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  1. This is even when the digitally signed document is considered 100% legally binding. In my home state you can "sign" with /s/Your Name on court documents. Not even a fancy digital certificate is used, in fact the courts website can't handle a PDF signed with a digital certificate.
  2. Yes there are some functionaries in my very large workplace who think a faxed signature is better than a digital one. Heck, there are some situations where they act like an original signature in blue or black ink is all that counts in 2020.
  3. Prosecutors proceed with cases even when the victim would testify for the defense. Especially in cases of interpersonal violence all the time. At least they do that here in Cook County, Illinois, USA. On the other hand at one point half the people (mainly of color) on our death row were found to be innocent via DNA testing so... maybe our prosecutors are a bit too agressive. Just IME prosecutors don't just drop cases. Dropping a case and letting it go completely IS acquittal. Plus we have all seen that even when a black man is acquitted of wronging a white woman that never stops the symphony of people going on and on and on about the issue. That unsubstantiated accusation* does not make more of a difference than the deaths of at least two maybe 5 maybe all 9 people on that helicopter. That is a fact . *Oh and you keep mentioning the rape kit. 1.) That' just proves there was contact. 2.) that kit tested positive for the DNA of two men.
  4. 9 on the manifest with 9 bodies at the crash site. If there was a MayDay call ATC would've asked him to say souls on board too. From the look of things it may be that Kobe himself was flying and with heavy fog hit the side of the mountain. So It was kinda sudden.
  5. According to a news conference just held there were 9 people aboard that helicopter. Other reports place at least one of his daughters aboard. A few even said all of his daughters were aboard. Lets step back from proving how woke we are for a minute (about a man acquitted of a crime) and think about this HUGE tragedy for someone we got to see grow from under 20 to age 41, and his family, and the families of at least four other people. Kobe Bryant, dead at 41. Rest in peace.
  6. This would be a good idea if he can find the right person. The thing is who can run a new media/ internet 2.0 company better than someone who already does that? Everyone who does that well has a job running their own company. Anyone with an education to maybe possibly do it right has student loans to pay for that MBA. I suppose he'd have to hire another tech tuber. Or maybe one of those itinerant royals that are looking for work in that town?
  7. Question is how can there be Linus Tech Tips ...with no Linus? Maybe they need one more Linus, a Linus (different last name)?
  8. @LinusTech I know how you feel. Being who I am and being an academic scientist to the degree I have been...feels like enough already. I've thought of leaving academia, taking my pension money out of the market, and writing my memoirs. Memoirs of a transsexual astrophysicist (There's a title). I could even still work on theoretical physics, for a space-mission called LISA, even without an academic appointment. Ok so its not lots of money but for my field I've got it made. I could stop working in academia at least take something that demands less and pays more and a great scientist still. What brought this on, for me was also similar. My father and sister nearly died at the same time, my sis due to an unknown infection. I was at work when I had to be with them in hospital. The truth hit me, if a job comes between me and my family I have to choose my family. So for what little this is worth from a random Internet person... It's not unusual to reach around this age and think do I really want to do the same thing for the rest of my life. It defines our generation we are not the ones to work 40 years 50 years at one place doing one thing. That said you do make a difference 10,000,000 people say you made a difference. People like you make sure that the general public understands these magical thinking boxes that we are surrounded with. You educate people without having to grade them.
  9. Yeah in terms of what software and games (other than a few games and custom CUDA code) can actually use 10 series graphics will be sufficient for at least that long.
  10. So far this is brilliant. The browser I want is able to render all web pages YET also leverage the underlying platform(s) it is on. I can't want to see how they put this on Linux. Linux has Falkon which is actually a very good Blink based browser ... Edge might make me think twice about using it under Linux.
  11. As I tell people I let hold my laptop or tablet... Hold it like a baby. In fact if you drop a baby the baby will probably heal up eventually ... I'll want you to pay me for my computer.
  12. A new GPU will improve gaming. A new CPU will improve everything. IF your Mobo supports video out from an IGPU maybe getting a Ryzen 5 with vega graphics is an option? From what I understand of it RTX is kinda a disappointment right now. A technology for the future when it comes to consumer applications. i.e. games
  13. Unless your computer is an all in one if it is a pre built but is still an ATX tower then you likely have at least one expansion slot. Plus right now I have a laptop with a TB3 EGPU Where there is a will there is a way. Even as I say that the marginal gain in performance for the investment wouldn't be worth it if it weren't for having that "one thin cable" docking experience. While the EGPU gives a superior experience truth be told without it there is next to nothing my computer couldn't already do. I suspect getting a new GPU to put in there wouldn't make a huge difference either. What people over say 30 need to see is some real fundamental improvement to make it worthwhile. That does not make you "old" it makes you more matured. Having the new shiny isn't the high it used to be.
  14. You are just noticing as I and others have that computer technology has grown stagnant compared to how it used to be. If you are even remotely old enough to ask this question. At least, say 25 or 30. Then you remember how it was in the late 1990's and early 2000's a bit. Using a computer from 1989 in 1999 was impossible. They were WORLDS different things. Completely different in fundamental ways. The average PC from 1989 maybe a 80286 or 80386 for most people IF they spent over $1000. Using a computer from 1999 in 2009 almost if not totally impossible. Athlon 64 had come out years earlier. Windows was 64 bit, many programs weren't. GPU's had changed radically. On the other hand using a computer from 2009 in 2019 is and was very possible. Even on Mac watch some vids by Luke Miani. A Mac or Macbook from 10 years ago with more ram and an SSD is very usable in 2019. That is likely also true of any computer from that era. They can do everything a computer could now in terms of software but S L O W L Y. (Again that is in comparison to the past where in a ten year span the computers fundamentally changed such that a computer a decade old was now junk IF it wasn't a collectors item.) In short, we haven't seen any real changes that justify buying anything new until the old computer breaks. A newer comp will give a better experience in the same way a newer car does. Fundamentally though the old car will do the same thing.
  15. one example of how to answer this see page Page 5 and top of page 6. Then on Page 11 where they talk about finances. Most businesses, of any kind, may gross six or seven figures but net profit to the owner is high five or low six figures. The real advantages come with ... if something about your job sux you have the power to fix it.