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  1. No the new one If i use the old one the cpu light Turns red and stays on And yes i restarted the pc And reset the bios too
  2. I hope you can see The sequence The cpu turns first then the ram But is fast and it just keeps going in a loop received_439032990077060.mp4
  3. It use to work But my CPU die and i bought another one But now The cpu light and ram keep flashing But they dont stay red Like when my cpu die They flash white And i dint know what to do I will check if i have any bio codes But i dont have the little speaker CPU intel core i5 7400 3Ghz Ram 4X2 gb ram ddr4 2400mhz Power supply EW600atx82 eagle warrior Motherboard MSI b250 pc mate Let me know if you need anything else
  4. Could any body help me I have a Motherboard msi b250 pc mate And i have it out of the case to troubleshoot it Because The cpu debug light and the ram keep flashing But they dont flash red They flash white And it wont display anything I try to reset the bios And unplug everything But no luck I dont know what else to do
  5. i hope the same tnks to every one and i have a nice day
  6. ok i will take a look, tnaks for everything now i guess i will send this cpu to my brother an get a new one for me, i will take it back, but i cant because i dont remember where i put the reciept
  7. is ok well I'm not an expert but what cpu would u recommend. i dont need nothing from the other world but also not a potato
  8. yes now i see well i guess i will end building two computers XP but tnks for the help guys i will see if i can find a 8th gen cpu
  9. my bad i ment a intel core i5 7500 and it should be the same socket 1151
  10. Relly? so it wont work whit a 7th gen so i guess it was the same problem whit the other motherboard. well i guess imgoing to need a new cpu
  11. the ram is an IRDM of 8 GB at 2400 i try to run only whit the cpu but it just shutdown but in the lED the one for the cpu turns on for really fast and evetrying turns off but if i remove the cpu whit everything else plug in it turns on and the only led that turns on is the one for the CPU because i took it out
  12. the motherboard is an MSI Z370 GAMING PLUS CFX ATX the ram I'm not sure i will need to check but is ddr4 single stick of 8 GB the cpu is an intel core i5-5700 at 3.4 GHZ just give me a second and i will check the ram and no speaker i do have one but I'm not sure where to put it the speacker is from another moatherboard and this new one dont says in the manual a place por a speaker
  13. i build a new desktop computer (is not my fist build) but when i try to turn on it just star for les than a second and it turns off immediately but if i remove the cpu and try to turn it on it stays on all the fans spin and the harddrives work and the gpu starts spinning too (the fans) but every time i try to put the cpu it wont start and i dont know if is the cpu because i just bougth it could any body give me any ideas of what it may be happening? and tnks in advance