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  1. Hi, I've been having a big problem with my pc lately. I tried adding more RAM to my pc. I had 2x4 DDR4 2133 of Viper RAM so I wanted to add another 2x4 2133 RAM, I took Corsair 2400 RAM because I couldn't fine the Viper Ram I already had. Originally it posted and all the RAM was detected by windows and was all running at 2133. However there were random crashes so I decided to open up my PC to check the model of the new RAM I bought to make sure it was compatible. After that I put my RAM back in and my PC stopped working. Depending on the configurations of RAM I put in (even the original one), the debug LED's on my motherboard would either say RAM not detected, say the CPU isn't detected and go back to the RAM after, etc. It was in a loop or it would say RAM not detected for about 5 seconds then would say GPU not detected after. Thing is in order for me to open my DIMM slots I had to remove my GPU since it was in the way, put the RAM in then put the GPU in after. I don't know whats wrong Can anyone help me? I'd really appreciate it. My motherboard is a B150M Bazooka from MSI. Thanks
  2. Meefy777

    Which MX150 does the PS42 have?

    Alright, thank you both.
  3. Meefy777

    Which MX150 does the PS42 have?

    No I have no idea. All the website said was that it had a MX150 with 2GB GDDR5.
  4. Hi, My friend bought a MSI PS42 8RB (model with MX150), he wanted to do some basic gaming when he wasn't at home. I know that there are 2 MX150 GPU's. One with 10W TDP and one with 25W TDP. Can anyone tell me which one that laptop has????
  5. Just reset my laptop because it was having trouble loading games. That fixed that problem. But now, whenever I right click my desktop, it loads and the menu pops up after a few minutes. I'm resetting my laptop again right now, but if that doesn't work, does anybody else have a fix? Thanks.
  6. Hi, I’m looking for a laptop for school. I wanted a laptop that was well priced, and was capable of doing light gaming. I found the Acer nitro 5. It seems like a very amazing laptop, my only problem with it is battery life and the fact that it’s bulky. Then I took a different approach and began searching for a laptop that had much better battery life and was slim. I found the Asus Vivobook. Both are amazing laptops, but I don’t know which to get, one is much thicker with worse battery life not to mention heavier while the other is slim, has better battery life and lighter but isn’t that good for gaming (it does have a MX150). Which one should I get? Keep in mind, I already have a powerful gaming rig at my house.
  7. True but 150MB of VRAM isn’t much, I never use all of my VRAM and people are telling me it’s to much of a hastle.
  8. Alright thanks for the reply.
  9. The problem is I looked it up and people said it was soldered, will it still be possible? Also it’s not SODIMM RAM, it would’ve said, I think it’s a full sized DIMM.
  10. Hi, I recently started experimenting with locally hosting some servers, I needed a laptop so I bought the cheapest one I found, I just needed something that could run Windows. I bought the RCA Cambio 10.1' W1013DK. It only has 2 GB of DDR3L RAM but I realized in the task manager it said 1 of 2 DIMM slots were being used. Can I install another 2GB of DDR3L in this device? Thanks
  11. I guess your right about the monitor and cutting the slot?! I didn’t even know people do that.
  12. No that’s what I meant, I guess that does make sense. Thanks.
  13. Not sure about cutting the 750ti, I think I’ll just hold off until I get a new GPU. I find a 1080ti is overkill even for 1440p 100hz Ultrawide, yes it will be amazing but my friend runs a 1080 with that monitor and he’s fine. Maybe I will wave for the 1180. Hoping it has the Volta architecture.