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  1. are there any makeshift solutions? like maybe ziptie the cable up to my wall next to my desk?
  2. Guys,, i meant while using the mouse so the cable doesn't prevent me from moving the mouse the way i want it.
  3. So I was wondering if I just wrap my mouse cable (logitech g pro hero) with some electrical tape to get rid of the mouse drag, what effect will it have and will there be any side effects that are negative.
  4. no i meant in total well ik ur joking dont wanna get r/wooshed
  5. 1) Starbreak it's my favorite mmorpg 2d game, 2300 hours 2) Beamng.Drive 780 hours 3) roblox, when I was a child so atleast 300 hours everyday after school 4)Fortnite around 700~ish? I like the fighting mechanics community is the sentence: your mom fat lol gay ha 5)team fortress 2 400 hours when I had a doodoo pc 6)minecraft 300 hours
  6. Competitive, but not that crazy competitive, like I said a monitor with close to 0 motion blur and ghosting/ smearing and isn't sacrificing colors that much
  7. placebo effect? or can you actually notice it like im only worried about smudging as im used to 60 fps
  8. Do you ever think having a socket adapter for your cpu could be possible, like you can put an amd cpu in a z390 mobo, like you put the adapter in the socket and put the cpu in the adapter, assuming the cooler properly mounts, what are technological drawbacks of doing this and is it possible to be engineered or not.
  9. yeah but isn't there a threshold of like 7 for 144hz monitors like the pixels gray to gray has to be under 7 or else you'll see smudging because it takes 7 ms for each frame to show up on a 144hz monitor, so I was wondering if the GN27DB's gtg response time is under 7. Anything lower than 6 won't really make a difference for 144hz
  10. Turn up the brightness in power options and set it to high performance, it might switch to integrated graphics to save battery.
  11. https://www.amazon.com/Samsung-C27JG56-27-Inch-Monitor-LC27JG56QQNXZA/dp/B07R82333S/ref=sr_1_7?keywords=monitor&qid=1571328534&refinements=p_n_size_browse-bin%3A3547807011%2Cp_n_feature_thirteen_browse-bin%3A17751775011%2Cp_n_feature_eleven_browse-bin%3A17726576011|17726577011&rnid=17726572011&s=pc&sr=1-7 I haven't seen any reviews for this specific models but the specs and reviews seem good, is there any motion blur because it isn't a TN panel and this monitor https://www.amazon.com/GN27DB-27-Inch-Monitor-FreeSync-GamePlus/dp/B078P57ZWL/ref=sr_1_3?keywords=monitor&qid=1571328534&refinements=p_n_size_browse-bin%3A3547807011%2Cp_n_feature_thirteen_browse-bin%3A17751775011%2Cp_n_feature_eleven_browse-bin%3A17726576011|17726577011&rnid=17726572011&s=pc&sr=1-3 Is there any motion blur, what is the response time I have seen plenty of reviews for the GFT model, but I was wondering what the response times and if there is any motion blur or ghosting for the GN27DB version with VA
  12. MSI Mag271cqr 1440-, 144hz, 27 inch, slight curve, VA, and great respone times for a VA panel, also really good srgb.
  13. in device manager just disable integrated graphics
  14. when someones build is 10 times your current build, but other than that I like the build