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  1. i am also going to up grade to 16g of ram as soon as i can find the set i want in white ...lol but i play gmaes and i want to make sure i will not have alot of low fps
  2. ok so i have a amd ryzen 1600x msi krati x370 motherboard and 8g ddr4 3200 ram and a 780sc so what video card world be good for me to get thanking of getting a gtx 1060 what do u guys think
  3. livedinokc88

    new rig

  4. livedinokc88

    cinebench r15 my test

    This is the new rig i just put together
  5. is 115.49fps and 1294 a good score on cinebench 15 with amd 1600 and a 780