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  1. Maxie94

    GPU height

    Hello again. So, I tried to contact the manufacturer to get the full specs, but so far no one has answered me. I'm open to new suggestions.
  2. Hello. I'm currently interested on getting the AORUS RTX 2070 super but I'm not completely sure if it's gonna fit in my case. I have a Sentey Arvina GS 6410 plus, and I have already checked its specs, and it only says the max length supported. Is there any way to check if my case will support the GPU being closed?
  3. According to specs, my case can support cards of up to 330 mm long, so I think there shouldn't be problems with the cards' length.
  4. Hello. I'm having problems on choosing between two graphics cards right now, specifically the RTX 2070 super. My two options are the Gigabyte Windforce and the EVGA XC. I'd like to hear opinions and experiences with these two cards, both positive and negative ones, so that I can choose between these two. Actual components: Motherboard: Asus ROG STRIX X570-E CPU: AMD RYZEN 3700X RAM: Corsair Vengeance 2x8GB 3200 MHz Cooler: Corsair H60 2018 Power supply: Corsair RM 850i Case: Sentey Arvina GS 6410 plus
  5. I really doubt the culprit is the ssd, because right now I installed windows on an hdd and I got the same problem, but I'll still run crystaldiskinfo. And with respect to mobo, there's no physical damage afaik. So it's gotta be CPU, o ram.
  6. https://pcpartpicker.com/list/yLsnNq This is my rig right now
  7. Hello. I just got a new PC rig, but I'm having problems with my windows installation, more specifically, the explorer.exe, it takes quite long to completely load, and also, the shutdown takes forever to finish. I narrowed the problem to CPU, mobo or ram. Has anyone had this problem before? I'm open to suggestions to solve this.
  8. I learned it from Linus. South America.
  9. No particular reason, I just want a good headphone/headset. As for budget, I'm trying not to go over 100 bucks. I have looked a lot of brands, AKG, Superlux, Audio Technica, Sennheiser, Corsair, Hyperx, Razer, you name it. The thing is I'm not from USA, so my local headset options are limited to Razer, HyperX and Corsair. I've been told on another thread not to look for "gaming" headsets, that's why I've been looking on Amazon too, but I haven't found the right headphone/headset yet.
  10. Hello. I'm currently on a journey to find an appropriate headphone/headset for me, and I'm havin a hard time to decide for semi open or closed ones. The thing is I've never owned semi open headsets/headphones, also I learned that when you use a mic with an open headphone/headset the sound of the cans is picked up by the mic, causing interference. I'm often in quiet environment, though I don't want the sound to leak that much, I'd want some noise isolation and I need a good quality mic, and if it has to be a separated mic, I'd go for the modmic.
  11. Ok so I found a lot of negative comments about razer headsets, that they break after like 4 months, their support is terrible... but I looked at the weight of them, and they're freakin heavy! So they're out of the table. Right now I'm considerin these: Corsair hs50 Corsair Void Pro USB (or any other wired version) HyperX Cloud HyperX Cloud 2 HyperX Cloud Alpha Sennheiser pc37x I'm currently leaning towards the Cloud ones, especially the Cloud 1 because it's lightweight (less than 300 g.), and according to reviews, they have great sound and quality. Tell me what you guys think about my options.
  12. It is really good as far as I can see, but I'm afraid it's out of my budget rn
  13. Hey what do you guys think about the Audio-Technica brand? Specifically, the ATH-M20X and ATH-M30X.
  14. You're totally right, I was also thinking about going into a store and try the options myself. I appreciate the warning and I'll definitely take it into account.
  15. Is the evo comfortable? Just asking cuz I saw it doesn't have almost any cushioning on the headband.