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  1. Adamator_Cz

    GPU for i5 2400

    One information I might add is that the new build(the gpu included) would be $2500 - $3000 price tag
  2. Adamator_Cz

    GPU for i5 2400

    Hello. I wanted to ask you if you know what gpu that sort of best on market and wont bottleneck with my i5 2400, because Im planning to use the gpu, once i got money for rest of parts, in new pc. One information I might add is that the new build(the gpu included) would be $2500 - $3000 price tag. Possibly 9th gen intel.
  3. Adamator_Cz

    I need help with storage selection

    Another question from me is.... should i go for WD or Seagate drive, more specifically WD Red (PRO) or Seagate Skyhawk/Ironwolf ?
  4. Hello, I am going to build my first pc and i need to help out with choosing brand of SSDs and HDDs. Im actually thinking about making it with 2 SSDs and 1 or more HDDs. I thought i could go with one 256GB SSD from Samsung for OS, another 1TB SSD for games and HDDs for storage, but Im a bit confused with the SSD for games because of writes limitations. Will this be fine ? If not I would be pleased if you responded by wise answer.
  5. Adamator_Cz


    I need help with a laptop. My friend told me if I could repair his laptop, because he somehow spilled water on his laptop. Ethernet card doesnt and keyboard doesnt work. Could you help me a bit please?