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  1. Intransigent

    Why Fortnite prefers Nvidia?

    Not worth the upgrade, especially in Assassins Creed games like Origins that are CPU heavy. Going from a 570 to a 580 isn't going to do much for your fps in Origins. You might get 7-11 fps if your CPU was capable of close to say 4.5-5.0 GHz. With your current i5, you'd be lucky to see any type of improvement in Origins using a 580 vs a 570. Why do you just have to use Ultra everything in all your games? I don't know how many times I have to repeat this to people but Ultra everything is for suckers. You're only wasting time doing that, especially with your hardware. Tweak some graphic settings to achieve higher fps and call it a day. Your current CPU might hold you back from achieving much better performance in newer high demanding titles regardless of graphic settings. You can customize the hell out of almost any games graphic settings and put it side by side to another PC's Ultra everything and notice absolutely no visual difference that matters. What you will notice is the much higher fps on the custom graphic settings PC.
  2. Intransigent

    Suggestions on new game to play?

    Complete agree with @Finnskii on Anno 2205. It hits around $9.00 very frequently so just give it a little time to do so and that is the price to snag it at. As for others... Deliver Us The Moon (will release in 2019) Surviving Mars It's not the moon but it might be what you're looking for. At a historic low for the next 6 days here... Surviving Mars. Lifeless Planet Absolutely love this game. Likes to hit as much as $8.00 and as low as $5.00 during the biggest major sales of the year. Planetbase Currently $10.49 for the next day and a half here... Planetbase. Won't be much lower that, maybe $1.00 lower on Steam sometime. Moonbase Alpha It's FREE! Moon Tycoon It's an oldie and insanely overlooked. Looks like it has potential. Hits just under $10.00 on Steam during major sales. I know a few more but they're more space colony type games rather than the moon or mars. Only reason I didn't list them is because they just didn't come to mind right now. Ooh, The Spatials just came to mind as an example. It's a neat little game that I snagged for like $0.25 on eBay a few months ago. I like it a lot so far. SimCity 2013 should suffice. It hit $9.99 back in April for like 2 weeks so it should hit a similar price fairly soon.
  3. Intransigent

    Why Fortnite prefers Nvidia?

    Oh that's right, your monitor is some weird resolution and only 60 Hz from what I can remember. It's a great idea to enable Vsync then if you're experience tearing. But understand that it may or may not introduce some input lag if you're using keyboard and mouse. If you are, hopefully it won't be noticeable. As for your PC specs, you have no reason to upgrade anything until you get a monitor with a higher refresh rate. I'd love to have a PC like yours in front of me to dabble into the wonderful world that of meticulous graphic setting tweaking. Your CPU/GPU combo suffices imo. ALL systems have a bottleneck somewhere.
  4. Intransigent

    Why Fortnite prefers Nvidia?

