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  1. Buy an External Graphics Card Dock?
  2. Had you needed to replace the battery?
  3. Actually, I am employed by a selling earphone company, but being Linus tech fans first, haven't changed my own account. We also want to cooperate with Linus. But it's not easy. I think they will choose good products when they receive sponsorship. (It does not mean our company is not good) The product still needs the chance to show out.
  4. No, didn't. Even I turn on my Range Hood make it happen too. Is the HDMI wire problem?And I connect the monitor to my laptop. I have broken South Bridge before.
  5. No. But in the one room. I live studio apartment,
  6. Should I post in Troubleshooting?
  7. When my fridge compressor starts, my display black screen, even the audio from the display stop. This like my old pc, turn on the light, USB stop. Should I get a Voltage regulator socket? Thank