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Gonzalo Noriega

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About Gonzalo Noriega

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  • Birthday 1980-11-11

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    Family, Computers and Games
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    Service Technician


  • CPU
    Ryzen 7 1700
  • Motherboard
    Asus B350M E
  • RAM
    DDR4 8GB 2400MHz Patriot Viper Elite Gris - Roja
  • GPU
    XFX RX570 8GB
  • Case
    Blade A6 Eagle Warrior LED rojo
  • Storage
    Like 4 HD´s from 500 GB to 3 TB...
  • PSU
  • Display(s)
    Vizio D48-D0
  • Cooling
    Fan Wraith Spire and several fans...
  • Keyboard
    I have no idea..
  • Mouse
    Sony, Microsoft, Walmart... I have a few...
  • Sound
    Logitech X530
  • Operating System
    Win 10/Ubuntu Lts something

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  1. Gonzalo Noriega

    LGA 775 in 2019?

    So wich video card, I bought a computer socket 775/450w/2gbram/big case/dvd writer/no hd/no video card/5.1 sound... dont have the specs right now, for 35 dollars just to entertain me, but I wanna put a decent video card, wich one do you recommend?... I´ll put pics later... PS I have a d15 intel processor and an E8400 and other 775 processors...
  2. obs ndi... Iused a i5 3210m with the intel coded, worked nice, also you need gigabit ports...
  3. So, you didnt play the arcade´s, you havent played KoF ´94-2003, 12-14, Street Fighter II (and all its sequels), and just to brag, yoyu havent played Dark Souls (wich I comleted in 360)... Those, are difficult games on hard, I ve played the game in medium and the only character to my susrpise that was something hard to beat was Kronica, she reminded me of Rugal 95... About the grinding, I havent played other modes, but, I bet I can finish the toughfest tower with no addons with practice... Also I finished the 300 ladder in mk9... About politics, what did I miss?... No naked girls... well I still think they look good... The only thing that I didnt like is that they left Johnny Cage left out in the middle of the story... Cage is the best...
  4. Gonzalo Noriega

    G2A can i trust it

    I´ve used g2a and Kinguin, no problems with keys... BUT, I learned they were grey market keys... so, I wait for steam sales or just get the humble bundle... I have a lot of games thanks to hb... also g2a has a fee forusing it an a 3 onth fee for not logging in...
  5. I have an old i5 3210m with HD4000/AMD HD7600m, ithe cpu goes up to 80 C, so, I ended up cutting up... some parts... Too much free time at work, Also, I have a 6" fan pointing directly to my laptop when I am playing at work... I lowered the hard drive temp from 40´s to 20´s and the cpu from 80´s to 60´s... PS You can Watercool it...
  6. Gonzalo Noriega

    HBO GO

    So... I have a subscription to HBO GO... My question is, does it provide 5.1 sound and how? I Have a Vizio TV and the app is not supported, I see HBO thru my computer on my tv, I dont have an xbox one or PS3/4 to watch it on those systems... And I didnt find it in the Microsoft store... any suggestions?
  7. Compliance Will Be Rewarded... Awesome build!...Questions, you got the sound card because windows sucks at 5.1/7.1 sound?, how much did you spend?...
  8. Gonzalo Noriega

    XFX RX570 how to cool it with fans...

    It gave a green screen... But I used the 6" fan, I believe it makes current go the other way around I think that was the problem, but It did make the temps go like 2 dregreess down in like 5 seconds... I think Im gonna get an AIO...
  9. Gonzalo Noriega

    XFX RX570 how to cool it with fans...

    WTF just happened?..
  10. Gonzalo Noriega

    XFX RX570 how to cool it with fans...

    Well, I put an exhaust fan on the top powered by 5 volts usb charger... it takes 3C off the cpu... but the video card still gets 72C while gaming without the side panel...
  11. Gonzalo Noriega

    PWM splitters

    I cutted (I cut the cable) a usb cable and use a phone charger (5v 2.1 amp) to power my extra Fans (that are 5v)...
  12. Get the new one if it is for free (and new, never used) and gives you the same performance for what you do in your computer, you dont need to use the RT thing...
  13. Gonzalo Noriega

    Error rx570

    Ni modo, quien sabe que habra sido...
  14. Gonzalo Noriega

    The Water Cooling Gallery

    LoL... no, in the last pic, theres one tube going from the cpu to the gpu, and then to the other gpu and then to the deposit... so... the hot water travel isn enough to cooldown? and yeah basically... Sorry I have a new build and its running too hot... I tried with fans but maybe water (aio) should be better...
  15. Gonzalo Noriega

    The Water Cooling Gallery

    Sorry... Anyway, when you transfer water from the cpu to the gpu, isnt that hot water, should you use 2 separate radiators?...