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    The South
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    Semi Trucks and PC Systems (Odd couple ain't it)
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    AMD FX-4300
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    Gigabyte GA-78LMT-S2
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    AMD Radeon R7 340/240
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    Something from Cyberpower
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    Sparkle 350W
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    Samsung S22D300, Hewlett-Packard (HP) w1907 (Center)
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    Air (I don't know my CPU cooler)
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    Logitech K520
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    Logitech M185
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    Xbox Turtle Beach Headphones
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    Windows 10 Home 64-bit

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  1. I know enough to get myself out of trouble but don't know that much nor do I posses two unused jump drives.
  2. I've plugged three keyboards (1 PS/2, 2 USB) and two Mice (Both USB) and none work. I even tried to use a usb hub I had plugged the last time I used. I've used all usb ports, including the two USB 3s and checked the connection, then tried to connect a card reader's USB 3s and it didn't work.
  3. I need to get something off another computer's hard drive but no input devices work, I've tried. So I'm wondering if putting an HDD with a version of windows on it into a copmuter that already has windows will affect it.
  4. I'm trying to grab something off a hard drive of one computer but it won't recognize anything pluged into the USB ports. A USB hub I have will light up but nothing else. I've tried two keyboards.
  5. I've had a windows update for a few months that refuses to install despite multiple restarts. Does anyone know any solutions. I don't care if the update installs, I'm just tired of waking up in a 80 degree room.
  6. I'm just wondering if I set my videos, all of which are privated, to 18+ will it get snatched or what? Also, I've heard of a "fine" for incorrectly marked videos, whats that about?
  7. This showed up and I just want to know what glitch makes this happen. I've run this before, probably within 1-2 years ago, and it says the same thing. Just want to know.
  8. I think this dude faked this. Just photoshopped in some stuff because he used words like "Ill remove you from my hacking program" and stuff like that. It feels cliche now. Plus if he got by the steam guard thing then couldn't he just have sent himself the trade offer by himself? I thought of this tell me if I'm wrong.
  9. Is windows defender good enough for right now, Ill get something stronger soon.
  10. Any chance of him coming back if they take away the items and give it back.
  11. im in a panic, my account was just held ransom and while I believe its still up, I now lost ~$200 worth of items. What do I do. please help. He left me alone, but who do Icall at Valve, I changed the password (it was the only password I had like it) but I dont know how he got in, i got 2FA on.
  12. That answers that, but will they throughout my request since I covered the License number, Address, and a couple of other things that really I should only know.
  13. So I made the awful putting my birthday on my twitter account and twitter locked me out because "You were under 13 when you made this account" and I was wondering if doing the "send a valid ID card" is safe. I don't want to loose my account but if it's not safe, I'll just make a new one.