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    i5 6600k
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    Z170 A PC MATE
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  1. how would i tune it in bios? I do have a different header but its too short to reach it
  2. ahaha yeah i do have another spare system fan header but its too far away for my case fan pins to reach
  3. No i havent thought of that but is it necessary
  4. I dont have a pump, the case fan is plugged into the motherboard which has a header which says 'pumpfan' or something similar like that
  5. ermmm no i didnt read a single bit of the manual i just followed a guide online whilst building it lol my motherboard is B450 A PRO MAX (atx)
  6. how do i know if its PWM? theyre only using 3 of the pins not all 4 when i connect it in
  7. I have a case fan (out of 3) that is spinning inconsistently with the rest and its bugging me a lot, it slows down a little bit then regains it speed. I think its connected to the pump fan but the pump fan's RPM in my bios shows its spinning faster than the others and is not dropping in RPM. My Pump fan is normally 1200 rpm and normal system fans are 800rpm. Is it because the fan that is being stuck in the pump fan header being changed in speed?
  8. My main and second monitor flicker black for a second to enter the game and flickers as well when I exit the game, it also happens when I alt tab, how do i stop this?
  9. I have a R5 3600, I just built this new pc today, migrated my ssd without clean installing and I want to see my core usage now but its only showing me 4 cores which were my i5 6600k's cores
  10. I just built my new pc, with the same ssd but everything else is different. Didnt clean install, i had the i5 6600k now i have r5 3600. How do i get msi afterburner to show 6 cores now there isnt more cores options to display?
  11. also i ran memtest64 on 2133MHz, cpu was 100% but ram was like 40-50%
  12. they have it at 2666mhz or 3200mhz without XMP, how do i get that without XMP or manual OC
  13. but how come other peoples voltage is at 3200mhz default? or 2666mhz