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  1. Oh maybe thats why it wasn't showing up for me. Thanks
  2. I've been inactive for a while but there used to be a classifieds section that seems has since disappeared. Can anyone recommend where I can sell my PC? Preferably in Dallas, TX. http://pcpartpicker.com/b/Jzm8TW <-- if you want to help appraise Thanks
  3. SnowBob

    LG 34UC97

    Anyone seen any rumored price?
  4. How did the verizon iphone get away without having them?
  5. My favorite thing is that they copied apples color scheme.
  6. I bought a bitfenix spectre fan to replace the front 200mm intake fan on my 650D but unfortunately the mounting options for that fan are different than those on the original fan and the screws are not long enough to install the fan with the correct air flow direction. Can anyone tell me where I could find longer screws that are threaded the same way as the traditional fan screws? I am also open to suggestions for rubber fan mounts that could reach to mount the fan. Thank you
  7. Why is this a no from everyone? Not arguing just curious what makes it bad? Ive been extremely happy with my headphones especially since i got them for $80. They are nice on my iphone and sound way better on my laptop so I figured a sound card or DAC would boost the experience further. What are my options?
  8. Hello guys, someone at my school is selling this sound card. I've been interested in getting one for a while but don't know much about them. Is this one worth getting? Are there any concerns with it? I use Klipsch Reference One Headphones and would use this for music not gaming or movies. Would like to hear your opinions on it. Thank you http://dallas.craigslist.org/dal/sys/4200042863.html
  9. There was a blog post about connecting corsair RM power supplies to corsair link on the corsair website last week but it had since been taken down. I wasn't sure what the RM power supplies were and though they might be an older model or an OEM model but I guess it was referring to this new power supply. THere were no pictures or details in the article though.
  10. I play Diablo III on my integrated HD4000 on a 3770k, sold my graphics card and am waiting for 800 series from nvidia
  11. Try the sRGB preset. Some things may be too dark so turn up the brightness but I don't have an issues with things being washed out
  12. Lol thank you for reading. I was thinking maybe there is a way to tell within device manager details Sort of, they are labeled in the manual but the internal header is called 4_5 which I know runs off the intel chipset but does not help figuring out which backside ports are running off.
  13. I have a AsRock z77 Extreme4 and am trying to decide which USB 3.0 should I prioritize to use. The manual mentions that you use use native SATA 3 Ports so i think the logic applies to USB ports. It does not say which USB ports run off the chipset vs the add on. Is there a way I can identify which is which on the back of the motherboard? Thanks
  14. Thats a hard question to answer. Really depends what you are used to. I have a logtiech 5.1 system that was already setup before I got the monitor so ofcourse that I can't compare. When I watch TV I have a real 5.1 medial system setup there and when Im not home I use $180 headphones so as for me no they are not good haha If you have a laptop, expect something a little better than that but not as good as a tv. I guess small TV speaker would be a good comparison. They get decently loud but sound hollow.