    Couple years late aren't ya? Set your graphic settings to the following and call it a day... Window Mode - Fullscreen Display Resolution - Native Resolution Frame Rate Limit - Unlimited 3D Resolution - 100% View Distance - Epic (just 4-5% performance gain when set to Low and useless to do so since you'll lose distant object quality) Shadows - OFF (it's Fortnite, shadows are useless and going from Epic to OFF give an 80% performance boost) Easily the most taxing graphic setting. Anti-Aliasing - Epic (lowering this to as low as it goes only gives a 3% performance boost, no reason to lower it from Epic) Textures - Epic (lowering textures to Low does almost nothing to fps, literally 1-2% performance gain, if that) Effects - Low (15% performance boost from Epic) Just do it, trust me. Post Processing - Low (15% performance boost from Epic) Just do it, trust me. Vsync - OFF Motion Blur - Personal preference. 4-5% performance loss if set to ON. ON also makes spotting enemies a little more difficult. No reason whatsoever to use any other settings than what you see above. The boost in performance is beyond worth it vs losing fps over little to no visual difference. If somehow you notice otherwise, hit me up. I'd love to hear it.
  5. Hyper Light Drifter is a $19.99 Steam game that is now FREE at the Epic Games store TODAY, August 15th, 2019. Steam link... Hyper Light Drifter. Mutant Year Zero Road to Eden is a $34.99 Steam game that is now FREE at the Epic Games store TODAY, August 15th, 2019. Steam link... Mutant Year Zero. FEZ is a $9.99 Steam game that will be FREE at the Epic Games store NEXT THURSDAY, August 22nd, 2019. Steam link... FEZ. Do NOT overlook these games. A combined 9,904, 6,098 and 8,029 Very Positive reviews on these three games. EPIC as always!
  6. Windows 10 can be clean installed, yes. I've done it twice now on two separate PC builds. Just go to the official website and install it. Windows XP? Gaming and movie playing. Internet surfing. The usual stuff. I also edited a lot of video using Windows Movie Maker. Disable it all and get rid of it completely. I saw that. It's a decent game but I rarely install games from GameSessions anymore. They're just not consistent enough at all to worry about. And they don't let you use MSI Afterburner while gaming. That's a deal breaker for me. I gotta know what my shit is doin'.
  7. What are you basing these two statements off of? They can't be based off reality. Go to the official website to install W10 and install it. When a prompt pops up for a key, you put in your Windows 7 key. Bottabing, bottaboom, you have Windows 10. DX12 is nothing special. I mostly just use DX11. Not much of a difference to worry about using DX12 that I know of. The best reason to have Windows 10 is just to have Windows 10. I never even used Windows 7 so I have no attachment to it. I do have an attachment to Windows XP but Windows 10 is insanely better than XP. So I can understand why you're still on 7. The upgrade made all the sense in the world at the time but I do remember it being hard to let go of Windows XP simply because of how familiar I am with Windows XP. I mean, I can almost operate XP blind because I skipped Windows 7 and 8. Imagine having the willpower to do that. You may like using your classic applications such as Windows Photo Viewer or Windows Movie Maker(or whatever it is you like using in the application department). But there's always a newer application to take the place of those. And sure you'll have to get used to them but it's not that difficult to be honest. I can understand why you're still on 7 but 10 is simply put, the one to use nowadays. If anything justifies it, Windows 7 released in July of 2009. So last month would be the decade it's been around. Perfect time to make the jump to 10 if you ask me. I did the same thing with the good ol' Xbox 360. Waited an entire decade before upgrading to Xbox One. Not even a year later, my Xbox One just collects dust and free games every 1st and 16th of every month. Of which I don't even play. I even finally got Gears of War 4 on the 1st of this month for free from Xbox Gold. Haven't even touched it. And it has 4K support. Such a shame. It costs $0.00 to install Windows 10 at any moment in time. No matter if you already have 7, 8 or no OS at all. Windows 10 also has more features, a more modern interface(it's become really modern nowadays) and enhanced security when compared to Windows 7.
  8. Intransigent

    GTA V Help

    Yup, see em' all the time. They care but if they banned them all then there wouldn't be many players left in GTA Online. And that's not good for Rockstar.
  9. Ha, that's a laugh right there. What are you basing this on? One thing I think is it might have the better application compatibility but that doesn't mean Windows 10 can't run applications the way you want them to. Upgrading to Windows 10 is 100% free and completely legit. Why wouldn't Windows 10 play nice with your multi-monitor setup? I have a multi-monitor setup and it plays very nicely. Most people are the Admin. You can still choose to run as Admin to see if it does anything. Just another step to rule out. No clue if Epic verifies the library, I just know it's something you can try to see what it does. If it did nothing, it's another step to add to your list of things ruled out. I'd open a ticket with Epic and give them all the things you've ruled out and see if they can fix your issue. Don't forget to mention that you use Windows 7.
  10. Intransigent

    GTA V Help

    You're fine. As long as you don't sit there and collect millions of dollars, you're fine and have nothing to worry about. Rockstar won't stop online mods because there's no real money in it for them to stop it. Modders will always find ways to mod the game unnoticed. Nothing Rockstar can do about it if they want to keep their current player base.
  11. Wow, ever thought about the upgrade to Windows 10? It's so much better than how it used to be back in 2015. I also think that it's very possible this issue could be a bug related to Windows 7 running HLD on it. May want to open a ticket with Epic letting them know you're using Windows 7 and see if someone else has had the same issue and sent it in. It would rule it out. It's tough to distinguish the issue so trying as many things as possible would be what I'd do. It's a pretty common step too, it might just work. Also, have you by chance tried running the game as Administrator? Or verifying the game from your library? There's a little settings icon on every game. Click on it then click verify. I'm guessing it's like the Steam verifying integrity thingy.
  12. Holy shit that sounds bad. Aside from the troubleshooting steps I gave above, have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game? Do you by chance have your PC plugged in via HDMI? Some games can present audio issues like this when plugged in via HDMI. It's very rare but it can happen in certain games. I don't think this is it really, just noting down any steps I can think of because a lot of the time overlooked steps are the steps that can cause the issues.
  13. Sounds like these games are not the issue because both HLD and MYZ sound great on my PC. Cracking audio can be caused by a number of things. Updating your sound drivers could be it. A loose cable in the back could be it(what causes my sound to crackle or go in and out sometimes, I have to position it a certain way at times). Audio quality can also present problems in certain games. It's in the Advanced tab of your Speaker Properties found in the Playback tab of your Sound settings. Where you change 16 bit or 24 bit or CD or DVD or Studio Quality. Might wanna give them each a try and look for any changes in those particular games, starting with HLD since it seems to have worse issues. You could also try disabling audio enhancements in Speaker Properties. Also, some sound drivers could have issues with the “Exclusive Mode” option that allows certain games to take exclusive control of your sound card. This shouldn’t really be an issue but it is possible. That weird surround sound issue in MYZ I'm not exactly familiar with as I've never heard it do what you described in the game. May want to check and make sure Spatial Sound is OFF in the Spatial Sound tab right next to enhancements. An issue of this magnitude will take quite a bit of fiddling around with to find a fix. Hope you find it sooner than later.
  14. That's not good, sound is one of the best elements of HLD. What's wrong with it exactly? Everything is working just fine on my end. In fact, the game audio is that of movie quality in HLD. Reminds me of THX when at the movie theater. I have surround sound and it's great with HLD. Takes full advantage of it and I crank it up.
  15. Intransigent

