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  1. Try reseating the cpu to see if that helps. Also does the power supply fan spin up?
  2. Try putting the third ram stick in a another slot to see if it works. try swapping out the ram sticks to see if one of them does not work. try to clear your bios of your new motherboard. Try reseating the cpu if needed.
  3. Are you sure that you are not using your onboard cpu graphics? (HD Graphics 530) and are all the graphics drivers up to date? Maybe try ddu and install new drivers from the official website. Links: DDU:https://www.guru3d.com/files-details/display-driver-uninstaller-download.html
  4. Hi everyone!!, I have this old power supply in one of my systems and it has come to my attention that weird noises where coming form the pc.. it kinda sounds like a bad hard drive but i installed new hard drives not even a week ago. its an low power system with a low power gpu so i don't think that its the coil wine coming from the gpu. In real life the noise is even louder and it seems to be coming form the power supply is this okay? I have attached a video with the noise and the picture of the power supply unit. Even when there's no load the noise keeps coming from the power supply. The Noise Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QBnTK3kr098&feature=youtu.be&ab_channel=rasil Thanks for reading have a good day!
  5. to me this seems like an fault with the Northbridge but these faults tend to happen with older motherboards (2011) i am not sure how software can do this!
  6. Do you have a graphics card? because that sounds like a graphics issue new motherboards don't just die like that.
  7. i just downloaded windows 10 from the media creation tool and burned it to the usb stick lets hope this works
  8. yes correct but its such a pain to re rout all those cables around the pc and as always there's a risk of the graphics card being broken if i did something wrong
  9. The last thing that i would try is to install windows 10 onto the harddrive because it worked for Moonzy and i guess if that doesn't work then there's no way of getting this to work? unless i buy a cheap second hand graphics card. you have been very helpful thanks!!!
  10. the problem for me is that the only graphics card that i had is an rx480 and that requires a 8pin psu connector but i have only a normal powersupply. i would have to take apart my whole gaming rig just to get the graphics and mobo working
  11. how exactly? how did you install windows? because it does not work for me
  12. i cannot do that because the motherboard doesn't have a video out port i have explained this more in the original post.
  13. have you tried clearing the bios? there might be some bios settings that are causing the system to crash on startup.
  14. hello everyone!!! I have a asus p7p55-m motherboard with 8 gb or ram, i5 760. i want to make this a server type system because i just has this laying around. the graphics card that came with it broke but everything else works fine! so the cpu has integrated graphics but the motherboard doesn't have a video out port on the back (e.g vga port, dvi port, hdmi port) so my solution to this was to get the harddrive and plug it in to my main pc and setup windows 7 on it and install TeamViewer and setup untended access on it. so i can run the (server pc) and control it from my main pc. but this did not go as planed the board does something everything works when i plugin the keyboard it lights up but i cant connect to it i even tried to mash some keys on the keyboard but to no luck. internet is not a problem because i have connected Ethernet and if it where to bluescreen (because of different hardware) then it would shut off after a while but i left it there for about 2 hours but the same thing.... i am heart broken i need your help it could even be as simple as replace the os or something. Thanks for reading and as always any help would be nice