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    Actor, comedian, writer, producer


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    Can't go wrong with a 2015 quad core i5.
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    B150M with lots of bells and whistles.
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    2x8GB DDR4
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    GTX 1070
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    X-Saber 520 Black Mid Tower
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    600 watts of raw 80+ Korean aftermarket power.
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    Cryorig C7
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    Mechanical Red Dragon
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    Imagine a Red Dragon from a different brand.
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    450 watts of bass that sounds like a car sound system.
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    Windows 10 of course.

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  1. Welcome. Wow, you overpaid like crazy. The Division 2 hit $20 back on March 17th, two days after its release.
  2. Not entirely, just the Steam video. I'm seeing a character created then wandering around a Minecraft looking world doing Zelda-ish things in a game that reminds me a lot of Mario 64 or Trove. I'm very much into Mario 64 but I'm not so much into Trove. I try to get into Trove but to me it targets a specific age group younger than myself. I feel Cube World may be more of the same thing and when it comes to paying more than $10 that's where I'm simply turned into another direction. Imo, it's a game that should be priced at no more than $10. And like I said, I'm not basing that off actually playing the game since I haven't played it yet. Only if I somehow play the game can I tell you if it's worth more or less than $10. It simply seems like a free game when looking at its game play. As Trove is a free game, I could simply pick up Trove if I saw a $30 price tag on Cube World. And as I said, I'm barely into Trove so picking up Trove is tough to do and it's a free game. The game lacks something. Not exactly sure what it is but it lacks it. I feel that if it were added(whatever it is), it might be something I'd actually pay for. When people pay for good games, they want to play them for many hours. Cube World simply looks like it would be tough to actually want to put hours into the game period. It's lacking something that matters. When I first saw Minecraft, I thought I'd never in a million years be into it. The moment I played the game I was immediately hooked as to what you could actually do in the game. The creating, the insanely addictive way that you are introduced to everything you can do in the game, the simplicity to understand of what you eventually do in the game, those kinds of things hooked me. When I first saw say... Ghost Recon Wildlands, I played it for like 5 minutes back in 2017 and then put it down. Picked it back up around a month ago since it was on sale for $12.49 plus a 15% more discount on top of that and I've put in exactly 96 hours into it ever since. It's tough to put down because of everything I can do in the game. It has so many different things about it that I can do. Things I can upgrade. Things I can discover. Etc, etc. Cube World does not do these things. However, I have not played it so I'm not exactly sure of anything about Cube World.
  3. I've never played it, so I can't really say. I'm interested in playing it, just not for $10. In order for a game to be worth $10, it has to provide me with an experience that I'm going to want to continue to play over and over. It has to provide a variety of things that I can do.
  4. Nope. Nothing to do with Fortnite or Minecraft at all. Games people pay over $10 for of course. Games worth their price tag. It's just my opinion that Cube World isn't worth $10.
  5. Intransigent

    GTA V Help

    It seems to be better with performance. Higher fps, even in casino. It's not exactly a launcher, that's just what it's called. Seems to be a mandatory update from Steam. Then you just start the game as usual and the launcher starts immediately after you run the game like before. It's as if there isn't even a launcher.
  6. This thread was created over 3 weeks ago. The OP asked when we think the price would drop and here we are. It has hit $20 one day after its release, which is one day earlier than I expected. Definitely not trolling and you can think of my comments as whatever you want them to be. Some people may have put two and two together though and are looking into obtaining Borderlands 3 for around twenty bucks. And you see, it's the same with 90% of ALL newly released games that have ever existed. Around day two of release is when people... "this is the part where you use your brain to fill in the rest."
  7. Fully aware of that list and it doesn't show the companies at which I speak of. And if that doesn't give it away, I dunno what will.
  8. I just don't see it as a high valued game to 2019 gamers.
  9. Totally agree that it's up to me. If I were to do that though, I... well, I can't even share that little piece of information either. Why? Because, well... Whoops, can't share that piece of information either. I've already said too much. What I will say is that it's 100% legit and 100% available to everyone. And... it has been for well over two decades now. That's already saying too much. What's funny is that you're all well aware of what these companies are and most likely use them all the time. It's up for you to put two and two together. Think what you wish. But I'm not imagining Borderlands 3 being sold for $20.00 one day after its release date. I also wouldn't make any of this up. I don't receive any cookies for doing such a thing so why do something like that?
  10. No clue. Not into modding online. It's barely a launcher, that's just what it's called. It comes up when you run the game and you barely notice it. I just want to know if I'm the only one getting better performance on it or if that's what it was created for. There's no info on it so far online anywhere because it's only existed for around half a day or so.
  11. Has anyone tried out the new Rockstar Launcher yet? I had a random GTA 5 update on Steam today that forced me to install this new launcher(only 1 gig luckily). Thinking it would possibly mess with things, to my surprise, it is surprisingly a GOOD thing so far. It doesn't feel like a separate launcher either because it just opens up from Steam and loads up the game. I dunno if it's just me but I feel like I'm getting a boost in performance. Even inside the casino is getting higher fps than before. Running a benchmark is getting better fps than before and driving around in the city has improved performance than before. Anyone have to install this update today? And how's it working for you? I'm positive it did not exist yesterday unless they rolled it out at night time yesterday.
  12. Never said it would flop. Only said 99% of people won't pay anywhere near $10 for it.
  13. Intransigent

    GTA V Help

    No clue dude. Not much on phone information.