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  1. tonymc

    Need Game Recommendations for PC

    I finished Darksiders Warmastered Edition, I think it's very good, it's a jewel, it's very well the story and the end, I started now to play Darksiders 2 Deathfinitive Edition, it incorporates new things like greater personalization of the character and the world is more open and more extensive, does not have level indicator of the NPC, then you can easily find a boss in a dungeon for which you are not ready yet and you can say "Then I come for you when you are ready". The fighting is more frenzied and intense than in the previous version. The dungeons are full of puzzles and complications to finish them, not only is killing NPC and move forward, I think it is a very entertaining game, but "for tastes the colors were tried".
  2. tonymc

    4790k locked in Turbo mode.

    Very interesting, I thought it worked like that, today I will try it again ..
  3. tonymc

    4790k locked in Turbo mode.

    If this has always happened to me with that software, that's why I do not use it
  4. tonymc

    Time for new PSU?

    These are my ideas on this topic. If you are updating your system and you are at least 5 years old, also change your power supply without hesitation, do not wait for it to fail to do so, as it puts your new components at risk. That simple sight you see everything normal does not mean that all parameters are like the first day, there are components inside the PSU that degrade over time, like electrolytic capacitors. You have spent money on your new system and it is not enough to immediately replace your old PSU, which still works, well, you will do it, do it, put your system to work, but do not fall asleep with this, the first time opportunity replace your PSU. If the PSU has a 7 year warranty, then maybe it does not replace it at 5 years, it would give you more time logically it has very good quality.
  5. tonymc

    4790k locked in Turbo mode.

    If this can be, there are applications that change this without prior notice like Samsung Magician software
  6. tonymc

    Need Game Recommendations for PC

    I'm playing Daksiders Warmastered right now, I really enjoy it. In turn-based strategy game I really like Total War Shogun2, I hope that Total War: Three Kingdoms will live up to it.
  7. tonymc

    x470 cheap vs expensive

    Aorus x470 gaming 5 wifi: This motherboard is adding a set of several specifications better than the other examples just look over without going into details better LAN than MSI (Intel vs. Realtek) better audio than MSI and Asrock (ALC1220 vs ALC982) Dual band wifi and bluethoot5, are not on MSI and Asrock USB typeC, is not in MSI Heatsink for DiscoM2, it is not in MSI Much better aesthetics than Asrock and MSI (Personally, this does not interest me that much, but many people do) Dual BIOS, is not present in Asrock and MSI (Although it is not the variant that I like most of manual switch) I think the prices just say what these motherboards show, second best option Asrock, shows better specifications than the MSI. I also believe that these motherboards are not direct opponents for each brand and the price of each says, compare is unfair, there is less difference between case between the Asrock and the MSI
  8. tonymc

    Upgrade Time

    I recommend faster RAM memories, minimum 3000Mhz, to use with R5 2600. If you wait for the output of Ryzen 3000 (within one or two months) it is possible to obtain better prices of the current generation, which would help to obtain better motherboard or better cpu for example.
  9. I do not think that a core i5 3330 is a small thing for a GTX1050Ti, but if you decide to change your system, it would be better to wait, in short it is a short time (one or two months I think) and you will win at least in some way, because which is in the market right now will come down in price, it's almost certain.
  10. To this very good answer, I would add that not everything is clock frequency in the processors ... You have to remember how Conroe arrived at 1.86 Hhz to compete with Pentium D at 3ghz and was superior, because the architecture had a much higher IPC. So, if Ryzen 3000 brings significant changes in its architecture to gain in IPC, it will not need to scale so much in clock frequency. If you see, you know what you're talking about ...
  11. tonymc

    9900K or wait for 3rd gen ZEN?

    wait, ultimately it is a short time and AMD could surprise with the new generation, 7nm is something very serious, wait one or two months is a short time.Please note that a Z390 motherboard will not support the new intel processors that will come to relieve the 9th generation, however the AM4 socket remains for the moment.
  12. tonymc

    will my i5 6600 bottleneck rtx 2070?

    ryzen 2700 is much more powerful than the 6600
  13. tonymc

    RTX 2080/FX 8320 bottleneck

    There is no danger of damaging any component, just that your video card will not be 100% and you will not get all the fps that you should in the games, just that, do not worry about that, mount your video card and play.
  14. tonymc

    Which CPU with 1060 6GB?!?

    Ryzen + B450 amd, a lot of muscle at a little price, very good for workstation and decent performance in games.
  15. tonymc

    Asus vs Gigabyte?

    In this price range I prefer Gigabyte, I sometimes think that Asus only has good motherboards above $ 250. It is true that Asus always has better BIOS, but there are other issues analyzed here, such as audio chip and LAN. Maybe this article helps you decide: https://www.techspot.com/bestof/amd-x470-motherboards/