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  1. everything was going okay it was just something inside it was causing the noise, its not in issue but its very strange i almost crapped my pants that a $1400 is gonna die that first day i got it lol
  2. when i first got my RTX 2080ti, their was this weird sound i got that made me panicked that i thought i did something wrong and thats when a water pouring sound happing which was coming from the GPU? is their a reason behind it? i dont get that sound anymore but still wanna know why? whats going on inside the GPU?
  3. whens rray-tracing going to be added anyway? its been a few weeks or months since tomb raider came out?
  4. but that was just a demo, maybe when it comes out its different, maybe DLSS can save it boosting around 20fps i heard?
  5. so i just completed RDR2 on my ps4 pro and the game is amazing! but it was so disappointing that i was forced to game on it on my console instead of my PC, the game just looked blurry even in 4K, and the HDR of this game just looks broken. looking worst then SDR. i know as of now nobody knows how the game will handle in the pc ports but im asking what do you think? how would the RTX 2080ti handle the game on 4K, max graphics, AA off, ray-tracing, HDR? do you think a GPU like that could possibility handle the game in 60fps?
  6. what do you guys recommend that is slightly better? X TRIO from MSI or the Asus strix? and why?
  7. The RTX 2080ti Asus Strix seems to take a long time to arrive they said it'll come at october 5-10 and its oct, 16 any idea why this GPU is getting delayed? has anyone getting delays?
  8. so i was wondering, do i need any sound card for my gaming pc? i own a Z370-f mobo, and razer nommo pro speakers, would a sound card improve the sound of gaming if i get one?
  9. i bet they fixed some issues of it by now maybe when it finally comes out it wont be as bad as we saw it
  10. im from UAE, Dubai so im in the developing countries.. the RTX is coming by tomorrow also doesnt shadow of tomb raider already have ray-tracing? the game is out so RT is still not out for that game yet? if not then when?
  11. i tried googling it but havent found in answer, is it out yet? im not sure the rtx2080ti isnt out yet in my country
  12. the RTX 2080ti is going to be shipped October 9 word-wide as i heard, is the strix going to be released at the same time or take a bit longer?
  13. so i ordered an RTX 2080ti and the only one available was the Asus dual-fan version i hate how it looks id rather have the turbo version but thats whats available and thats what i'll get but is there much difference between the Dual-fans from asus vs the founders edition at all?