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  1. Asus rog b450f And I was not aware of this
  2. Plugged a new nvme into my motherboard and I can't get my hard drive to show up anymore in Asus bios Didn't change anything prior. Any ideas?
  3. So I tested the two bad sticks individually as well, and no luck. Makes me wonder if I unironicly got sent faulty ram. I'll give mem test a try
  4. Yes, and it seems that a pair doesn't want to work for some reason, see I paired them up and tried two in each of the slots. 2 of them work in both configurations, but the other pair works in none
  5. Well I got two sticks of the new ram to work with it yes, however I cannot get it to post with 4 new sticks in
  6. Gpu problem solved, now for ram. Any ideas?
  7. So I updated bios, stuck in new gpu and wabam. Still using old ram so not out of the woods yet.
  8. I have not, I'm going to update my bios with old parts and then stick new parts in, still no luck I'll try that. Like i said it's nothing obvious from what I can tell, I'll keep jabbing
  9. I was just using my 3600 today..... It's not the CPU
  10. I think a bios update is a good lead, but I don't have a way to put it on a USB. Plus I'm still trying to find that button
  11. You can't update bios if it doesn't post? Am I wrong?
  12. The motherboard manual only hints as to what may be wrong, in this case red means cpu and yellow means dram. However I know for a fact my CPU is fine because I was just using it.
  13. See title 500w evga Ryzen 5 3600 MSI gaming x amd 5600xt 8x4gb Corsair vengeance pro 3600 Asus b450f rog strix I got the new gpu and ram just today, swapped the ram and gpu and then no post, LED light on motherboard starts yellow, then hard red then nothing. I've checked to make sure everything is seated correctly.
  14. these are both a yes for me
  15. in the end id be spending about the same amount of money for almost the exact same result anyways though