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  1. SafeStrafe

    Someone buy me my WishList

  2. SafeStrafe

    should i upgrade my phone?

    oh ok no problem i was just wondering how it runs on snapchat, is the front camera good?
  3. SafeStrafe

    should i upgrade my phone?

    yeah thanks, do u use snapchat?
  4. SafeStrafe

    should i upgrade my phone?

    should i upgrade my phone, i have a s7 edge and battery is getting bad and its really laggy, i was thinking of selling s7 edge and getting the xiaomi mi 8
  5. SafeStrafe

    Good mid range phone

    Hi im upgrading from a s7 edge, my budget is 350 euro, can someone recommend me good phones at this price range, i was thinking a xiaomi phone. Probably my main app is snapchat, so will i better of going for a iphone?
  6. SafeStrafe

    Best budget bookshelf speakers?

    Can someone reccomend me some good bookshelf speakers, my budget is 300 euro
  7. SafeStrafe

    Which ones the best?

    What's better the viewsonic xg2402, aoc c24g1 or the aoc g2590px, the viewsonic is 30€ more than the g2590px and the c24g1 is 30€ less than the g2590px
  8. SafeStrafe

    What 144hz should I get

    Hi I'm looking to buy a 1080p 144hz monitor, my budget is 200-250 euro. I was looking at the viewsonic xg2402 or the aoc c24g1. I think these two are the best options, I play a lot of games like, apex legends, fortnite, rainbow six, gta, rust and a few other esports games. I also watch movies and tv shows on my PC. I am open to any recommendations on what monitor to get. The c24g1 is 40 euro cheaper as of right now Thanks
  9. SafeStrafe

    A good 144hz

    I have a 1060 3gb and a i7 6700 so I might need it, I am upgrading GPU in 2 months
  10. SafeStrafe

    A good 144hz

    The g2590fx supports gsync adaptive sync though, not sure what that monitor has
  11. SafeStrafe

    A good 144hz

    Hi I'm looking to buy a 1080p@144hz monitor, I play esports games and battle royals, I like digital vibrance. Can someone give me good recommendations I was thinking of the aoc g2590fx but I'm not sure. I also watch movies and TV shows on my pc
  12. SafeStrafe

    should i get a 144hz

    like 250 euro
  13. SafeStrafe

    should i get a 144hz

    some of the survival games and royale games i play i dont get 144fps so will it look bad?
  14. SafeStrafe

    should i get a 144hz

    hi should i get a 144hz, i have a 1060 3gb a i7 6700 and 8gb ram, i play esports games battle royale games and some survival games and i dont mind putting settings down, i plan on upgrading gpu half way through the year.
  15. SafeStrafe

    Enough for upgrade to 2060?

    ok, will this give me a boost in games?