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  1. Required

    Did anyone here use here an Intel Server?

    I need a server for my small project. I sayed before i will do what linus did. Build a Server with an Graphic card + USB and run just a Virtual Win7 on it with an ESXi. During the night when I sleep other Virtual System could use the CPU Power to run some cpu hungry process.
  2. Required

    Plex TV Alternative?

    omg... We use the cheapest 90cm Dish with an cheap LNB behind the splitter sitt the IP Box. When I compare the Full HD Channel from Sat and Cable the Cable one is that much scaled down its more like SD TV.
  3. Required

    Did anyone here use here an Intel Server?

    Mine is a ProLiant SE326M1. If you know a legal way to get the current firmware pls tell me. System ROM: R02 07/02/2013; backup system ROM: 07/02/2013 Proc 1:2800 MHz Execution technology:4/4 cores; 8 maximum threads Memory technology:64-bit capable Processor 1 Internal L1 Cache:128 KB Processor 1 Internal L2 Cache:1024 KB Processor 1 Internal L3 Cache:8192 KB Proc 2:2800 MHz Execution technology:4/4 cores; 8 maximum threads Memory technology:64-bit capable Processor 2 Internal L1 Cache:128 KB Processor 2 Internal L2 Cache:1024 KB Processor 2 Internal L3 Cache:8192 KB and 2x 6x Ram 4096 MB 1333 MHz
  4. Required

    Did anyone here use here an Intel Server?

    It depend I saw some without a PSU. Who produce the Boards Fujitsu in Germany? Do you use "Brand one" like Kingston and so? It depend. I got an used HP Server and there is now FW Download without €. The HDD Caddy as sparepart cost quite the same as an used HDD with Caddy. mm the English look a little differen her the German one: https://www.intel.de/content/www/de/de/products/servers/server-chassis-systems.html I dont know which one I saw some days ago but it look like this one: R2312WTXXX But I am afraid to buy such a model because the get EOL Q3'20...
  5. Required

    Plex TV Alternative?

    OMG Why Cable? The sucks. Lower Qualty im comparison with Sat. And a delay of secounds. Get a Sat Dish and https://www.digital-devices.eu/shop/en/network-tv/network-tuner/342/dd-octopus-net-v2-max-m4-sat-ip-networktuner
  6. Hi Did anyone here use here an Intel Server? Last week I visit a Road show who the where shown. I like the fact that the are "open" and I can put HDD, SSD in who are certified from the Broadcom and the are cheaper. But how good the are? Thanks
  7. Required

    Best Dongle for Wardriving?

    Hi What is the best Dongle for Wardriving? This? https://www.tp-link.com/de/home-networking/adapter/archer-t2uh/#overview Thanks
  8. Yes what is the price of something like that?
  9. A friend is argue around about that. What you post are one Cable with Multiple Fiber what I mean is lets say 3 Media Converter with different Wavelength route all cable into one.
  10. What I heard the use different wavelenght to aviod an interference.
  11. Nope I know there are some Multi Wavelength Media Converter or Multible Media Converter who get coupled together.
  12. Hi Does anyone know what Multi Wavelengh Glasfiber Media Converter cost? Thanks
  13. Required

    Direct Optical Fiber adapted to Desktop?

    well it depent what kind of Fiber do you have? A Glasfiber? Something who called "Fiberpower" here who is DSL? So "Fiber" could mean Internet via "Cable TV". Here the have some Cards where you can put in an SFP Module in: https://www.delock.de/produkte/G_1135_LAN.html
  14. Required

    5G Band on Router Disconnects when downloading

    Depend on the Country 5G is just in a Demo Mode now and not ready for everyday useage.