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    AMD 3900X
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    Asus Crosshair VIII Hero (Wi-Fi)
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    G Skill Trident Z 32gb 3600
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    MSI Gaming X Trio 2080ti
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    Lian Li PC-O11 Dynamic (White)
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    Samsung 860 Evo 500gb, Intel 660p 2TB M.2
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    LG 27UK650-W, Asus PG27UQ (1000$ off used ;)
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    Massdrop CTRL
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    Logitech G502 Lightspeed
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  1. Essentially what I'm working with here is 8 computers, all have 9700's and 2080 SUPER's. They're all on a gig circuit and a backup gig as a fail-safe as well. Needless to say I have plenty of room to work with in terms of hardware and bandwith. What I need is settings for a 1080p stream at 60fps. My current understanding is NVENC encoding with CBR and a bitrate of around 6000-7000 should do pretty well, although any person without a relatively good internet connection will struggle to watch the stream since the account won't be partnered (viewers can't change the resolution at will). Are there any other downsides to this? 720p isn't an option, although 900p may be on the table with good reasoning. Any links, youtubers or any other type of information to read up on this would be very helpful, need to learn everything I can about it.
  2. In conclusion I bought a cheaper x79 board. I just bought a MFU Intel X79 board for 90$. Looks to be a cheaper option to the Huananzhi X79, which I would have preferred because of the dual m.2, USB 3.1 header for front I/O, and 90 degree 24 pin header. Both have built in speakers as well as Q-codes and onboard power buttons. All great features for 100$ boards. The only reason I bought the MFU Intel board is because I got free same day shipping for it, and the Huananzhi said to take about a month for shipping which is no good for me. Links to the boards: MFU Intel X79: https://www.amazon.com/MFU-X79-B75-E5-2620-Memory-Motherboard/dp/B07PCN4CSR/ref=sr_1_2?crid=2NXYV1XHN3TUI&keywords=x79+motherboard&qid=1571488834&sprefix=x79%2Caps%2C154&sr=8-2 Huananzhi x79: https://www.amazon.com/Huananzhi-Motherboard-LGA2011-Support-Processor/dp/B07X57L3XZ/ref=sr_1_23?crid=2NXYV1XHN3TUI&keywords=x79+motherboard&qid=1571488857&sprefix=x79%2Caps%2C154&sr=8-23
  3. I'll most likely grab a cheaper board and stay with the x79 platform. That computer's been a tank for me & I think it's got some more juice left. I'll check out the huanan, that sounds like it could be useful. Thanks for the reply!
  4. My P9X79 motherboard from 2012 finally gave out after daily use for 7 years. Need to know whether I should buy another one on Ebay for 180$ or upgrade the system. I've currently got a 4930k and 16gb of 1600 RAM. It's by no means a slouch of a computer so that why I would like some advice about how to go forward. Thank in advance!
  5. Appreciate all the responses guys! I'll be sure to use these hopefully never but most likely in the future!
  6. I've done several RMA's in the past and I have luckily never had to deal with a lost package. Now that I've started to move into more expensive products I've started to worry about it possibly happening. What are your recommendations to prevent myself from having to replace it with my own money? I know RMA policies vary but overall are there any safe precautions I could take in case I do have to RMA?
  7. I had my 3900x on it’s stock cooler for a week, the only way I could get it to not overheat and shut down my computer from opening Chrome was to underclock it to 3.5mhz lmao. Maybe with the new bios you could get away with it but be weary. If you could, I’d save up more funds and then build if you want the biggest and the baddest.
  8. I recently built a hardline rig for my 3900X, it runs HOT as to be expected. It’s a little more tamed after the updates to bios and not thermal throttling out of the box. But from my personal experience if anything I’d consider watercooling the cpu instead/with the gpu. Now we need to break down your budget. Assuming you’re willing to buy a 2080ti used, which you should be, there’s a Zotac Amp Extreme for like 1000$ last I checked. Then you’re buying a 500$ processor. 1000$ left for mobo, ram, decent case, a small nvme ssd, and watercooling supplies. A good X470 mobo would be roughly 200$ or cheaper. 32 gigs of (3600 recommended so we’ll go with that) ram is roughly 160$ more or less depending on the kit and where you buy. You’ll have to figure out what case you want with that many drive slots/mounting points but we’ll go with 150$. A 950 EVO on Amazon is about 200$, don’t do much research on them so I don’t know what’s a good buy but we’ll go with that. So you got around 300$ for watercooling stuff. Which isn’t a ton for watercooling gear but you might be able to get the job done for the cpu.
  9. Still no post, also tried a different pcie slot as well as the method with the battery you said above
  10. No dice, still not posting. If it helps I'm getting codes E8 and 06 with the white vga led on. I tried using a different gpu but it still won't post.
  11. Accidentally undervolted my cpu very badly like 1mV badly . Let's just say there was a kid near me doing something she shouldn't have been doing and I got distracted. Anyways clearing CMOS isn't working, and I've also taken out the battery for 5 minutes and that didn't work either. I've tried for the life of be to use the BIOS flashback feature and it's just not working. As far as I can think undervolting my cpu shouldn't break my BIOS chip on my mobo though. Any help would be much appreciated.
  12. Currently doing that, most likely just going to see if I can request something to reprogram the BIOS. If not I’ll just find and buy one online and do it myself
  13. 3900x CH8 Hero Wifi Trident Z RGB 32GB 2080ti Gaming X Trio Computer was working fine, went to tweak some CPU settings in BIOS. Restarted my pc and it won’t post. Getting codes E8 and 06 constantly. (E8 = S3 Resume Failed) (06 = Microcode Loading) The light that’s coming on is the VGA LED, but I put in a different gpu and it still wouldn’t post. So far I’ve tried resetting the cmos with the button on the mobo, taking the cmos battery out & USB flashback wasn’t working either. Reseated the RAM aswell. Any ideas?
  14. If I try to fix it myself would it get rid of the warranty? If not I'd be fine trying to fix it, would you happen to have a link for something I can work off of?