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    What is this Worth?

    I might've gotten a potential buyer...my friend has been wanting a pc to play csgo so i offered him mine for $550 (w/o the mouse and monitor) and he seems alright with it so it's time to see what his mum thinks. Yay? I'd say $550 is a reasonable price.

    What is this Worth?

    Here where i live...a gtx 1060 3gb is around $350-400 and a 6gb version is around $400-450. It's all pretty overpriced. Just like everything else i listed...it's all pretty expensive!

    What is this Worth?

    So around $400-500 for just the pc or the peripherals aswell. (btw...i didn't activate windows so i'm not selling it with a windows license)

    What is this Worth?

    I will include how much i originally bought the parts for aswell. The specs are below: -Pentium G4560 ($72) -8gb DDR4 2400mhz ($112) -Asus b250m-a ($123) -Gt 1030 2gb GDDR5 version ($89) -1tb wd blue hdd ($59) -500gb crucial mx500 ($99, bought it last week actually) -120gb kingston a400 ($35) -Coolermaster Masterbox lite 5 ($69) I might also include my monitor and mouse aswell: -LG 24MP59HT (monitor...bought for $179) -Logitech G402 Hyperion Fury (mouse...bought for $49) I know i can't sell it near the price that i paid originally so how much do you guys think both the pc and peripherals would be worth (everything is in good condition apart from being a bit dusty) Thanks for any help guys.

    Season Pass?!

    Thx guys, i purchased it a couple days ago and forgot to thank u guys... Sooooo thanks

    Season Pass?!

    Ok then...so i'll have it for pretty much forever? Thx

    Season Pass?!

    So i'm about to buy Rise of the Tomb Raider but on steam is says that it includes season pass. My question is if the season pass expires in 3 months times (as that is a season)? Or does it not expire and you have access to it forever? Thx

    Thoughts and opinions on my first parts list

    Well im pretty sure that the ryzen 3 1200 comes with a cpu cooler so that should be fine even with a little bit of overclocking. That said...if you want to overclock then you'll want at least a b350 motherboard. Other than those 2 things the only other thing i'd recommed to is to aim to 2 sticks of ram for dual channel.
  9. ayy macbook bros lmao. I have 2015 macbook air high sierra. hbu?

    1. firelighter487


      i've got a Late 2011 15" pro, running high sierra (because it can't run mojave 😭)



      i got an early 2015 mb air 13" with 4gb of ram. Mojave works, it feels a lil bit sluggish but i prefer it's aesthetic so...

      I just prefer the dark theme, white hurts my eyes.


    Macos Mojave Help!?

    ok, well thx guys. Ill tell ya all how it goes but i think it'll probably work. Fingers crossed.

    Macos Mojave Help!?

    not in the way your thinking. They block websites and log what we are doing. So they're not always watching, its only when you go onto a website that isn't allowed or something...they dont steal credit card info and passwords etc lol (probably should've worded it differently)

    Macos Mojave Help!?

    1. So does that mean that it will work until i update to the next macos (mojave-_____) or that it's support will end DURING macos mojave. 2. Yeah, my school uses 32-bit apps to 'spy' on us and see what we're doing and when. If it stops working then they reset our macs and we lose all our files. I still wanna update to mojave though so just wondering. (i also still use microsoft office 2011 which is 32-bit)
  13. So i want to update to macos mojave but i still require the use of 32-bit apps. My question is...does macos mojave support 32-bit apps??? Thx edit: some people say that macos mojave will be the last macos version to support 32-bit apps but others are saying that it already doesn't.

    what graphics card do you have?

    i got an oem nvidia geforce 9300ge (HP).

    Just Cause 4!?

    Ok, thx for that. So it seems i'll probs be able to play it at 720/900p low settings.