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  1. I'm not sure how that applies to this though... "And for those that may not know yet, The Division 2 is $2.99 on Epic right now. And if you hung on to your $10.00 off Epic coupon, Far Cry 5 is $4.99, Assassins Creed Origins is $4.99, The Crew 2 is $4.99, Far Cry New Dawn is $5.99 and Ghost Recon Wildlands is $9.99." You spend what you see there on those games via the $10.00 coupon. Nothing more. For example, I just bought my first game from Epic this morning for $4.99, via the Epic coupon. Far Cry 5. And I installed it on UPlay because it's an Ubisoft game. When you buy an Ubisoft game(newer ones) from Epic, or Steam, you can install it to the UPlay launcher to avoid having to have two launchers open at once. I wish I knew this earlier than today because every time I play Rainbow Six Siege from Steam, it also would open the UPlay launcher. Had I originally installed and opened it from just UPlay, I wouldn't have had to open Steam at the same time. The benefit of this is that I'd imagine having just one launcher open might benefit performance in some noticeable way. Sounds about right. Those types of games interest me though. It can be rewarding when you figure out what to do. I had almost the exact same type of impression and was completely clueless as to what to do. I wanted to like the game because it looks good to me. And it was so different, that interested me a lot. Turned it off after approximately 35 minutes. That was back on March 29th, 2018. Haven't touched it since. It's still installed and ready to play. No clue when or if I'll ever pick it up again. Which is a shame because it's one of the only MMO's I've ever been interested in actually playing aside from The Secret World. I feel no regret paying $4.99 for it even though I've barely touched it because something tells me I might just play it again one day. Plus I could still afford Taco Bell the next day. The next time it rains, I'm gonna think Black Desert Online. Whether I play it, is up to complete initiative.
  2. I try to keep my posts pretty informative while brief or basic at the same time. Simple, straightforward, so to speak.
  3. This $9.99 Insanely Grindy MMORPG is FREE right now on Steam. It's yours to keep forever when you get it before the morning of Sunday, March 2nd. Special thanks to @nick name and @HanZie82 for pointing this out for us.
  4. Well, just like Assassins Creed Origins, Far Cry 5 and Far Cry New Dawn, it's usually sale priced between $10 and $15. So you're basically saving $5-$10 more on top of those sale prices. Whether or not The Crew 2 is worth it depends on how much you like car games, how much time you invest in them and whether or not The Crew 2 simply looks to you when watching game play of it. You either value all that more than a trip to Taco Bell, or you don't. I've waited almost 2 years now for Far Cry 5 to hit $5 and now that it has, I bought it without hesitation. Had I earned another $10 coupon as we could back in December, I'd have bought Far Cry New Dawn as well. These low prices are simply not your everyday prices. Thus why I mentioned them today.
  5. Nice. Why haven't either of you created a post for it in this Hot Deals section? This is excellent news. I paid $5 for BDO a couple of years ago. I don't play it much anymore as it's an insanely grindy game but it's totally worth a good $15 imo, let alone $5. Free is a no-brainer.
  6. FREE Game for TODAY, February 27th at the Epic Games store. Valued at $19.99 on Steam here... Link it has 69 Mixed reviews. FREE Game #1 for NEXT THURSDAY, March 5th at the Epic Games store. Valued at $19.99 on Steam here... Link it has 695 Very Positive reviews. FREE Game #2 for NEXT THURSDAY, March 5th at the Epic Games store. Valued at $29.99 on Steam here... Link it has 2,809 Mostly Positive reviews. And for those that may not know yet, The Division 2 is $2.99 on Epic right now. And if you hung on to your $10.00 off Epic coupon, Far Cry 5 is $4.99, Assassins Creed Origins is $4.99, The Crew 2 is $4.99, Far Cry New Dawn is $5.99 and Ghost Recon Wildlands is $9.99.
  7. I don't exactly know certain YT channels for L4D2 basics but I'm pretty positive a simple search for them in YT will bring up dozens of them. You don't need a map in L4D2, you just need to play with other people and follow them until you memorize where to go or you can always just explore around until you find the way to go as it's not exactly a linear path. Which I like because when you explore you can find things such as weapons/ammo/health packs to pick up and what not. What different game modes do you speak of? For the most part, you just search for and kill zombies until you reach the safe zone at the end of each level. You try not to shut the door of the safe zone until all 4 people are inside.
  8. I have no idea tbh. I do know that when not gaming or watching videos, turning the brightness as low as you can tolerate it saves tons of battery life. Even while gaming or watching video, turn the brightness as low as you can tolerate it.
  9. I did and I have just now found what you're talking about. At the bottom and top of my 1440p monitor, the cursor stops and won't go to the other monitor. It doesn't do that on my other 1080p monitor when going from it to the 1440p one. Is this what you're talking about? Where your cursor stops at the corners? If it is, that is not annoying at all because there's this gigantic amount of space in the middle that you can easily move the cursor over in. It's so gigantic that for years I have yet to even notice these sticky corners until you pointed them out.
  10. Nah, just had no idea what stick corners even is. Does it have anything to do with scrolling your mouse to the other monitor in the middle of the screen? That's where I move my mouse or pages, in the middle, not near any corners. So I wouldn't know about any sticky corners(if that's what they are).
  11. Understandable. Imagination will take you to many places. Totally up to the person and their imagination. Glad to see you find it interesting though, it's fairly new. And from Bulgaria, the land of roses. They got that name because they produce 85% of the worlds rose oil. Maybe you're right. Less than a foot is always a mountain to cross. Weird, my cursor moves from one monitor to the other. And I can drag things from one monitor to the other. Maybe you have some sort of setting you haven't ticked or something. I remember I couldn't move my cursor from one screen to the other because I had them switched in the display settings. I went in and switched the 1 and 2 around and it now shows 2 1. Have you already done this?
  12. What issue are you having using your Windows 7 key? Revo Made mine years ago too. Dirk Diggler. And I specifically used that name with the reason to not worry about what comes from going with that name. Not one car accident. Never once thought of it as that. To me, it's just there. The remote is right beside my keyboard. As convenient as it gets for my hand to turn the knob. I switch to my Xbox One and the audio is still controlled by the remote or my Xbox One controller if I use headphones(which I rarely use). It doesn't exist(for me), therefore it doesn't bother me. I like it. No need to change what isn't broken. But like I said, I haven't used my second monitor enough to not like it. I do notice it, it just doesn't bother me at all. The mouse goes to the other monitor to do whatever so it's fine with me. Maybe if the mouse wasn't able to go over to my other monitor, now that might bother me. I dunno, never used Windows 7. I'd imagine there's some type of software you could install that might modify your task manager to your liking. Seen lots of stuff like that before on YT videos such as this one... Not saying that software is in this video. I think you'll like the very first thing mentioned in this video. He informed us that MS is slowly phasing out the control panel. That news might be of interest to you but I do like to use the control panel so it may be news I won't be fond of in the future. I like these videos for finding out new things about WIndows 10. This guy does tons of these types of videos. I learned the Windows key + Shift + S from this guy. If you don't already know what that does, now you do. Super useful. It basically lets you copy and paste any part of your screen and save it.
  13. I wouldn't think you can purchase anything with a zero balance. They should credit the refund to wherever it came from. Just wait 2-5 business days.