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  1. Will the Elgato HD60 PRO work with my system

    why does the hd60 pro need a quad core tho?
  2. Hey guys, not sure if i posted in the right section but i have a question. The Elgato HD60 Pro's requirements says it needs an i5 4xxx quad core and a gtx 600 series card. My system specs are a pentium g4560 and a gt 1030 so would the HD60 pro work fine? The gt 1030 is better then a gtx 650 so i guess it passes that part but what about the i5 quad core? Thank you in advance
  3. Gaming Discord Server

    Can you resend the link pls?
  4. OBS settings for g4560 and gt 1030?

  5. OBS settings for g4560 and gt 1030?

    does that mean i make the base/canvas on obs 720p or still 1080p
  6. OBS settings for g4560 and gt 1030?

    ok ill try
  7. OBS settings for g4560 and gt 1030?

    hi, msi afterburner doesn't work for my recordings, my base resolution is 1080p and my output is 720p for recordings.
  8. OBS settings for g4560 and gt 1030?

    ok, i picked it up because my old cpu's integrated gpu started artifacting (celeron g3930) and the prices (for gpu's) in my area were sky high. A gtx 1050 used to be around $100-115 but now they are all the way into the $180/200 range. A gtx 1050ti can even cost $300. (i didn't want to go second hand as i wanted a warranty as this was my first pc build)
  9. OBS settings for g4560 and gt 1030?

    yeah, thats like my setup, i have a 1080p 24" display connected to my gpu (gameplay) and a 17" old vga display(1280x1024) connected to my integrated gpu(discord, twitch) as it allows analog connections and my gpu doesnt. I've tried quicksync but it doesnt work out. Do you think i'd get more help on the OBS forums?
  10. OBS settings for g4560 and gt 1030?

    ok thx but does anyone have any idea why i still cant record half life 2?
  11. OBS settings for g4560 and gt 1030?

    i'm not even close to being able to afford an upgrade as i just recently built this but if i were to upgrade, should i do the cpu or gpu first?
  12. OBS settings for g4560 and gt 1030?

    ok, do you have any ideas as to why i cant even record half life 2 with good fps and quality? My system should be capable.
  13. So i'd like to start streaming/recording my gameplay for either twitch or just local recording but with recordings, its pixelated/blurry. The only game i can record is fortnite for some reason even though i own less demanding games. So im wondering if anyone has a similar setup and can stream/record optimally. (i've tried streaming fortnite and my friends tried watching it and said it looks alright) System Specs: G4560 GT1030 8GB DDR4 2400 1TB hdd (recording to external drive) Thanks
  14. Home Server

    no problem
  15. Home Server

    i'd say so but if possible, ask another person just for another opinion before you buy it.