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  1. Wow that is really one to consider! It will help having lots with being able to have multiple windows next to each other.
  2. Hello everyone I am asking your help. I would like to buy my first ever monitor or multiple ones. Usecase: Working at home > remote server work Studying certifications > reading digital books. Playing the occational game or video is optional. At my work place I always use two screens what is really handy. However one big curved screen would be fine to. The problem is I want to connect it to my laptop who only has 1 hdmi and 1 thunderbold 2 connector. (Dell Inspiron 15 Gaming 7577 ) I naturally looked into different screens myself but the supply is endless... My budget for now is around 300~500 dollars. I found these ones so far > Samsung LC24F396FHUXEN Samsung LC27JG50QQU AOC Q27P1 What is a good screen for me ? Please help!
  3. I already tried that, Also my using the service tag i could find the right driver and I downgrades. But this still did not solve the issue.
  4. Hello everyone, Please help me out. I was forced to update my intel hd videocard to the latest version by Microsoft. However after doing that I keep getting the error during bootup that I must install .net framework 4.7.1. But when I download an installer for that It refuses to update saying i already have a newer version installed... This is so annoying. Any tips on how to solve this? I already tried rebooting, removing, updating, turning back time and manually installing it.
  5. No problem https://www.humblebundle.com/store/daemon-tools-pro?hmb_source=search_bar https://www.humblebundle.com/store/daemon-tools-ultra?hmb_source=search_bar
  6. You can use steam big picture mode for playing games, I heard this also makes it minimize then you have your normal desktop?
  7. Yeah the bigger harddrive might be useful as destiny 2 takes up 70 GB of storage ... Also don't forget that mac-os takes a lot of space, also you lose storage because of what they actually have after formatting. Finally you also lose storage because of updates and so.
  8. I think those games will not run great though, maybe if you lower the resolution and play on low it might work a bit. https://www.quora.com/Is-8GB-of-ram-enough-to-run-Logic-Pro-X-if-I’m-not-using-a-bunch-of-plugins-or-samples 16 GB is more then enough.
  9. Still a Macbook is not designed for gaming... anyway regarding your question I have a 32 GB laptop using Windows but that is not needed for now. Maybe in 8 years or so you might need it... I would go for 16 GB then, and maybe stream your games with Geforce now or so. What games are you planning on playing?
  10. You can forget about gaming on a mac... it sucks horrible for that. I would go for a XPS then. What type of school stuff do you want to do?
  11. Did you try putting foil on one side? furthermore like mentioned a powerline might be a option or a wifi extender. Also you can try changing your wifi channel to a better one. Or 5ghz ?
  12. Did you undervolted it? For my laptop the performance increase is around 10% It takes around 10 seconds to do it. It might not be perfect but it might help some.