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    Intel Xeon e3 1231v3 3.4GHz
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    SuperMicro x10SL7-F
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    32 GB Crucial DDR3 ECC
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    AMD FirePro W4100
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    Fractal Design Node 804
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    2x250GB EVO 960 RAID 1, 4 3TB Seagate NAS RAID10
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    Corsair TX750M
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    3 Asus ProArt 24”
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    Corsair Gaming
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    Wacom Tablet
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    Creative USB
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    Windows 10 Pro
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  1. No, x8 would be just fine for up to and including 3080. SR-2 is way overkill for folding. So unless you need an HEDT system for something other than folding a x570 and a PCIe x4/x4/x4/x4 is way less. I have run 6 High end GPUs (2070S) off an x570 with a 2700 and 8GB DDR4 but I'd recommend 16GB these days. If you are need a HEDT system going x399 and ThreadRipper 1 or 2 would likely be more bang for your buck. If it is a dedicated F@H build save some $ on the system so you can put it towards GPUs.
  2. 0.3ml of 15mg/ml THC\CBD Oil Under the tongue works for me. Legal too where I live. Can’t wait for my next Drug Test at work but I do have a Doctor’s recommendation for it.
  3. Absolutely no problem getting tasks. I’m up to 27 years on OpenPandemics on World Community Grid. Oh, are we supposed to be using our CPUs on F@H?
  4. The issue is the other PCIe slots and m.2 slot all share the x4 PCIe connection from the CPU on x570 or the DMI3 (~ same bandwidth) connection on Intel z1/2/370 or x3/490 so the GPUs connected to these slots should only be slow ones. Here is my system on z170: Guess which of these is the 1070ti in the x16 slot and which ones are the 1060 6GB ones in the PCIe x4 in a x16 slot and adapted m.2 slot connected to the Chipset. At some point that lower PCIe Rx bandwidth will start to really throttle the production of the connected GPU. For comparison, here is a 1060 6GB connected to a PCIe2 x16 slot:
  5. AMD Desktop CPUs provide only 24 PCIe lanes period. 4 are for the Chipset connection leaving 4 for assorted use (usually a x4 PCIe connection for NVMe) and 16 for the CPU-connected PCIe slots. Some "SLI" motherboards have PCIe switches that split the 16 lanes to two PCIe x16 slots running at x8/x8. The rest of the PCIe slots and m2 slots are all fed from the Chipset and thus share the x4 connection from the CPU. So no matter how you slice and dice it realistically the best combination is 6 GPUs at x4 fed from one CPU on x570 usually: The PCIe x16 slot "bifurcated" in x4/x4/x4/x4 The CPU x4 m2 slot adapted to a PCIe x16 physical slot A x16 slot running at x4 from the Chipset OR a Chipset m2 slot adapted to a x16 slot Yes, you can get more lanes with High-End Desktop (HEDT - Threadripper or Xeon) but the incremental per-slot (per x4 slot) cost is still lower using a Ryzen 3, 5 or 7 and a x570 motherboard supporting bifurcation.
  6. I can confirm that all GigaByte x570 boards from the Gaming X upwards support bifurcation. I was running the Gaming X and driving 6 GPUs from it.
  7. Yup, waiting to see Compute benchmarks and real folding performance data on the 3070 and big Navi then I’ll likely pick up a couple to a few more cards. My guess would be 3 3070s but I Might go for 2 3080s ...
  8. Wasn’t much of a battle. One of my 4th g grandfathers was a private in the unincorporated York Militia under John Beverly Robinson and Stephen Jarvis and was captured and paroled that day. He owned a 5 acre lot on the outskirts of town. The SW corner of King and Yonge. The family kept the property and split the rents until the 1930s and then it was sold after a protracted Legal battle over who got what portion of the revenue.
  9. Yes, if you want to kill it to say restart It due to a stuck slot I usually FAHClient --send-pause ps -ef | grep fahclient kill -KILL <child PID> kill -KILL <parent PID> Kind of the root equivalent of hitting it in the head with a hammer. Ubuntu 20.04 LTS isn’t quite ready for prime tIme yet WRT folding. Mostly due to the age of the client and partially due to the usual fsckery Canonical does. Oh, and the init script really needs a rewrite.
  10. The stats are from a Zabbix vm on my ESXi server. A lot of time spent setting it up and creating scripts to grab the relevant data. One of my 2070s is underperforming and getting around 2.5MPPD but I suspect that it’s a power supply issue so I’m not going to dig into it until after Folding Month. Im also on Linux which might help still even with the new CUDA core
  11. I'm getting an average over 3 days of 2.85, 2.74, 2.73, 2.65 & 2.38MPPD on my 2070S at 80% under Linux (These are Hybrid Cards 'tho) The rest are yielding: 2070a 2.31MPPD 2060s 2.28MPPD 2060 1.55MPPD 1070t 1.27MPPD 1660t 1.17MPPD 1060 6GB 705.7kPPD 1060 6GB 723.8kPPD
  12. I’m managing 2kW quite well with the back basement window open all the way and a 12” fan in it and The 24” box fan I hung from the ceiling las folding year. Luckily it’s a cold spell. I expect we’ll have the usual Indian summer in a couple of weeks then I will roast as I’ve my 4 laptops from work back there as well. I’ve gained about 20lbs during COVID so working a week in a sauna Might not be such a bad thing.
  13. Yes, but you will need to port-forward the remote system on the router at the remote location and you will want to limit which external IP address can connect to it. See the Remote Access link in my sig