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  1. i meant SLI on newer GPU's not the ones you currently have.
  2. been wondering about it, alot of people are saying that SLI is did does that mean the new GPU's will not work on SLI at all?
  3. wouldnt if they name it easier, more people would know which one to get? my first GPU was a GTX555 and everyone i knew thought it was comparable to the titan cards lol
  4. why cant graphic card just be called GPU 1 GPU 2 GPU 3... like playstation just so it doesnt get soo confusing. same goes for CPU's lol
  5. what kind of tech would it support? its just gonna increase more fps?
  6. i dont even know what ray tracing is lol closes thing i can imagine it meaning is like tracing a ray gun or something sounds so dumb i know.
  7. doesnt the G stand for graphics?
  8. i thought it was conformed though? i read articles saying its 100% conformed
  9. ya i know, i know its not a huge thing but it kinda sucks..
  10. i just heard that the new nvidia GPU's are going to be called RTX 2080.. i really really hope that its false but i heard it was conformed though i really think this is going to be confusion added when people are looking for nvidia GPU's, why not just call it GTX 1180? or idleast GTX 2080? why call it RTX 2080? what does it even stand for?
  11. like i said, theirs zero chance of face to face meet up, even a simple phone call doesn't seem possible with her, shes just ignoring me she wants to be left alone, well fine i wanna leave her alone but i wanna do it while getting back with my ex.
  12. the problem here is theirs no zero to no chance of me meeting her face to face, she doesnt wanna go out at all, i cant go to her house her family dont know were dating, no one knows its culturally not appropriate, and she never answers my phone calls, the only thing i have is texting
  13. i know i know, i really messed up, and i didnt break up with my first gf, she broke up with me, but now she's changed for the better shes nice, answers my text and calls me to go out havent seen this side of her since we were 19 and i wanna drop her older sis because i just cant stand her ignoring me like this i just want this to end.
  14. because im just tired, its been over 6-8 months since i've seen her and had a good conversation with her, it just feels like theirs no point anymore, she bearly ever answers my phone calls, i just wanna give send her a text breaking up and explaining why but i dont know how.
  15. so how do i do it, i've waited for years to get back, how do i get back with her, while breaking up with her sister?