    ASUS Dual GTX 1660 Ti $240 shipped after Promo Code and MIR

    Cool. I've only bought one custom cooler myself but I don't think it's on the market anymore. It was $29.99 at the time, the Cryorig C7. Love it to death and it's a low profile cooler. It has such good performance because you can bump it up to 2500 RPM's instead of the average 1500-2000. It's a trade off though because with such high RPM's comes a little more noise. But since it's such a tiny cooler, it's surprisingly quiet. You definitely notice the noise when playing at full load in very high demanding games but the noise isn't exactly unbearable or anything. It's just, noticeable. When you get used to it, the temps it keeps my CPU at is beyond worth it. I have yet to see my CPU hit 60 degrees but that's most likely because I have my CPU clocked at a sweet spot of 3.0 GHz instead of its max clock of 3.2 GHz. I say go for whatever cooler you research the hell out of. Watch numerous videos on it and snag it. It's fun playing with coolers and clockings of CPU's, they're like toys.
  16. Intransigent

    ASUS Dual GTX 1660 Ti $240 shipped after Promo Code and MIR

    If I was on a $25.00 budget for a cooler, the GAMMAXX 400 would be my first choice. It's the coolest, literally. It's also almost identical when it comes to noise as the Hyper 212.
  17. Intransigent

    ASUS Dual GTX 1660 Ti $240 shipped after Promo Code and MIR

    In that price range, you're pretty much getting the same results from the most common coolers. I'd opt for the GAMMAXX 400, Hyper 212 or the Pure Rock Slim. There are many others that will provide similar results, these are just the ones most people have gone with over the past decade or so. The GAMMAXX came out in 2012 and I personally think it's just a little better than the Hyper 212 but it's not by much. Here's a video of what the GAMMAXX and Hyper 212 sound like plus the results of temps and noise level.. Her'es a video of the Pure Rock Slim... I don't think this second video shows what it sounds like, still looking for a video of that.
  18. Intransigent

    ASUS Dual GTX 1660 Ti $240 shipped after Promo Code and MIR

    Surprisingly, that is the exact PSU I bought that had a $20 rebate at the time. It was $49.99 so $29.99 with the rebate. I just missed when it was $24.99 on Black Friday and luckily hit that $29.99 from Christmas day all the way until New Years, which is when I bought it. It did hit $29.99 again in January and February(which I bought it again for a 2nd build) but since then the price has done nothing but rise. And for good reason, it's an excellent PSU and I highly recommend it. I've had zero regrets with it. It's as quiet as a mouse and has been processing smooth as can be. Oh and it's the CX 2017 550W version. You might get lucky and see it drop in price around the same time but I wouldn't count on it being $29.99. I would guess $39.99. If you lived down the street from me, I'd sell it to ya' straight up for exactly what I paid for it. While it is used, the PC in which I use it in I have not used for more than around 20 hours, if that. I built it because I had built the exact same PC before it and sold it within a month. So I built the exact same PC since all the parts were relatively around the exact same prices and because I sold the other one so quick. But I have yet to sell this one because I limited my buyer base. It's been so long since then, I'm going to take it back apart and sell off all the parts at what they're currently valued at. And if no one buys the CX PSU, I'm going to put it into my current PC since it's coming up on 3 years that I've been using a Korean aftermarket 80+ 600W PSU. I love it to death though so it's tough to just make the swap.
  19. Intransigent

