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  1. Hey, I'm looking to buy thee new RVZ01 from silverstone and transfer my current parts in it. I know I will have to spend a bit more to buy a SFX power supply, but there's a problem: I don't know if I'll have to spend even more on a new CPU cooler. I currently have an H60 from Corsair and the tubing is pretty hard to manipulate, so I don't know if the rad and the fan will fit above the CPU(there's a fan mount there). On Silverstone's facebook page, they say that there's a 83mm clearance between the CPU and the fan mount, and knowing that I have a GTX 760 from MSI, the liquid cooler wouldn't fit beneath the graphics card. I need help. Zillapod129
  2. Hey guys! There's a friend of mine who wants a new gaming computer. He wants a small and compact machine, but he also wants it for a cheap price and also be powerful. His budget is fixed around 500$ to 650$. Any suggestions? - Zillapod129