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  1. I'm tryna do a hydro dipped pc build. hydro dipping ram and pc case is easy enough but i wanna try and get the gpu too. I was wondering if there were any tear down videos/guides for the MSI ventus 2070 super
  2. Yeah we plan to abandon this platform after the quarantine is up in my town, and once 4000 series ryzen comes out so we can hook her up with dirt cheap ryzens across the gens. This is just a hold over to save a few bucks and keep her occupied for the time being.
  3. I mean he's a good friend and he slid me a solid 45 bucks and an iou so its chill, I was just more curious to its performance if anything just because it was a interesting curiosity. (triple channel ram??? WACK) But yeah people are way over charging for shit, my other friend is looking to upgrade his 970 so maybe I'll snag that. But nothing better than a 570 you'd say? I was considering a used gtx 1050 just cuz nvidia drivers have been pretty stable... screw gt 1030 that was my first card (during the mining crisis) and I can still hear the screams... In terms of games all we want to play is Divinity Original Sin 2 and Destiny 2 so we're not trying to do anything crazy with it. I'm not expecting the world just something to hold us over until she has more money to spend.
  4. I recently traded some ddr4 ram for a first gen Intel i7 (920) with working motherboard and 24 gigs of ram. I want to build around it as a cheap gaming rig for my girlfriend, I'm gonna upgrade my PSU so I'm just gonna use my old one so wattage shouldn't be an issue. What GPU and storage should I use? I know its only SATA 2 and that its only PCI-e 2.0 so I'm unsure what parts I should get idk if the GPU or HDD/SSD would be bottlenecked by the slower connection so some recommendations would be great!
  5. There's lots of 1080tis used out there for 500 bucks, should I go for that or should I grab a 5700xt? Do you think the 5700xt will age better than the 1080ti? Etc... Thank you
  6. Running prime95 I'm only drawing about 1.3 volts at about 70 degrees.
  7. I'm only using about 1.3 volts under load. Should I bump Dynamic Vcore(DVID) or Dynamic VCORE SOC(DVID) up? And what voltage do you recommend?
  8. I'm only using about 1.3 volts under load. Should I bump Dynamic Vcore(DVID) or Dynamic VCORE SOC(DVID) up? And what voltage do you recommend?
  9. idk the board wont tell me the base voltage it just says "normal" or "auto" for all the voltages. on ryzen master my voltage control is at 1.1375 if that helps any.
  10. I have a ryzen 2600 running at 4ghz an a Gigabyte Aorus b450 Pro Wifi my votage settings are: Dynamic Vcore(DVID) +0.204 Dynamic VCORE SOC(DVID) +0.156 DRAM Voltage (CH A/B) 1.250V These are the only voltage settings I can fiddle with. I'm currently semi-stable. I can crash every now and then on benchmarks.
  11. I just checked my bios I couldn't find anything regarding virtualization. But I'll check again. My task manager says I have virtualization enabled if thats any indication. Thanks for the help btw super grateful!
  12. I'm using a ryzen 2600 on a aorus b450 board