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  1. SRRAE

    Need more help with CPU at 100%

    WTF. It seems it was Opera Browser causing the issue. If I open Opera it seems to infect that power plan causing the 100% CPU. Even when Opera is closed and reboot the CPU doesn't return to normal. it is only when I reset the power plan to default settings does the CPU return to normal However, what ever power plan is active when I open Opera, it seems to infect it to use 100%. I've even uninstalled Opera deleted every file and folder associated to it, reinstall and it happens again. I have no idea what it does, as the Ryzen power plan still causes 100% CPU as that one doesn't have an option to return to default settings. Are these settings stored in the Registry somewhere? I'd like to know if the options displayed in the power plan gui is the same in the resistry. P.S. I've moved to Firefox
  2. SRRAE

    Need more help with CPU at 100%

    I've added a youtube video of the issue. YouTube Video of issue I uploaded a full res video so I dont know why 360P is the only option. Hopefully its just still encoding.
  3. SRRAE

    Need more help with CPU at 100%

    A few months ago I posted about my CPU staying at 100% and I need further help as it keeps happening. Here is a list of the strange symptoms: The process which takes all CPU power is random and changes and isn't usually just one process taking 100% but 5-10 process each taking between 40%-10% each. Ending a process which is taking a lot of CPU does nothing as the load is put on another process. It can be resolved by changing the power plan, for example, at the moment balanced power plan is causing 100% usage but performance plan is working correctly. This is not a perm fix as early as last night, it was only the Ryzen balanced power plan which was causing the issue, now the standard balanced power plan is doing the same. I can "fix" the power plan by clicking the "restore default settings for this plan" on the balanced power plan and the CPU starts behaving correctly, however this is short lived and the CPU goes back 100% as little as 15 mins later even when nothing has happened on the computer, I just left it there with task manager on screen. The CPU is running at 100% its not just reporting incorrectly. I can see the voltage go up and the clock speed go from 2.2Ghz to 4Ghz. CPU temperatures rise too. When the CPU is running at 100% it doesn't seem to affect performance in any noticeable way. Ie, if I run something CPU heavy that process is fine in taking the processing power. I have reinstalled Windows from fresh and each time wither weeks or months later it starts doing it again. Last time I did a clean install updated drivers and then created a backup image. Last night I restored to that image and while doing the first lot of windows updates the 100% CPU thing started happening again. All that is installed are official games and official applications, like MS Office. I have paid for bitdefender and after a 16 hour scan of all my files and drives it found nothing untoward. I dont use IE and have solely used Opera, Chrome and Firefox on different occasions and still this happens I use built in adblockers and I block all cookies unless they are added to a permission list. Does anyone know of any tools I can use to try and figure out what is causing this to happen all the time? Thanks Stuart
  4. That's what the internet is for!
  5. Just a quick question, I have a MSI X470 Gaming Pro board, should I use the chipset drivers from the MSI website or should I get the drivers for the X470 from AMD site?
  6. I've recently decided I should try to get used to playing with keyboard and mouse after years of playing with a controller and I've noticed when trying doing small genital movements with the mouse the screen movement stutters. Doing slow movements it seems to jump 10-15 lines at a time no matter how smooth a movement I do. It is very noticeable when Im running and doing slight adjustments with the mouse which direction I'm wanting to go I don't think it is a computer performance issue as the computer is well within spec for the game and it runs above 60fps at all times. I'll put the basic spec below. I've heard it could me mouse acceleration settings, I turned that off and didn't make any difference. Any more ideas suggestions as the jittery movement is making me feel a little queezy Current Spec Ryzen 2600X MSI GTX 1070 16GB Corsair 3200Mhz RAM
  7. Nope, Strangely that didn't appear in any of my internet searches. I'll give that a go as soon as im able to reboot. Thanks
  8. A few weeks ago I got 16GB of Corsair RAM to replace the 8GB I had. Originally I had both sets in and that caused all sorts of problems when trying to run at the 3200Mhz (which both are rated at). After advice on here I removed the original 8GB of RAM (the 8GB never caused any issue even when over clocked to 3600Mhz). This advice did make the computer more stable but it just delays how long it takes before I get a bluescreen playing games. The Minidump file errors usually gives the errors as Memory Allocation Error and Page File does not match Memory. I've deleted the pagefile and recreated it but I've still had issues. Is there a memory test application which use to find if there is an error. I've used one which basically filled the ram, empties it and repeats but that found nothing and I doubt it is checking what comes out of the ram is what was put in. Thanks
  9. I read that people experienced the same issue with Rocket League when running on unlimited frame rate. I enabled Vsync and limited the FPS to 60 and it now works. I dont know if that is a coincidence or not.
  10. Hi, Im using an Xbox one controller via USB. The issue I have is when an event causes the controller to rumble, it rumbles but doesn't stop. The troubleshooting I've done is Tested 2 Xbox One controllers on PC via USB and both have the same issue. Both controllers wireless on Xbox are fine. Both controllers wired on Xbox are fine. Both controllers via Bluetooth on PC are fine. Reinstalled USB drivers same issue. Tried several USB cables. Any more suggestions? Is there a way of uninstalling and reinstalling the xbox one controller driver?
  11. I've just rebooted and this is what it's like as soon as its finished booting.
  12. I've attached task manager screen shot. As you can see LED Keeper was taking 100% I've stopped the service restarted my computer and now, its something else that takes up the CPU.
  13. I was planning on doing that. I have no idea why it happens to my computer. Unless it's a comparability issue an old capture card I still use. Its basically the only bit of hardware consistent with both builds.