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  1. CPU: Intel I7-6700K GPU: NVIDIA GTX 1050 TI FTW Motherboard: Asus Maximus Hero 8 PSU: 600W EVGA RAM: 16gb Corsair DDR4 Noctua CPU Cooler (NZXT Case if that helps, and my monitors are a Asus and Dell, one is 1080 and the other is 1440)
  2. I was watching Netflix and playing minecraft on my computer when all of a sudden I got the blue screen of death. Coincidentally, work was being done on my street (underground) so the power and water was cut off and right as I got the blue screen. Now after the power was restored the computer turns on but nothing shows up on my monitors and my keyboard doesn’t work. I’ve tried hitting the CLEAR CMOS button on my motherboard, as well as removing the battery and replacing it. What else should I do to fix this issues? I’m open to all suggestions. (The CPU, graphics card and case fans all work and the motherboard’s lighting and other functions seem fine)
  3. My budget is 600 dollars, what do you think is my best option? From Budget, Performance, and just general reputation. here are my PC Specs: CPU: Intel Core I7 6700k 4 ghz Quad Core Processor Motherboard: Asus MAXIMUS VIII HERO ATX LGA1151 Motherboard RAM: 16 GB Corsair DDR4 3000 Storage: 1 TB Crucial NVME SSD PSU: 600W EVGA Current card: 1050 TI Please let me know which would be best with this build. I have a a mid tower case so space isn't too much of a problem.
  4. It said I already have English(US)? What i mean by not working is no input is registered, like I have to use virtual keyboard to type.
  5. I recently installed Linux on a laptop of mine but the keyboard won't work and I'm unsure of what to do. I connected my Desktop keyboard and it worked but that isn't practical for if I want to take my laptop places. If it helps I have a Surface Pro Laptop.
  6. I'm not 100% sure, where can i find this?
  7. I've done a good amount of research and it is the most secure for what I want to do, however, if you think I have better chances with Ubuntu or Mint I would definitely be up to try an alternative.
  8. I have a surface laptop and I am trying to install Linux onto it, however no matter what I do it won't install. I flashed PureOS onto a large enough USB drive, disabled Secure Boot and TPM, as well as disabling all boot options except USB storage and I am at a loss with what else I need to do. Every time it's about to boot it restarts and goes back to the Surface UEFI screen or before I disabled the other boot options would just go straight to windows even while USB storage was put above it. if any of you can help I would really appreciate it.
  9. Graphic's Card for gaming, My current Monitor is 1440 but I play at 1080 because of my current GPU, it is 60hz.
  10. I am looking to upgrade my graphics card and was wondering what some recommendations would be. I was hoping for something less than 400 USD? If it is over I'd still appreciate the recommendation. Thank you My specs are: CPU: Intel Core I7-6700k RAM: 16GB DDR4 STORAGE: 2 TB SSD GPU: GTX 1050 TI
  11. So, my current Bluetooth headphones I am using have a few problems, when used they are low quality and I am unable to change that in it's properties. And the other problem is. When a video is played the audio plays fine, until the video is paused. Then any other sounds made by the system and deafened and unheard. I have already gone to device manager to try to update the drivers. Tested out two different Bluetooth dongles for my computer, If you know how to fix this please help. I am still able to return the headphones if need be. The Headphones: https://www.amazon.com/Audio-Technica-ATH-M50xBT-Wireless-Bluetooth-Headphones/dp/B07HKVCVSY/ref=sr_1_3?crid=1VAR1SDNG7Z3E&keywords=audio+technica+headphones+bluetooth&qid=1565310489&s=gateway&sprefix=audio+technica+headphones+%2Caps%2C211&sr=8-3
  12. I do currently have a monitor and yes, I do plan to upgrade later. But this monitor is pretty old and I would love a better. It is an old samsung tv I use.
  13. I currently have a i7-6700k, GTX 1050 TI FTW, and 16 gb of ram.
  14. I'm looking to buy a monitor, I'm going to be doing some gaming on this monitor. I'd love 144hz but I'll take what I can get. I have around 400 USD to spend. Thank you.
  15. When I am Playing games or even doing nothing this monitor will just go black and show a little disconect symbol on the screen. If anybody knows why this is please tell me and how I can fix it. It is a Dell U2711.
  16. I wanted to upgrade my monitor fairly soon, so i could have a dual monitor setup. With my current setup what monitor or display would you recommend? I am hoping to do some gaming and some photo and video editing from time to time. My budget is around 400 dollars, if it is a little more costly that shouldn't be a problem. I'm very open to a variety of options and monitors. My Specs: Intel 6700k 16gb ddr4 2400mhz ram Gtx 1050 TI