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  1. Ajay Mathew

    Macbook air 2017 VM Problem

    sorry i was in a hurry so i typed wrong i apologize
  2. My Friend Brought a 2014 macbook air and he tried to install windows 7 on a oracle virtual VM in it but the vm has installed but not even a single os isinstalling in it plz help me with this because he need to do .net Project in it using visual studio 2010 ultimate if any videos that i can refer to remove this error and fix it plz
  3. So if money is not an issue i can go with the Intel other wise AMD would be better but when compared to Intel and AMD the AMD chip set will have more core counts with less prime but the performance will be same as Intel
  4. As i am seeing most of them are recommending AMD Ryzen than the Intel so i have a dought that the AMD cpus are better than Intel cpus does it good for day to day task and does it good for school and college purpose like VB (Visual Basic ),.net , And also Run Oracle vm virtual machine ,Turbo c++ and oracle 10g. and does the CPU gives long lasting with good cooling like normal stock cooler or water cooled , And does all the softwares support the AMD platform CPU as I got this confusion by seeing most of the builds only done on AMD platform (but according to me i am a Intel Fan boy as all the Programs support in this Platform .) yeah i know that the AMD CPUs are lesser than Intel CPUs as money is not an issue main purpose is durability and user friendly .
  5. Ajay Mathew

    Laptop with blank screen

    can i get the step how to flash the bios with the usb stick
  6. Ajay Mathew

    Laptop with blank screen

    no the laptop is out of warranty i tried every thing but its not showing anything on the display
  7. Ajay Mathew

    Laptop with blank screen

    My friend was updating his bios the laptop was lenovo g50 he downloaded the bios from official website he downloaded it by selecting the windows 7 operating system but the laptop was running windows 10 he updated the bios completely but after the restart it started showing blank screen what shall i do and how can i know what problem it is 1 i checked the ram and hdd it was working fine and i installed the windows 7 by moving the hdd to another laptop but i am facing the same problem plz suggest me as soon as possible
  8. Ajay Mathew

    Gaming/streaming PC Requiement

    thank you so much for replying
  9. Ajay Mathew

    Gaming/streaming PC Requiement

    no i dont have any of these i am building it fresh
  10. I am planning to build a PC to both play and stream the game from the same machine does this configuration good for it and also My brother will do video editing in is does this Configuration OK plz suggest if anything is required to add to this list Specifications Motherboard - Asus Z370-E Gaming mother board CPU - intel i7 8700k Ram - 32 gb ddr4 GPU - Nvidia gtx 1080ti case - CM Trooper Cooler - cooler master MasterAir Maker 8 PSU - Cooler Master MWE Gold 750 Full modular SSD - 1 TB M.2 ssd HDD - seagate barracuda 4 tb (*2) in raid 1 Monitor -(1) Asus ASUS ROG Swift PG279Q Gaming Monitor - 68.58cm(27) 2K WQHD (2560 x 1440) IPS, overclockable 165Hz, G-SYNC (2) 1080p 32" TV 60HZ Keyboard - Cerberus Keyboard MKII Mouse - ROG Gladius II