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    i5 6600k
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    Z170 A PC MATE
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  1. It was fine for the last few weeks, PC used to have common freezes but fixed that, was playing some games, browsed the internet like normal, then PC just freeze, then a buzzing sound just started playing out speakers, everything froze, No BSOD. This was the first time it has happened after a Window Update I did last night before going to sleep and shutting down pc. I went to event viewer, When I hard restarted pc, Kernel-41 Power showed up and another Error was above it 4secs after shutting it down, It was Event 1011, Event log and it said 'Audit events have been dropped by the transport. 0' GPU 1060 I5 6600K Z170A PC MATE 16GB RAM CORSAIR 650W POWER SUPPLY
  2. It is the right playback device, and the audio driver, when IT WAS muted except from Windows notif, was saying it was 'working properly'
  3. So, I'm in school, I made my dad a second account for him to use, he logs on, and he says there is no sound, when I log onto my account, there is ALSO no sound, I only hear the notifications of peripherals I plug in and disconnect. The only way I was able to fix this was to go to device manager, uninstall High definition audio device, restart windows and it'll work. Keep in mind that his account is not logged in when I log into mine when I get back from school. THE SOUND WILL ALWAYS BE THERE IF HE NEVER LOGS INTO HIS ACCOUNT. So If Im the only one that logs on for the whole day, the sound will automatically be there just like a normal PC, but once he logs on, the sound disappears and I have to reinstall. My dad's account is a Local, and I am the Administrator. What do I do? EDIT: I'm sure the sound was muted when I was typing this, just went onto youtube to test and It came back, but I did go to my Dad's account, which was signed off at first to see If it would display sound, but no it didn't, so I just returned to mine, decided to write this and test the sound and it worked. This is strange.
  4. Installed the latest GTX 1060 driver yesterday, PC started crashing randomly, one time it was on a anime streaming site, next it was me in the menu for Apex Legends, and then just now, one for Osu, a rhythm game which an old ass laptop can run fine. It hasn't crashed before the driver update, games seem stable, overheating cant be an issue as I ran Apex Legends for a few hours and it didn't crash, and PC wasn't even Hot when I crashed for Osu!. What are the chances of it being a bad GPU driver? Heres my specs i5 6600k gtx 1060 6gb z170a pc mate 16gb ram CX650M Power supply
  5. I was idle on an anime streaming site, crunchyroll, went away for a few min, came back and everything was frozen, had to force restart my PC. It hasn't crashed before when I wiped my motherboard to complete default settings, it played games such as Apex legends, fortnite in a stable state. I upgraded my GTX 1060 6GB to the latest driver just today, a few hours ago, probably 2-3 hours ago. I'm not completely sure if it is just a one-off crash or update of the GPU crash. Here's my specs Z170A PC MATE I5 6600K GTX 1060 16GB RAM 650W Power supply
  6. Oh shoot, found the problem, the cable connected to the subwoofer for the right speaker was loose, just put it back in and its fine now,
  7. Check the cables? How? I've tried unplugging and replugging, Windows 10
  8. Just recently noticed this, my drivers are all up to date as I uninstalled the drive, and restarted windows so it can be up to the newest date. Headphone's are working fine, no sound is coming from the right speaker, but left and subwoofer is displaying sound
  9. DrThots

    Minecraft freezing PC, handles heavier games fine?

    Yes, it was running past 1000 FPS when it was on Unlimited
  10. DrThots

    Minecraft freezing PC, handles heavier games fine?

    It's fixed, I just capped my FPS to 255 instead of Unlimited according to a redditor and it's worked!
  11. Could it be because that I have 2 speakers, Realtek is for my headset/speakers and high def audio is for my montiors which i never want opened
  12. No, but it can't be the browsers, because discord doesn't display sound as well when Im in a call with someone.