    ASUS Dual GTX 1660 Ti $240 shipped after Promo Code and MIR

    It's a historic low! It hit $250 for one day back on July 9th so this deal is the better deal. The 1660 ti is pretty much the equivalent of a 1070(depending on the game of course) with just 2GB less VRAM. Which barely matters, so this is a great find. The only thing you're gonna get from that extra 2GB of VRAM will only take place in the future or basically if you game in 4K. Sure there might be a few games that require over 6GB of VRAM in 1440p right now but you can just bump down a couple of settings and voila, problem solved. PSU deals are tough to come by. The best ones take place around major holidays. November and December are the months I notice them the most. Do you have any PSU's in particular that you have your eyes on?
  20. Intransigent

    Corsair Hydro H55 120mm AIO $30 shipped after rebate

    It hit $34.00 for one day back on June 30th but this $29.99 you've found is it's historic low as it rarely hits under $39.99, let alone it's usual $49.99 to $54.99. You know it's a great find when you have literally 15 hours left to snag it at this price. It's a 24 hour deal. I'm not a big fan of rebate cards either. Fortunately the last couple that I sent in did arrive. Sent them both out on the same day to both Corsair and Thermaltake. The Thermaltake one arrived 80 days later and the Corsair one arrived 90 days later. That's an insane amount of time to wait for a couple of rebates. The only positive news is that I used the $30.00 rebate to take care of half the price of a $60.00 desk chair. In which I've been using for the past 4 months. It's not the greatest chair but it has sufficed fairly decently is how I'll put it. As for the $20.00 rebate, I put that towards a $35.00 mechanical keyboard which I've also been using the past 4 months. And I must say that I absolutely love this keyboard. It's the Redragon K552 Red LED mechanical keyboard. And if anyone is looking for a cheap mechanical keyboard I highly recommend it. It's super sturdy, perfect in size and the keys work great. A tad loud but I can't complain because that's what I wanted. Will I ever use rebates again? To be honest, I really don't know. That wait is just so long. I will say it's not that enticing but it is patiently rewarding. Especially if you have things that you really want or need that are valued very near that said rebate price. That is probably another positive aspect to it. The worst part is by far the rebate process. Omg, it's a pain when you don't have access to a printer and having to pay to ship them off. It's also a total risk shipping them via letter because there's no tracking. Companies can literally throw these letters away and there's no proof they were shipped without tracking. Luckily they didn't do that to me and I suspect they certainly do this to some people(i.e. lots of people saying they never arrived). If somehow anyone ever gets a higher priced rebate like say $50.00, it's then definitely worth a few dollars to pay for tracking. This might speed up the process altogether too because with tracking you also get faster shipping.
  21. Laughable. Explain how this matters when nothing about my true identity is involved. And every single game I play, I'm still playing. Without a single issue. Why worry about whatever this is? If whatever this is wasn't inside your head, there's no reason to worry about whatever it is. As for government investigation, unless this government gets paid out the yin yang, they have no reason to be involved. You have to be joking. You have to be. This is something that cannot matter to thousands of people. Even if real life grocery stores didn't have shopping carts, people would still get their food. And they would get it conveniently. With or without a shopping cart, you get what you pay for. Isn't that all that actually matters? If you can't remember them, they can't matter. Yup. Almost at 30 quality games from Epic now, completely free.
  22. Intransigent

    Which headphones are best, usb or 3.5mm for gaming

    I don't think how you plug in headphones matters. As long as you can plug it into your PC and it works that's all you need. When it comes to higher quality, $25.00 isn't gonna get you the best. It might get you something fairly decent though... Just make sure to not go used and you should be satisfied with whatever you go with. Be sure to watch as many reviews on the pair you go with before actually buying it.
  23. Get Windows like 96.44% of the Steam community. Less than 1% of Steam users are using Linux. Not exactly a top priority to please them. What's wrong with Tencent? More what? Gotta be specific otherwise it can't matter.
  24. Wish I could. I just like sharing hot deals so other people can also reap the benefits. What's wrong with Epic? The games run flawlessly. And what reason could you possibly have to prefer to pay $55.00 for Steam versions of the same games? Once the games are loaded up and running, you're no longer doing much with Steam. You're playing the games.
  25. Intransigent

    When did people became mad at G2A?

    In America, living in certain low cost places cost $300 to $600 a month and if more than one person is under the roof they obviously can all chip in. That's cheap as hell. And not everyone makes low wages. In New York, minimum wage is $15.00 per hour. Which is exactly $600 a week if you work just 40 hours. Minus all the taxes and what not. That's at least $2400 a month if you make minimum wage.