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  1. I'm looking for software that I could boot off my usb that would help me diagnose my ssd and maybe partition it. I just want to make sure the drive is dead before getting a new one.
  2. Well that's what I was going to do, but now it doesn't even recognize it.
  3. So, after a recent abrupt shutdown my pc has become unbootable. I tried booting into variuos linux distros to move the files off of my ssd to my hdd, after seeing that the file transfer speed was way to slow I just decided to reinstall windows completely on my ssd with it wiping the files. So, I try to reinstall windows this morning just to see that my ssd isn't even recognized at all? I'm at a loss of what to do to recover my computer and I would really like to try everything before getting a new ssd.
  4. It's the standard 7200rpm hard drive, and I know I'm running off of a usb but I expected at least a megabyte of speed
  5. So, I'm running linux mint off of my usb and I need to move files between my ssd and hdd and the speed is as you can see in the picture... not the greatest. Am I doing something wrong and can I speed this up ?
  6. So, my ssd won't boot and I'm trying to reinstall windows on it, but before doing that I want to move some files to my hdd and I'm looking for a lightweight Linux distro (under 1gb) that I could install on my usb and then boot from it, move the files between drives and that's it. I'd like a simple os because I'm not very experienced with linux. Anything helps!
  7. Well my only other option is an HDD, and that would be way worse, wouldn't it ?
  8. So, recently my pc started to sometimes freeze up for about 5-15 seconds. I have an SSD and an HDD and when I check the task manager after the computer unfreezes, I see that the SSD usage randomly jumps up to 100% for about 5-15 seconds and then goes back down to about 2-3%. Is my SSD failing or is this some issue I can fix? My computer is only about a year old so I hope my SSD isn't failing. The SSD is a 240GB Patriot Burst.
  9. So I've had my keyboard for 2 years (Gamdias Hermes P1 RGB) and recently my W key started acting up and sometimes when I press down on it, it doesn't register and requires a firmer push and this really hinders my performance in fps games where you need to hold down W to walk and mid walking you just stop or you can't move forward because it's not registering. I tried blowing compressed air into the switch several times and it does nothing, I took apart my keyboard and cleaned all the filth and washed all they keycaps and it didn't do nothing. Any suggestions on how to fix this ?
  10. almost all of their computers have no os, but they are a known retailer in my country. And they have the least overpriced computers out of all the retailers here.
  11. CPU: Intel® Core™ CORE I5-7400 3.0-3,5 GHZ, 6 MB cache GPU: MSI GeForce GTX 1060 3GB GDDR5 RAM: 8 GB DDR4 2400 Mhz MOTHERBOARD: MSI B250M MORTAR HDD: Intel® Optane™ 32GB SSD+ HDD 2TB SATA3, 7200 rpm OS: NO OS PSU: Not specified, all it says is 600W PRICE: 679 EURO I want to play most new games like (Fortnite, Rust, TitanFall2, COD BO2, R6 Siege, Overwatch...) at Medium - Ultra settings 45-80 FPS. I'm willing to mess with the settings as long as it still looks good. If I buy the computer i plan to install the 'trial' version of Windows 10, if any of you use the 'trial' version of Windows 10 please tell me if the watermark is annoying or bearable? So my final question. Is this a fair price ? P.S This is from an online site in my country. I'm considering this one because on sites like newegg and amazon shipping would cost way too much(Europe btw hhhh). Also I plan to play at 1080p and plan to run a second monitor at some point in the future.