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  1. Recently I installed GeForce experience on my laptop and I ran pubg. Afterwards when sitting in idle the power drop was 20 watts instead of the normal eight knots that I get on idle. I uninstalled GeForce experience and my power draw went down to around 12 Watts. Then I uninstalled pubg but my power draw is still around 10 watts instead of 8 watts. What could be causing this I have nothing running in the background. this has caused my computer to draw a 20 watts when using chrome instead of the 10-watt it used to draw before. It really hampers battery life.
  2. spot123a

    Throttlestop killing battery life

    I posted all the stuff and updated the screenshots so they are not misleading.
  3. I have throttlestop downloaded on my lenovo yoga 730ikb 4k i7-8550u 16gb ram laptop and i used it to boost my gaming performance. I undervolted the cpu, the cpu cache, and the igpu. However, i came to realize that instead of drawing the normal 6watts of power on battery when doing nothing it draws around 16 watts. What gives? I had to reset my laptop to get it to draw less power. The only things I did was undervolt the things mentioned above and I disabled and locked turbo power limits in the FIVR settings. I unchecked the disable and locked turbo power limits box and saved but it had no effect. Also deleting throttlestop.ini and shutting down had no effect either. (edited) The windows power profile was locked at 100% cpu activity. After changing this, the computer still draws too much power even with the processor at minimum state. Here is the throttlestop FIVR tab.
  4. So this is really weird my main user account has weird ping spikes every ten seconds or so on wifi. However, on the admin account, there are no ping spikes.
  5. spot123a

    Wifi is slow

    I ended up reinstalling windows using Windows recovery and it worked.
  6. spot123a

    Wifi is slow

    I have an arris dg2470 router and the 5Ghz is set to auto across 20, 40, and 80 mhz. my internet card is a qualcomm atheros qca61x4 connected through pcie. my phone in the same area on 5ghz gets 150mbps. The only thing that has changed is the hard drive, so I think it is a software issue, however, all of the drivers and windows updates are the same.
  7. spot123a

    Wifi is slow

    I pay for 250mbps and I have reset the router but the download speed is still slower than it should be. There is no change.
  8. spot123a

    Wifi is slow

    I recently upgraded my Dell Inspiron 5765 to a 480 gb SSD from a 1 terabyte segate hard drive. I cloned the garage drive using macrium reflect. After plugging everything in I noticed that the wifi speed was lower than before. With with hhd I was able to get speed of 150mbps on 5ghz and around 80mbps on 2.4ghz. now with the SSD I only get around 90mbps on 5ghz and the same 80 mbps on 2.4ghz. I have updated the drivers and reinstalled them. I also put the hhd back in to check and updated the software to the same version and the SSD is still slower. Im pretty sure it is a soft ware issue.
  9. My fps averages at about 70 when the card is running at 100 %. Then when it goes down to 50% my frames drop to wind 30fps. It is weird cause on the main menu the graphics card runs at100%. With no throttling.
  10. I have a prebuilt machine by dell. The Dell inspiron 5675. It has an AMD Ryzen 1400 Quad core Processor 3.2 Ghz, 8GB ddr4 ram and an Rx570 graphics card. On the initial loading menu the gpu runs at %100 but when I load into the game the gpu throttles from %50 to %100 but does not stay at %100. The gpu temps stay consistent at around 80 degrees Celsius. It has a 420 power supply so I do not think that is the reason and the cpu is at %50 when playing.