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  1. CPU baking

    thanks for all of your help, i will post it when it is solved or not with an aftermarked cooler.
  2. CPU baking

    it is indeed a good test , there is only one problem, my case fan is has only one rpm. it is a three pin connector and it is 15 years old. i had it laying aroud and just put it in the case.
  3. CPU baking

    is the coolermaster hyper tx3 evo better than an old intel stock cooler? and what is de difference between an tx3 evo and an tx3i? the idle temp was when it workt about 40-42 degrees Celcius and the rpm between 1200-1300 rpm.
  4. CPU baking

    with that the bois does't i meant that de changes don't matter because after an hour or two it the same problem again.
  5. CPU baking

    it's kind of wierd that my cooler would be broken while the cooler of my moms pc is the same age and the same cooler, but it seems indeed the only way tho find out. well, thats not so fun. so, does anyone now a cheep and good cooler that is pretty smal. the cooler that i am looking at is an be quiet! Shadow rock TF 2, but it is a little expencif for an air cooler, isnt it? oh ya this cooler is also the highest one that fits in my case.
  6. CPU baking

    but then the temp sensor thinks that the case is fine so the cpu wont sped up either, not?
  7. CPU baking

    sorry for the thought of baking and reviving. but anyways, vhanging the setting in the bois doesn't help. even a forcing program for the fan doesn't help. i am afraid that one of the pwm chips on the moterboard is broken. is there any other way to test out of this is the case insteat of buying a new cooler? because if it is indead the motherboard, i need too buy a new one while the fan mayby is perfectly fine. i don't really need a better cooler, just one that is working. and about the dried thermal paste, that would't be very wierd because i have another pc that is 10 years old and works poerfectly fine. it is als an stock intel cooler. and my dad's pc is something like 9 years old als stock intel cooler and als has no temp problems. so i don't really know. is buying another cooler and testing with that one the only way to figure it out?
  8. CPU baking

    hallo, I need some help with my CPU cooler. I have an intel core i5 4690 with the stock intel cooler. My motherboard is an Gigabyte h97n-wifi (rev 1.0). Since a week or so, the cpu has been slower and having it more difficult to folow and perform. I started seerching to te problem an found oud that my cpu cooler doesn't work properly. when the pc does a fresh start, the fan acts normal. after an hour or two the fan has a speed of somthing like 1058 rpm or so. but the temperatuer is about 10 degrees higher than normal when there is no load. when there is a smal load, the temperature rises to almost 70-75 degrees. the fan is than stil at 1050 rpm. with an aida64 stress test the temperature hits aubout 96-98 degrees and the fan is STILL at 1050 rpm. I am scared that my CPU or Motherboard is broken, i hope it is just the cooler. i read somewhere that a normal intel cooler should have a range between 800 to 2500 rpm. i don't know of this is rigth. so can someone help me with this? Ps: next pictures ar of a short time with an aida stress test