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  1. hey could I connect the rgb connections of this cooler https://www.amazon.com/Thermaltake-Motherboard-Addressable-Universal-CL-P064-AL12SW/dp/B07WW26KV7?th=1 to my case's rgb controller, will that work?
  2. bought another mobo, this topic is over. thanks for the help guys!
  3. https://www.njoy.ro/PSU/woden-850#specificatii
  4. the thing is that the old one has no other connection rather than power and the new one has lots of satas and molex, and I bought a case with rgb fans and stuff, everything went well until this stupid mobo refused to work with the new psu. I'm going to buy a new mobo and I will make sure it has a 24 pin connection. going straight to the shop, no second hand this time.
  5. I might forgot to mention but, the old psu has only a 16 power supply connector, that's it, that's the only cable. the sata power with 8 pins is a different cable
  6. Also my new psu has a 24 pins connector and the mobo only has 16, it still fits perfectly
  7. new psu : rated for 850W I think each rail is rated 12V
  8. the old psu does not even fit in my new case so that's a no go. I struggled to read because it was mostly chinese but here we go: old psu: maind dc output: +12v1 +12v2 aux dc output: +11v the psu is rated for 250W
  9. lol it's not working, anyway I guess I will look for a new motherboard with PROPER FRONT PANEL CONNECTORS! Thanks a lot for the help and ideas. At least I got an i5 4590 from the whole package, when I bought the system my main focus was the cpu and the ram not the mobo, but I did not expect it to work like this. welp that's all I guess
  10. I could start fitting 6 + 2 pcie connectors instead of the power supply
  11. yeah it's probably not a good idea to do that, It would be better to buy a new mobo
  12. the mobo works with the old psu without the sata power, odd
  13. say, I would try anything, there has to be a work around