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  1. Thanks ! Gammaxx is cheaper in my region also CM 212 black edition is stock out for last 1 month
  2. Gonna buy a budget cpu air cooler for my Ryzen 5 3600. Will not overclock ,just to reduce heat while gaming (getting 85°+ temp) Based on my budget I've 3 choices actually. 1. Thermaltake ux200 2. CM 212 black edition ( stock out ) 3. Deepcool gammaxx GT Which one should I pick ? Note: I'll be using stock thermal paste.
  3. I play those games on 75 fps lock On tomb raider it goes 80°c
  4. On idle I'm getting 46°-60°c temps. While Gaming I get 61°-73°c temps. It is okay to have such temp on stock cooler??? Spec: Ryzen 5 3600, GTX 1660 OC. Note: 1. I've OC my cpu to 3.9Ghz at 1.15 voltage. 2. Also I've 2 intake and 2 exhaust casing fan 3. Most importantly my room temperature is 28°-35°c 4. My fps is locked on 75 hz 5. GPU temp 58°-73°c while gaming ( fan speed 55%-75% ) So do I need to spend money on AIO ? or it's just fine ?
  5. On my monitor when ever I touch , It makes a spot or like a scratch or like a water drop !! I've uploaded few pictures , not sure if you could see but I want to fix this. Is there any way to fix this !! note : due to room light it is white (washed out) on the upper side of the monitor. You can see the scratches middle and right middle.
  6. With my current gtx 1660 gpu i use a 75hz monitor. I was thinking to buy 144 hz asus monitor. But my gpu max get 100 fps on average in games. Should I buy ? Note: no plan to upgrade my gpu within 2-3 years.
  7. It makes the cpu hot !! On idle 65°c !!!! On load .......... 95°c !!!! Note that my ambient temperature is 34°c
  8. On idle my cpu core all boost to 3.9 Ghz. What is the issue ???? I think this occurring a bit high temperature . To have a low temperature I overclock my cpu to 3.9 ghz and 1.15 v
  9. @TofuHaroto i under volt the cpu 1.15 and set 3.9mhz. now it's under 85°c, is it okay to keep this ? Cinebench20 scores 3435
  10. I tried cinebench20. It went to 95°c scores 3105 !!!
  11. Haven't played any games yet. Normal cpu temperature 45°-68°c while downloading and installing files and games. I'm using BitFenix Enso ATX Mid Tower Tempered Glass casing, 2 input fan one exhaust . ( My side panel is open )
  12. I run AIDA64 test on my ryzen 3600 after installing it with stock cooler in Asrock b450m pro4-f . Result : temperature: 95°c peak speed: 3800 mhz voltage: 1.256 (peak) what should I do ? please suggest ! I'm worried with this temperature ( note that test is done while my casing side panel was open )
  13. Mobo: Asrock b450m pro4-f How to overclock ryzen 5 3600 @4 ghz on stock cooler I watched few YouTube videos but need simple instruction. Thanks.
  14. So I've recently ordered ryzen 5 3600 based on reviews from here. Initially my plan was to buy 3300x with b450 but i changed my mind. I've a gigabyte a320 with ryzen 3 1200. So I've run few test on the current cpu. On idle my cpu 39-44°c , mobo 35-40°c, vrm 52° , vsoc MOS 53°c. On 100% load (AIDA64 stability test @3.1ghz) cpu 54°c , mobo 45°c, vrm 62°c, vsoc MOS 56°c ( After 15 mins ) I'm not into overclocking, so is it okay to pair 3600 with this gigabyte a320 motherboard ? I'm in tight budget or else I would have ordered a b450 as well
  15. I ordered 3600 finally, will pair it with a320. Can anyone give me any cpu and mobo test software ? To check if my 3600 working perfectly with the mobo ??? Also idle temp chart . Thanks everyone
  16. I've now two option, either b450+3300x or 3600 with my existing a320 board.