eu/products/slim/ds10u7/overview/ http://www.shuttle.eu/products/nano/nc10u7/overview/ Its sem the CPU is the same. I would prefare the ds10u7. I could get the Barebone for 310€. I see the Intel Core i7-8565U is a ULV. Well how different is the CPU to an "normal" Desktop? The i5 is the one on my small Shuttle: https://ark.intel.com/content/www/us/en/ark/compare.html?productIds=149091,88189 Thanks
  3. well how fast are the? I like to use this Intel Drive why but such a small SSD for so much €? https://ark.intel.com/content/www/us/en/ark/compare.html?productIds=99030,149403
  4. OMG who he got this Intel Drives from? I still need some for my Server to! Thanks
  5. sry I am in a hurry tomorrow I drive to Praha in the morning. ~600€ I saw one. I want buy only Cine and Yes I know... Yes Nope but I buy one. And Yes there is a Plan for. I still need one and since I know I will make something with Film is dont buy any in advanced. And I also will use the one from Blackmagic. Nope and since I know what Software and Cams the Open TV channel use even my begginer collor correktik will look pro Material. Since I want have a 4K Video after Cropping I need a higher resolution. Well its cheaper to sell them as used than rent some material.
  6. Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 6K Depend. Some Documentary, Interview, at some Conferences,... There arent any. I will/ have use that will be there. Sure Outdoor the natural Light at an Interview I got some Lights. Well what is necary to get a good result. Not now and yes sure I will buy more lenses later but first I (can/) want buy one. If I realy need one "special" I have to rent then.
  7. So I want to buy this Cam can someone recommend a good lense? Someone say I should take the "IS" Canon Lense with anti Shake System.
  8. Maybe you can go to a Street, Airport or even a Railway Line and see if you can "track" some Heavy Vehickel who produce a lot of noise.
  9. well I have ammount X€ per Month who I can spend. The point is when I buy something who dont fit my needs what should I do with that Product? Lets say you want to move some Rocks around and see the cheap Smart. Well you can buy them but do the fit your need? sad I know... Well when I save some yes. But sadly there is no alternative for. nice which Recorder do you have? the most recorder have a dedicated Software for that Souroundsound onboard. So maybe to allow only to record that 4 Inputs and no other Channels to?! Who have some digital? Sennheiser dont have Digital for Handhelt - Recorder Bag. Is there any who act like a Radio for Instructions? Well I know. The F6 look good for me: https://www.zoom.co.jp/products/field-video-recording/field-recording/f6-multitrack-field-recorder because the have this dual Converter inside one for Loude Sound an the other for Silent Sounds. Perfect on a Railway Station. When Trains passing by every Minute. I did a Comparission for my self and still copy everything into the XLS File but t he F6 is a big favorite for me right now.
  10. I didnt research good enought are there any Transmitter, Reciver on t he Marked who support a Dual Mic Setup? And the Sennheiser Page sucks a lot! There is this Mic: https://de-at.sennheiser.com/mikrofon-3d-audio-ambeo-vr-mic (sorry its in German) who should support it. And there is a (€€€, $$$) Plugin for: https://store.sounddevices.com/product/ambisonics-plugin/ the MixPre. The major Question is can I record from the not used Audio Input ports together with the 360" Mic? For example on a Conference 2 Wireless Mic + the 360" Mic together? Well I want to record the Train who passing by. Well when I film the Passenger or Cargo Train who will passing by I need to record the Audio for that since every Train, Station,.. have there unique sound who cant be reproduced. Since I want to make Videos for the Railway Fans the will know immediately that the Sound dont fit into with the Cars. I dont know with one but attleast one have 2 ADC with 2 different Gain levels to boost low noise Audio and prevent hight noise Audio from clipping. I guess that are perfect when I want to record Public Transport. The noise produced by Cargo Train Cars are insane. The problem will be what should I do when I am just a Guest somewhere and cant Disturb when one Mic have a problem. The Pocked 4k should could to it so the 6k could do it hopefully to. Some people on Youtube sayed the Blackmagic Software dont support 32bit Audio Clips. So maybe I must process them first (like level it) and than put them with the Video together?!
  11. Hi I got the beastgrip for my p30 pro. The work quite God. Sadly the are pricy if someone need I have an 10% discount code for. Sure the can't fix a terrible Cam.
