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  1. Just remember that the SSD won't help with Fps only with loading times so if you really can't afford it don't push yourself. The 4x2 ram is nice tho.
  2. So can someone help me set my QoS? I tried some things but they don't work and i have 0 knowledge of networking. I have 1 PC to which i want to give priority (basically i am gaming on it and i want to have stable ping). Those are the screenshots from my router.
  3. Is it possible to do it without a cpu?
  4. Thanks for reviving Ninian, Fuck you for not unsealing the legendary weapons faster.
  5. Exdominator


    (noticed this after using pc for hours but usually outside of intensive workload, altho it may also happen in intensive workload but since i mostly play games and i have headphones i may not hear it/pay attention) Sometimes after using my pc for some hours the fans spin like crazy (im guessing max speed) for like 0.5-1 seconds and then proceed to normal speed. So what could be causing this and is it dangerous? Specs are G4400 with gtx1050 and PSU 400W ATX FORTRON. Everything has its stock's fans (as far as i know they are enough for my system)
  6. About the wish list... Will automatically prompt me when something goes free or should i check it every day?
  7. Ok thanks, i will wait for more replies tho but that is a good start
  8. What sites do you get info on what games go to a free giveaway for a limited amount of time (for example a game going free for 2-3 days and if you pick it it stays your's forever)? I have like 1 page that i follow on facebook but i can never be sure if they actually track every game when it goes free (either on steam,origin etc) (I'm sorry that this is poorly worded i just can't think of wording right now)
  9. About the pirate thing... I don't really care what their ideology is, i just have no money for video games... Also a lot of times i like pirated copies (even if i have bought the game) because some games require internet connection even for single player and i dont always have internet available (and even if i did why the heck do they need internet anwyay?) Anyway thanks for the info...
  10. From what website is this? O rbetter yet how can i check what tier mine is?
  11. What happens if u press format on the c disk by right clicking? curious
  12. Well didn't know that... No we aren't talking about the steam versions but i have them pirated so i don't know... Anyway at least that makes some sense.
  13. If u can try it and tell me if it works for you too...
  14. Well have u tried opening it twice? Like open it once but instead of waiting just click the shortcut again
  15. But thing is i have newer games with are much heavier and they start up very fast while these old ones just take their time its probably some kind of compability issue im just wondering how comes they open immediately if i start running two instances of the game