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    Core i7-8550U
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    Nvidia MX150 Onboard, 1080 In Enclosure.
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    HP Specter x360 15 inch
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  1. Uttamattamakin

    Can one dude program a operating system?

    Depends. Linus Torvalds was a certified genius. Whole companies and organizations, and governments have probably tried to write their own proprietary in house OS. Most use Windows, Linux, or some variant of Unix (i.e. Mac OSX) which is a lot like Linux. It's just not that easy to create something that is really practical. So technically it can and has been done. In one case it has changed computing forever. Most of the time it may just be an academic exercise if it is done. Practically speaking no it's not something that it makes sense to do.
  2. I am a PC gamer BUT... I'd say that one sample proves nothing. We don't have the data yet to tell if ... in a confrontation between PC and console gamers ... the PC gamers will be the Soviet Union or the other guys who thought they were masters but got totally defeated hardcore. IF PC gamers have an advantage it is a more mature approach to accomplishing the objectives of a given game. It's all mental.
  3. With games like GTA V showing that they can create large fan bases with essentially the same code on multiple platforms... MAYBE this can make cross platform a standard part of gaming. Then we'll really find out of PCMR bears out.
  4. Uttamattamakin

    How long do you use your pcs?

    I have a Suraface Pro 3 that still works but was showing its age when I retired it. It would still likely be able to play games like GTA V on low settings. Had a pro 1 that I gave to my little sister which she broke. It would still be working right now if not for that. Right now I have a SP 5 LTE a gaming laptop and a backup laptop. I see no reason to throw away a computer IF it can still do what you need it to do. i.e. I have considered setting up the SP3 as a media center PC. Smart TV is nice but nothing beats the power and flexibility of a general purpose computer.
  5. Uttamattamakin

    What does your company offer as a work computer?

    It varies from classroom to classroom. But the newest computer is maybe a 7th gen Core i5 from HP. The oldest is maybe 5th gen. Never more than 500 GB of storage. The main point of the computers is to access MS Sharepoint and things like that. Computer laboratories generally have nicer hardware. What all the colleges have though is the fastest possible internet in this area. 1 gig or 10 gig depending on the campus.
  6. Uttamattamakin

    First Person View RC Car Racing!!

    That is a pretty awesome video guys. This is like ... the RC Bandito in GTA online but in real life so much much better. ... YOu know what has to down the line ... a drone, RC plane or quadcopter.
  7. Linus just looks more .... non threatening yet not unmanly in his. Ya know. Maybe SnazzyLabs is looking to expand in future. It does mean they could directly network that server with any number of computers they'll ever possibly have. You know "future proof".
  8. Snazzy labs seems to be sending up some of LTT's videos with this video from the thumbnail onward. The long and the short of it is that they have so much video they have to have a purpose built server for it. All server grade hardware. Basically built around an older HP proliant and mounted in one of those ... rolling office space looking desk side server things (don't know the technical word.) The most interesting part to me. Is that his server has to many spinning HDD's that in theory it will saturate his network connection. So no SSD needed. His thumbnail mug looks like a berserk viking. (If it wasn't clear enough I am not in any way affiliated with Snazzy labs I just noticed their video.)
  9. Uttamattamakin

    The World’s Most Powerful Cyclotron

    Fermilab would be cool to see in an LTT video. Last I checked they were working on how to build a muon accelerator. Among many other things.
  10. Uttamattamakin

    The World’s Most Powerful Cyclotron

    A big full pair of double D's shaped electromagnets. By varying the EM fields with time it can accelerate particles. To visualize what it can be used for... Imagine trying to figure out how to put together a fine Swiss pocket watch.... by smashing a million of them into a wall and carefully recording what flies out. That was/is how particle accelerators are used to learn about elementary particles. (Heard that somewhere else and it's about right.)
  11. Uttamattamakin

    An Open Letter to Linus Tech Tips from The Passthrough Post

    That gets at my point. You are comparing them to GN and Level 1 Techs and such. For this discussion you need to compare Linus and his company to the average schmo. Compared to the average person they are experts. In fact the greatest sign of real expertise is not thinking one is a know it all expert and being willing to admit how and where they could be wrong OR how new evidence could change their views. In fact if someone calls themselves an expert, will not listen to or consider what other people say at all, and no one else would that is probably the Dunning Kreuger effect. The flip side of that effect is that when people are actually experts they are aware of all the ways they could be wrong and so doubt themselves. A related effect is when people have expertise they are unable to understand that the average person does not know what they know. If LTT is guilty of anything in this... it is not realizing how much they know that the average person watching them does not know. Kisai, exactly. Power users are the only ones who would be set up to and able to attempt this. Further most people have no clue what virtualization is. But, of course, many posters here being of a certain level of knowledge will commit the knowledgeable persons mistake of assuming the average person knows what they know.
  12. Uttamattamakin

    An Open Letter to Linus Tech Tips from The Passthrough Post

    I said anyone who would consider running OSX in a VM. The kind of user you described wouldn't know what a VM was. Most people who know about things like VM's and hackintoshing are likely familliar with Unix/Linux. They know it exist and have a good idea of how to use it. They are experts. You need to compare them not to people with a PhD in computer science... freaking creating images of black holes and stuff. Compare them to the average person on the street. You know.. the kind of person who see's a Mac or Linux desktop and is like "Wow what version of Windows is that!?" (I will ignore the elitist comment. It is simply a fact that most people, "normies" don't know or care about how their devices work.) That was important. Part of the letter writers issue was that the LTT video brought on them a wave of users who didn't know what they were doing, who tried exactly what they saw in the video. Hopefully they will keep in mind the level of computer knowledge of the average person when making their videos. Warning people that they can really seriously bjork their computer would be a good idea.. that is just IMHO.
  13. Uttamattamakin

    An Open Letter to Linus Tech Tips from The Passthrough Post

    Guys and gals... One could argue that anyone who would even consider running an OS like OSX in a VM would probably be OK with using Linux. Anyone who needs OSX that bad BUT won't just buy a mac probably is OK with using Linux. Anyone who knows what the word hackintosh means... is probably OK with using Linux. The problem is that Linux is not OSX. No matter how similar certain name brand software just won't work in Linux OR no current macintosh has the ports and expansion they need. Apple should just sell a HDD or SSD with OSX preinstalled on it with a bajillion drivers for people to build hackintoshes around...and call that the new mac pro.
  14. Uttamattamakin

    An Open Letter to Linus Tech Tips from The Passthrough Post

    The truth is somewhere in the middle. The fact is both the original guide and the video forgot that most people won't have the technical ability to understand them. The T in STEM is Technology. LTT's people work at the level of people with degrees or advanced degrees in tech.. whether they have them or not. So LTT can make a video based on a unclear or badly written guide by VFIO or and others forgeting the average person(s) watching that video might just make a big mess if they follow it. I love videos like this...but maybe an intro like this would've helped a bit for this one.
  15. Thought some of you would be interested in this public talk from Dr. David Reitze Executive Director of the LIGO Laboratory, Caltech Professor at the University of Florida on the LISA mission. Laser Interferometer Space Antenna will basically be a version of LIGO that will be in space. https://youtu.be/ZQzKpBaQx3I After watching the public talk here are the take aways. LISA has been a long time in the making and it will take a long time to get it up and running. LISA will be able to see regimes of gravitational waves that LIGO and the variants of it being built on Earth will not. Objects of various masses will be observable with it. The collaboration needs to invest in better audio equipment overall. (Insider joke.)