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  1. With my gtx 1660 , 8*2 GB Ram 3200 mhz which one will be better ? Both has the same price. Purpose: Gaming Currently use Ryzen 3 1200 . Please recommend me any ATX b450 motherboard. (Tomahawk unavailable)
  2. Heard msi gaming has better vrm ? I personally interested to take asus tuf .
  3. For ryzen 3300x which one will be better ? Asus tuf b450 plus vs msi b450 gaming max. Note: can't buy tomahawk** Might upgrade to 4000 series in future (2 years)
  4. In my region 3600's price has increased about $30 Asrock pro4 or msi ?
  5. I'm a casual gamer, mostly play fps games and games like SOTTR, COD, Detroit etc. I've ryzen 3 1200 with a320 motherboard. Have a gtx 1660 gpu and 2*8GB (3200mhz) Now I've two option for upgrade 1. 3300x with msi b450 gaming plus max 2. 3600 with Gigabyte b450 d3h I don't stream or do video editing.
  6. It will come after 5-6 months right ? I can't wait at moment
  7. In my region R5 3600 cost $227 Where else R3 3300x cost $140 ( both including tax ) Purpose: fps gaming, few games SOTTR, new Detroit etc . Monitor: 75hz and GPU: gtx 1660
  8. 1440p 144 hz would be sweet combo.
  9. I need a motherboard upgrade ! Currently using a sh*t gigabyte a320 hd2 motherboard Also I've a BitFenix Enso ATX white cpu casing. To match the color I've decided to buy either Asrock b450 steel legend or MSI b450 tomahawk. (Both have same price in my region) Which one will be better ? ****Plan is upgrading my cpu to 4th gen AMD when it releases**** Might do some overclocking as well !!
  10. So i bought ryzen 3 3300x online, already have a gigabyte a320 HD2 motherboard. Is it okay to pair these two ? I'll be using 3300x on stock, no need to OC as it doesn't have much of a difference on gaming ! Basically mobo price is so high in my region due to pandemic, so not sure if i can upgrade soon !
  11. I'm having very hard time to notice enemies on call of duty warzone. Graphics took time to load when I look far or while running . Also my graphics kinda laggy when I lock my fps (I've a 75hz monitor so I lock it 75 fps) where else unlimited fps give a bit smooth gameplay but low fps around 50 -60 . Recommend me any best graphics setting for such issues ! Thanks !
  12. I reinstalled whole gpu driver, now it's 43-45° using 38-40% gpu fan speed. Maximum 79° degree while playing rainbow six siege 96% usage, fan speed nearly 70-75%
  13. I use msi afterburner. As far as ik it's running correctly !
  14. It's around 31 degree in my room . Haven't check my max load gpu fan's speed !
  15. I do use Gigabyte GTX 1660 for last 2 weeks. My room temperature is high. On ideal my gpu has 50° degree temperature when gpu fan speed is 49% Maximum it got 79° degree on 96% gpu usage (on rainbow six siege) I'm really concern of my gpu fan and temperature. I Know if the temperature gets more than 80°c might be a issue but on ideal temperature it's too high. Is there any way to check if my gpu / gpu fans are fine or not !!!!
  16. On my ryzen 3 1200 i used 2400 mhz ram and while gaming it gets max of 52° temperature. But after installing 3200 mhz ram my cpu gets around 60°c temp . It is okay ?
  17. I'm in the same confusion. 3300x vs 2600. So what did you choose ?
  18. Yes I'm confused af ! For a ryzen 3 1200 (with a320 mobo) user which one should be better ? No plan to upgrade my cpu for next 2 years !!!! (until Q3 2022) I do play games but no video editing or rendering but want a cpu that would give me a smooth gaming experience for next 2 years ( I've a LG 75hz monitor/ gtx 1660 OC ) Tbh, as a 4C/4t user I'm confused to update for a 7nm 4C/8t. Shouldn't it be better to take 12nm 6C/12t for future !!! It's like core vs technology ! In my region 1600af is not available and 3300x is $15 cheaper than 2600. Gonna buy 2 days later !
  19. Ik this mobo is rubbish ! But no plan to update now ! Regarding gpu I'm not so pro on this stuffs !