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  1. Adrian_33

    QLC NVME SSD's for Premiere Pro worth it?

    My last project folder was over 250gb, but that's footage from 5 GoPros, DJ Drone and a 2 DSLR's, mostly 4K but still generally under 10gb per video file, the final render was a 17minutes long 4k video that was about 11 GB. Would the 970 be an advantage in that case?
  2. Hi all, So.. I'm looking at getting a 1TB NVME SSD to use as the drive to edit 4K video on, specifically in Premier but also using After Effects and Photoshop+Lightroom at times. It's between Samsung 970 EVO for 129 pounds and Crucial P1 for 77 pounds. Now I know that Crucial P1 is QLC which is supposed to be not as good, but would the difference be significant enough in this use case to justify spending the extra 55 pounds? Or would I be better of spending that on extra RAM for example? Thanks in advance.
  3. Adrian_33

    Mixing 2400mhz and 2666mhz RAM...

    Wait... What's the difference between dual and quad channel? I thought it's just about how many sticks there are? So all 4 sticks would work as 32gb but in dual channel?
  4. Hello, As above I'm wondering if mixing RAM frequencies can work. I'm currently running 2x 8GB Crucial DDR 2400 RAM(linked) on an MSI Z370 tomahawk motherboard, I'm looking into adding extra RAM to it (doing a lot of photo and 4K video editing)I was looking to get a second set of 2x GB Crucial 2400 sticks but then Amazon went and added a prime day deal on the very same memory but at 2666mhz. Would it be possible to run the 2400s and 2666s in a quad channel set-up to run 32gb at either 2666 or 2400? I know it might be a daft question but I gotta ask to find out, found lots of stuff online showing it works but not always best. Thanks Adrian
  5. Im trying to find out if it's worth it or not to overclock it.
  6. Well If I've had overclocked would it be a significant difference, like more than a minute in rendering etc or so?
  7. Hello, my old I7 950k based PC died an hour ago or so so I'm scrambling for an upgrade of pretty much everything. I've already chosen to go with Intel, but I'm wondering if it's worth it get the overclockable version as I never bothered touching overclocking my 950k and it ran good to okayish until last year combined with gtx970 doing some casual gaming and mainly editing photo/video files. As right now It would cost me about 60 pounds more for the K version, would I see any meaningful improvement from the overclocked chip in Adobe? Cheers !
  8. Hey guys! I need some help in choosing parts to upgrade my PC, I've got a general plan in mind but could use suggestions or directions for final choice since watching ton of reviews did not help so far. I'm looking to upgrade my 8-year-old PC based on I7 950k, so gonna have to replace pretty much everything apart of my GTX970,1000 Watt Cooler Master PSU and an SSD I added way later. I've got a budget of about 700-800 Pounds so about a 1000$, for a new CPU,MOBO, Case and Ram. Nowadays I mainly use my PC for Editing loads of photos and editing video (1080p/4k) using Adobe CS. I can't really decide between 8700k and Ryzen 7 2700x Can anyone point me towards some meaningful benchmarks? How does one even behind to chose a MOBO (besides socket obvs) as in what features should I even look at? Case ! I'm looking at NZXT S340 Elite, but I worried about sound my current system in the CoolerMaster C690 can be noisy and get rather hot to touch under load atm, am I right in thinking that the new cases will be nowhere near as loud as my current one or should I look at something like Darkbase 600 ? I'm not a huge fan of its looks but I live in a small Uni flat with my girlfriend so don't want anything noisier than my current build and would preferably go for something a little quieter. Cooling, I really love the look of NZXT Kraken, but are they much noisier than (or quieter) than air coolers? I've seen people say both of these things online so I'm not sure, also which disperse of heat better? Currently with the PC on the floor next to my legs, it's not uncommon for it to raise temperature in that area for it to get uncomfortably warm (annoying the summer, great in the winter! Doubt there is a way to have it hot in winter and cool in summer, but maybe?) so I would like something that will let me avoid that. And memory, what sort of speeds should I go for with 16gb DDR4? So can anyone help me with this? In short looking for something looking smart, not too noisy good for editing photo and video Incorporating my GTX970&PSU Thanks !