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  1. ShortyfromLV

    Are PC Manufacturers Trying to Screw You??

    On the latest video, what does @LMG Ivan mean by "Future proof is a fallacy" ?
  2. ShortyfromLV

    Why is EVERYONE Buying This Sound Bar??

    At 5:40 there is bit of technical inaccuracy - @LinusTech The sound bar uses 5 VOLTS (V) not Watts (W) As you probably now remembered - volts is just the required electricity current to use it, rather than the speaker wattage. As in, 220V is the standard current in the household. The sound bar just converts the 220V AC to 5V DC. Yet I have no idea what is the wattage of the speakers.
  3. ShortyfromLV

    Any RAF Workers? Aka can I join if I’m techincally unfit ?

    What dizmo said With that type of mentality, you aren't fit in there.
  4. ShortyfromLV

    Threadripper 2 Retails for $1835?

    The i9 series is in trouble, i guess.
  5. Just use a Garmin or Suunto then.
  6. ShortyfromLV

    Scrapyard Wars 7 Pt. 2 - NO INTERNET

    44 dollars for the worst SSD ? Kingston sells 250GB SSD's for 46 euros and 128 GB for 28 euros. A-DATA has 128GB's for 30 euros.
  7. ShortyfromLV

    A funny story

    So this is call out to @LinusTech on a video you did back in February. So at 2:20 you said that you had a funny story about Der Bauer and the resurrection of your chiller. I think I am not alone ( The most popular comment is full of responses to them wanted to know the full story ) when I say that I am curious of what the story is, because it ends on a cliffhanger. (video in reference)
  8. ShortyfromLV

    Thread For Tech Quickie Video Suggestions

    This is more of a video for the main channel i guess. How to update UEFI/BIOS and does it give the system an increase in performance ?
  9. ShortyfromLV

    July 20 2018 - WAN Show Document

  10. ShortyfromLV

    Scrapyard Wars 7 Pt 1 - NO INTERNET

    I can't even find a yellow pages to buy !
  11. ShortyfromLV

    Buying a $150 Smartphone in 2018

    I see that Linuses (Linus's ? Linuss ? ) manadrin game is on point.
  12. Gonna play the devils advocate here. Maybe you should of used a generic setup rather than a test bench ? What if the radiators built in will cause a different result due to the heat on top being dissipated by the radiator causing the top part to force more heat upwards ? You said you'd give them every opportunity, i'd say give this a quick try. Won't hurt anyone and we might learn something new about thermodynamics. EDIT Here is the liquid in action
  13. ShortyfromLV

    Floatplane is the new YouTube?

    This is almost like calling something the next WoW-killer. Nope, nah, nu-uh, nada. But I guess it's something like NetFlix in a small world.