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  1. saif96

    do i need sound card for gaming?

    so i was wondering, do i need any sound card for my gaming pc? i own a Z370-f mobo, and razer nommo pro speakers, would a sound card improve the sound of gaming if i get one?
  2. saif96

    when is ray-tracing going to be available?

    i bet they fixed some issues of it by now maybe when it finally comes out it wont be as bad as we saw it
  3. saif96

    when is ray-tracing going to be available?

    im from UAE, Dubai so im in the developing countries.. the RTX is coming by tomorrow also doesnt shadow of tomb raider already have ray-tracing? the game is out so RT is still not out for that game yet? if not then when?
  4. i tried googling it but havent found in answer, is it out yet? im not sure the rtx2080ti isnt out yet in my country
  5. the RTX 2080ti is going to be shipped October 9 word-wide as i heard, is the strix going to be released at the same time or take a bit longer?
  6. so i ordered an RTX 2080ti and the only one available was the Asus dual-fan version i hate how it looks id rather have the turbo version but thats whats available and thats what i'll get but is there much difference between the Dual-fans from asus vs the founders edition at all?
  7. i pre-ordered an RTX2080ti for $1322 i didn't pay yet i just pre-ordered cash on delivery and i have an order number and everything but now the RTX 2080ti is listed at $1452 thats thats $130 extra for nothing but thankfully the price still hasn't changed on my order its still the same but the main website says $1452 do you think they can just call me up telling the price increased and that i have to pay in extra $130? i have an order number so what do you think i should do, should i ask them? or keep quite and pay them on my credit card so they dont tell me the price increase? the GPU is coming October 10th
  8. i dont view it as being a cheat i see it as the same as if you were using a 240hz monitor instead of 60hz
  9. i've heard mixed things about it do you actually get banned if you use razer or logitech macros to have no recoil?
  10. so what i understood so far is that when you're using DLSS at 4K it lowers the resolution but makes it look the same does this mean it drops it to 1800p?
  11. so the RTX 2080ti has DLSS, ray-tracing, 30% performance gain compared to the 1080ti but costs almost double ARE YOU KIDDING ME! that price is insane for them to do that or just greedy, these GPU's should have triple the performance if they wanted to charge that much i have almost zero interest in the DLSS and ray-tracing
  12. i dont know what DLSS all too well, what i got from it is that if you're playing at 4K resolution and you turn on DLSS it automatically turns it down to 1440p but still makes it look as if you were playing 4K and in return you gain like 20fps or more? am i correct?
  13. i certainly am to be honest, i like how it gives every 4K, ultra at 60-90fps and gives rainbow six 150fps on max settings 4k these setting would work amazing with the PG27UQ monitor i will differently get it what about you guys? happy with the performance?
  14. i've heard the RTX 2080ti got another delay to oct 5th, is this true? did everyones GPU got delayed too?