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  1. Asus rog b450f And I was not aware of this
  2. Plugged a new nvme into my motherboard and I can't get my hard drive to show up anymore in Asus bios Didn't change anything prior. Any ideas?
  3. So I tested the two bad sticks individually as well, and no luck. Makes me wonder if I unironicly got sent faulty ram. I'll give mem test a try
  4. Yes, and it seems that a pair doesn't want to work for some reason, see I paired them up and tried two in each of the slots. 2 of them work in both configurations, but the other pair works in none
  5. Well I got two sticks of the new ram to work with it yes, however I cannot get it to post with 4 new sticks in
  6. Gpu problem solved, now for ram. Any ideas?
  7. So I updated bios, stuck in new gpu and wabam. Still using old ram so not out of the woods yet.
  8. I have not, I'm going to update my bios with old parts and then stick new parts in, still no luck I'll try that. Like i said it's nothing obvious from what I can tell, I'll keep jabbing
  9. I was just using my 3600 today..... It's not the CPU
  10. I think a bios update is a good lead, but I don't have a way to put it on a USB. Plus I'm still trying to find that button
  11. You can't update bios if it doesn't post? Am I wrong?
  12. The motherboard manual only hints as to what may be wrong, in this case red means cpu and yellow means dram. However I know for a fact my CPU is fine because I was just using it.
  13. See title 500w evga Ryzen 5 3600 MSI gaming x amd 5600xt 8x4gb Corsair vengeance pro 3600 Asus b450f rog strix I got the new gpu and ram just today, swapped the ram and gpu and then no post, LED light on motherboard starts yellow, then hard red then nothing. I've checked to make sure everything is seated correctly.
  14. these are both a yes for me
  15. in the end id be spending about the same amount of money for almost the exact same result anyways though
  16. Any reason why? i cant think of any way to increase fps higher and more effeicently than this. Unless dropping 300 more dollars on a very new gpu.
  17. I have 3 monitors, The center one being 144hz refresh rate and the only one i care about. I currently have a rx580 MSI ARMOR 8G and want to get another so i can maximize my fps in esports games and other low intensity games. at the time of posting this, the current price of a used 580 on ebay is around $100-$150 usd. Would it be worth?
  18. ef, i figured welp ryzen 3 looks pretty good right about now. I honestly just needed someone to confirm. Should i have any problems going from 1st to 3rd gen with this board?
  19. So i recently ordered a new motherboard: Asus ROG Strix b450-f Gskill Tridentz rgb ddr4 (8gbx2) 3000hz Ryzen 7 1700 And as much as i love the board, its been nothing but trouble for me. Rog Bios is very simple and straightforward, but for some unknown reason i cannot get my memory to go to 3000hz everytime i try im met with the settings being reset, and im forced to go to 2133hz to boot windows. Any help would be very appreciated.
  20. I've tried going to 1000 different calculator sites and they they all kinda tell me different things. So maybe you guys can decide, System specs: Ryzen 7 1700 MSI RX580 ARMOR 8GB 16gb(8x2) Tridentz RGB ddr4 A320 asus board EVGA 500w 80 Plus white Am i going to survive with this power supply for now?
  21. Re seated my ram again to be sure and what do you know, it boots into windows, lol. Thanks anyways guys i appreciate it
  22. Nope black screen, computer turns on like normal, i know my ram is seated properly because the rgb turns on
  23. See title, i had to reseat my gpu and of course my ram, but i cant get any video. Computer turns on like normal and every fan is spinning. Cant get it to post.
  24. I tried my best, sorry I was terrible XD I hope all goes well
  25. This tells me then that you have either a: a bad thermal paste on your chip or b: you got a faulty card. I would reach out to evga for a new card, unless you know how to demount your gpu and apply new thermal paste.