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  1. Accsespiont not giving full internet speed

    Ohh! ok thanks i will do that. Thank you!
  2. Accsespiont not giving full internet speed

    I connect them with 2 Ethernet cabels (cat6) from one house to 2 outher houses
  3. Accsespiont not giving full internet speed

    Hey guys! Im fiddeling around with my internet. I have 1 main router that gives 250mbps (made for 733mbps) and then i have 2 routers (made for upp to 300mbps) used as accsespionts and i only get 100mbps from both of this routers/accsespionts. Is ther some option i have to change or something to get 250mbps att both these routers/accsespionts. Im asking this because if i use a normal switch insted of a router/accxsespiont i get the 255mbps but i need the routers becuse i want wifi att the locations of the router/accsespiont. I test the speed with only one device conected soo nothing should draw internet when testing the speeds. All routers are Asus routers, the main router is a ASUS RT-AC53 and the 2 other ones are ASUS RT-N12E . Sorry for bad English pleas reply!