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  1. Are there any with a long cable that will reach my computer on the floor to put the hub on the desk? That's the issue Im having, they all have very short wires.
  2. I know the versatility of the USB C is quite amazing however I have a port on my motherboard doing nothing and I want to utilise it. I would like a USB hub however all the ones I have seen seem to be tailored towards laptop use and so the cable are only a couple of inches long. Are there any useful hubs with longer cables so it can reach my computer on the floor to the desk, or can USB-C extension cables will have to be used? Cheers.
  3. I got an office chair for £20 from one of the old computer fairs that used to happen around here. It was obviously from a closed down office or replaced what they had. Everything was adjustable and was the most comfortable chair I had. I think office chair is the way to go.
  4. As the title says. Are "Gaming" chairs worth it? I recently tried one for about £130 (about $150US) and it was terrible, mostly headrest of the chair being positioned right in between my shoulder blades. So is it worth going for a "gaming" chair or just get something like a ergonomic office chair?
  5. LG34uc88 it is one which the refresh rate only goes to 75Hz so not much of an increase to be honest.
  6. I think the consensus is to keep with what I have for the time being.
  7. I have a nice 3440x1440 ultrawide. To replace that with similar size and Gsync would be well out of my budget.
  8. My LG monitor higher refresh rate is locked behind detecting an AMD / Freesync card. Even if I overclock the monitor it will not go over 60Hz Also the gsync compatibility mode that recently came out does not work at all with my monitor. It flashes and flickers and does all sorts of strange things and still wont go over 60Hz.
  9. I was offered a use GTX 1080 for very cheap, about 1/3 the price it was going used. I sold my GTX 1070 and using the 1080, however the increase in power hasn't really resulted in very much of a real world increase of fps and the card fan is a lot louder. If I sold the 1080 the money from selling both cards would mean I have more than enough for a 5700 XT. My monitor is a freesync monitor, which doesn't work with Nvidia's compatibility mode at all. Even though the freesync range on the monitor isn't the greatest its still better than nothing. Although there will be an increase in performance from the 1080 to the 5700XT, is it also worth doing to finally utilise the freesync on my monitor? Or should I aim for a RTX2070 Super for about £100 more? Thanks
  10. SH found one thing which wasn't really worth doing anything about. It was a website cookie which had access to my webcam, which I used to scan a QR code.
  11. If I can find the other £100 would it be worth trying to get a 2070S over the 5700XT?
  12. Used AdwCleaner and it found nothing untoward. I installed SpyHunter which again reported nothing untoward. I ran AdwCleaner again and that recommended uninstalling SpyHunter lol
  13. Actually with the case closed the temperature still goes up and the fans become loud. Its not reached close to 80ºC like before, but is staying steady at 70ºC
  14. I was very sceptical of this. The card is only 18 months old, the heatsink and fans were clean and thermal paste shouldn't go off that quick. I removed the heatsink and there was a thick layer of thermal paste over the die with excess covering most of the chip and nearly all the surface of the heatsink. Way too much. Cleaned the heatsink surface and chip off with some 99% IPA, put some Artic MX-4 I had left over from my build last year. Now the temperature holds about 66ºC with the fan set to auto spinning about 50%. Previously the temperature was 77-80ºC and the fan was 70-80%
  15. I got a GTX MSI 1070 Gaming X and its has been a solid performer. Not only that it has over clocked well and runs super quiet, something I find appealing. My friend recently updated his computer and for basically sold me his EVGA GTX1080 SC ACX3.0 for about £100, bargain!. Doing a few game bench tests I see the expected 20-25% increase in performance which is great, however the NOISE!!!!! I did notice the fans and heat sink on the EVGA 1080 is way smaller than my MSI 1070 hence the faster and louder fans. What should I do? Put up with the noise? Sell the EVGA 1080? eBay looks like they go between £280-£300 Sell both the 1080 and 1070 and with the money get a 2060 Super? Thanks in advance