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  1. ThiccSon

    Corsair dampening

    So I’ve read that people done this before. Corsair boards are good, but the metal backplate makes any switch (even the mx Silents just a tad bit) loud! So if VOID the warranty and open up the board, will placing a bunch of foam between the PCB and bottom or back plate reduce the sounds? (Yeah I ask the strangest questions)
  2. ThiccSon

    Sniper button on g703

    So I’m planning to get a g703 cuz it seems like a good choice. I’m used to mice about 100g so it’s no big deal, but what I want is a sniper button. Is there a way to make one of the side buttons a dpi shift macro? And if so, can you set it to hold, or only toggle?
  3. ThiccSon

    Sniper button on g703

    Does it have a dedicated sniper button?
  4. ThiccSon

    Fnatic or Corsair

    Still planning to get a new board and I STILL CANT DECIDE. so which one? Corsair K65 lux Fnatic ministreak
  5. Dude, he’s talking about the feeling of the board. We all know it’s mechanical
  6. ThiccSon

    Corsair vs Razer

    I like linear switches, but I just can’t decide. Should I get: Razer Blackwidow elite with Yellows OR K70 mk2 with Reds Also like to hear good/bad experiences with these companies as well.
  7. ThiccSon

    Corsair vs Razer

    So Corsair I’m guessing
  8. It all comes down to personal preferance. If you like rubber dome, try something like the new k70 low profile. “It’s like a mix between membrane and mechanical, but leaning towards mechanical.” -Rocket Jump Ninja So yeah you show try it out at a Best Buy or something. OR you can get a Topre keyboard! You should try a Topre. They even sound good, but when lubed, you get a nice thock sound. There are some good Topre feeling options like the NiZ EC87 (30g) for very light switches or the ABKO K985P v2. Definitely worth looking at!
  9. ThiccSon

    Is this keyboard beyond repair?

    A Ducky One 2 mini? Laying around? Maybe just try and solder some leads if those are the problem.
  10. ThiccSon

    Razer Kraken v2 TE help

    I’m not an audiophile and I have my eyes on the Razer Kraken TE v2 headphones. The reason why it’s special is because it gives a usb dongle with 3D spacial awareness and is approved by THX. So I know my stuff, but there’s one problem. If I just by a regular v2 and buy cooling pads and that usb dongle separately, won’t that just be the TE edition? Is there any changes besides those? Love to hear from those who have both
  11. ThiccSon

    Razer Kraken v2 TE help

    I see. I’m just gonna buy beyerdynamic dt880 Chromes then. Seems like the best option
  12. ThiccSon

    Choosing between 2 keyboards

    I’m planning to pick up a new rgb tkl keyboard, but I can’t decide which board. My 2 options are: -Fnatic ministreak -Razer BW tournament edition v2 regardless of switches, which one should I pick up?
  13. ThiccSon

    Choosing between 2 keyboards

    Nope. I use the arrow keys but a 65% board isn’t my taste. Sry for late response
  14. ThiccSon

    Choosing between 2 keyboards

    I game on low sensitivity plus I don’t really use a numpad
  15. Where do I get a set of cherry mx blue rgb switches? The ones that have a see-through design instead of one that are black. NOT A CHERRY MX BLUE KEYBOARD, JUST THE RGB SWITCHES.
  16. (Can’t post on Reddit for some reason) So I am a gamer and I wanna purchase the K70 mk.2 SE that comes in ALL WHITE! And what I wanna do is open the switch, take out the Speed stems, and replace with Red stems. Will this actually work because the travel distance for the speeds is 3.4mm and the reds is 4mm. If anyone has any speeds and reds, and some small sharp tool to open, please let me know if this will work.
  17. ThiccSon

    What peripheral should I upgrade first?

    Mouse. The headset can be upgraded later but you need to get your game on first!
  18. ThiccSon

    What mechanical keyboard to get?

    Get the new Corsair K70 mk2. They released a new series of keyboards and it is just the better version of the k70. You could also get the Corsair Strafe mk2. The price just depends on the key switch. The K70 mk2 comes in Cherry MX Blue, Red, Brown, Silent, or a special version called Speed. Go to amazon or the corsair website to see. I'm pretty sure that the lowest price is $159.99, but it is just $10 more but it's a good price for a decent keyboard.
  19. ThiccSon

    Switch lubing guide.

    If I were to remove the switch top along with the spring and stem, could I actually put in a spring and stem from a different switch? Let's say I get a Cherry MX Brown keyboard and I remove the top switch cover and take out the spring and stem as well. Then I take a spring and stem from a Cherry MX Red and put it in the open switch? Will it work or is the metal contacts different for all switches?
  20. ThiccSon

    7.1 on studio headphones?

    So the Asus Strix Soar is a pcie sound card that delivers 7.1 surround sound and is also a 600 ohm headphone amp. So if I plugged in a pair of beyerdynamic 600 ohm headphones, will I be able to have 7.1 come through as well?
  21. ThiccSon

    7.1 on studio headphones?

    ok then...
  22. ThiccSon

    1 Titan V VS. 2 Titan XP's VS. 2 1080ti's

    Just get 2 1080tis. Unless ur on a budget, go get 2 titan xps
  23. ThiccSon

    how do i baby proof my pc setup?

    Just use some cable management products, like sleeves. Or even better, some cable management bars. Can’t show a pic sorry
  24. ThiccSon

    Which build is better!

    The 2nd build