  12. oh yes I forgotten about! In the Youtube Video I watched the also say the use this: https://www.sounddevices.com/product/mixpre-6-ii/ Does I understand right when I want use Wireless I "just" buy some "external" Transmission Device like the in Europe often used Sennheiser one and plug them in the with XLR (?!) Plugs? In my Training who I still Visit from the "Community TV Channel" the told us we should use 2 Mics one on each side of the Cloth so when one scratch or the rub somewhere we can use the other Audio Channel, Mic. Is this a common practise?
  13. Sry I am in stress I must catch a Train soon... I am looking for an Standalone Audio Recorder to record Audio for me upcomming Video Project. What I want: 1) Dual Record to 2 (Micro) SD Cards 2) Sound for a later 5.1 or better 7.1 Sound (when neccecary) 3) separate Audio Channel in a Talk Group, Interview for everyone to cut when some sneeze, drink or what ever Sound the make unintentionally What someone from Youtube Recommended was: https://www.tascam.eu/en/dr-680mkii.html https://www.zoom.co.jp/products/field-video-recording/field-recording/f8n-multitrack-field-recorder I want to record Audio in a Loud environment and need a device who have some internal Gain, Level Control to put the input audio level down for example when a train is passing by. Does anyone know similar, better one who are max ~1000€? Or even own one of them? Thanks
  14. is with 3800€ 1000€ over my tide budget. Well and another fact. Here in Europe the "Traditional" Cams get sold only to Companys who serve end User and the must sell them at the "not binding" Price "recommendation" (unverbindliche Preisempfehlung in German). If the sell cheaper the loose there Contract to sell it. What I heard from the Company I intend to buy Blackmagic dont have such thinks. Thats why its get hard to impossible to buy Products from some Company because the refuse to sell it to me (/us). So is "just" the AF different? The dont help if the not selling me there Camera. Well I will need a Gimbal for variouse thinks like I mention before as an Handheld Camera Crane and smooth follow shots. Who is insane and shoot a Stage on a one day conference without a Tripod?
  15. Sorry I cant afford 4k just for the naked Body. Depend on the Resolution what I saw. Since many Web Video Services still use 4k I must have a good Image Quality. Now I learn how to use a Production Camera. A local Community TV Channel still buy new Equipment who is 4k. When you see what the Air right now my Footage will be much better even for a beginner. I my Class also People who have the feeling for nice Image and feeling. I will need a Gimbal and a Monopot as an cheap Camera Crane replacement. What I also want to film are Conferences who the Cam is on a Tripot and I can use the resolution for Virtual Zoom, Pan,... to any place on the Stage. In my Class we use only AF Camera right now. I dont know which Camera the use but its a "real" TV Camera. That thing is huge, insane heavy. The Display is also Crap and the record in Interlaced only...
  16. Are you insane? https://geizhals.eu/panasonic-lumix-dc-s1h-gehaeuse-dc-s1he-k-a2122073.html € 3809,00 for the Panasonic vs. € 2378,95 for the Blackmagic! So how can I get a 4k Video when I crop and optical Stabilise a Video?
  17. Do you mean such: https://smallformfactor.net/news/single-slot-xfx-rx550-asl-gtx-1050-ti-previewed/ ? Sadly I have just 2 Source to buy from: a) every Site -> sadly the can run truth the Company and I have to pay the full price b) truth your IT Distributors but I can buy only what the offer So AliExpress for that Price was a good and affordable Source.
  18. So Yesterday I bought them from AliExpress! € 78,46 (exlude - 5,5% Cashback from a Cashback Side) and depend how the declaire the Custum think maybe 20% Custom Feeds on top. I am happy to found the Card back then now I can put them into a smal Pc. Not only Linus know crazy stuff: https://www.retropcmania.com/2012/03/thinkpad-advanced-dock-part-2.html (Wait until Google Translate is loading)
  19. So maybe with a Login just one Device can surf only?
  20. Such an "external" RAM Card is good for Temporary Files and maybe for hight intensity stuff like (un)pack ZIP Files, (un)compress Data,...
  21. Hi I got some Offline UPS who "just" a Switch and an AP is connected to but sadly the run in a Chain not a Tree so have an UPS there is must. The problem was there was no Eaton Fanless UPS Available with Network. Is there any "cheap" USB over Network think who support an UPS? I found a bunch of USB - Network thinks who are for Printer only or for Storage and nobody mention other Device like a UPS. I know the Germany Company: https://www.seh-technology.com/products/usb-deviceserver/myutn-50a.html the are far away from cheap. So are there an alternative Product, Company? Thanks
  22. Well the major think is you must look with Band the use for 5G.