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  1. EdwardSword

    Need help with Access Point

    So I only have one question Which of these is responsible for disabling clients with low Data rates, securing a good efficiency for the cell? Data rate tweaking, Auto RF, Automatic Channel Selection, Mesh Please Answer
  2. EdwardSword

    Wifi randmoly kicking you out and disconnecting Welp

    I tried and still nothing, I cant even update my games without this thing getting me out
  3. Hey guys Ive been having an issue a few weeks ago but the problem seems to increase instead of being something situational. A few weeks ago I was playing competitive in a gma e and out of nowhere I disconnected form my Wifi and I was alone at my house so I thought it was random, but now I can´t even download an update because every 5 minutes or so it gets me out of the network and of course this is very annoying so, does anyone have a solution for this? If you need more info please let me know, thx in advance.
  4. EdwardSword

    Is Undervolting a good thing to do?

    Ok thx dude, You have any website where i can see a detailed guide?
  5. EdwardSword

    Reliable Video Editing Laptop

    Hey man, if You want a good screen with 4k for video editing and good gaming capabilities, i would recommend You the razer 15 (not that much because of BQ and custommer service), and Alienware 15 because of the great custommer service and BQ. Of course Alienware uses TN pannels but trust me, theyre really good in comparisson with regular TN pannels.
  6. EdwardSword

    Is Undervolting a good thing to do?

    K dude, Any programm or guide You can give me a link of?
  7. Hey y'all, as You may know, one of the Main issues of the Zephyrus Gm501 is the Battery Life that can be solved by external batteries, but i also heard of Undervolting, which decreases the Heat temperatures and increases battery life if done correctly. So i wanna know 3 things, It's woth It? And if so, which is the correct way to do It?, And finally if this has Any disadvantages Thx y'all
  8. Dude in his case, is It worht It to put LM and GF Extreme on the GPU and CPU?
  9. Srry for taking this long was un school For weight historia comfortable around 3kg Max and thickness its not important to him
  10. As i said, i Heard a lot of trash from Razer, because of custommer service
  11. Ok, then What Thin gaming laptop would you recommend me? so i can tell my friend to purchase It. He has an external battery so battery Life its not so important, he wants It for gaming exclusively and thats about It. Thx dude
  12. Hey y'all I have a friend that travels a lot and wants a portable gaming laptop, he Saw the New Razer Blade and asked me if It was worth It, so here I am. I Heard a lot of trash about Razer support and that but, beyond that, is the laptop Any good?, I mean in comparison with the Zephyrus GM501 or the GS65 Stealth Thin that can be placed in the same type of gaming laptop
  13. EdwardSword

    Zephyrus M VS GS65 Stealth

    I mean between these two, they're relatively light in comparison with an Alienware or another 17" gaming laptop