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Everything posted by timmyxy

  1. Very cool Elon. and Hi guess // I forgot that I had an account here heh / Prolly gonna be more active with the forums since I am getting into IT sec and prolly gonna upgrade my computer soon-ish
  2. sorry i'm a newb but can recommend a cooler that is most likely to not let it climb higher than 60°C
  3. seems possible for my Budget i will look into it
  4. oh man i got a bad idea turning my old Speaker look alike case from 2006 into modern Pc as a Project :Ddddddd
  5. two 4k Monitors on a 1050 ti what can you Play on those with a good framerate ?
  6. I seem like a Grandpa but it seems to work for me with no Screen tearing at all
  7. Sorry for bothering but does Free Sync works with a Nividia Graphic Card when it is only dedicated to AMD ones ?
  8. I'm might be a newb but that should'nt be a barrier i was just confused by all those PCI-e 3.0 on Amazon titles and my Mainboard said "Nope just PCI-e 2.0"
  9. And my last question does the gtx 1050 ti fits on my Mainboard because I was honestly scared if it might not match
  10. And could a second Monitor could potentially affect the Video Card and by the power drained from the power supply ?
  11. i am just seeing that my cores overclock for no reason to around 3.8 ghz WHY
  12. so i should invest in better cooling right but why now ??? I never had such shutdowns in 2 years or should i put on new thermal paste ?
  13. at 53.8°C on with several programs in the bg
  14. So there it is ... sorry for the Long time but my phone has way too many photos on it
  15. this was a prebuild pc so I dont know where those Maniacs got the parts from
  16. A new method of creating a bomb or in my case a Lava puddle
  17. but this worked since 2015 ... but my hdd died so i had to reinstall Windows 10 on an SSD and since than i got those "Problems"
  18. And it said that it Supports up to 8 cores ... Btw another question .... my pc turns off randomly could it be a defect RAM or a Problem with the power supply ? I know it sucks