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    Can you believe they let ME play and mess around with subatomic particles? Me? ;-)
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  1. It seems that 6 core i9 is a little too much for thin, lightweight, and constricted laptops. Be it Mac or PC that chip needs a beefy cooling solution. This problem could be fixed with a larger, 17-inch MacBook with keeping the thin factor but more space to add more cooling options. Add a 4K screen to make professionals crazy for it, target market, with a bigger battery added as well.
  2. Who is honestly shocked? Apple's thermals have been garbage for years. Their priorities are thin and light, damn everything else. The chassis is so impossibly thin it can give you a papercut, and isn't that all that really matters?
  3. Microsoft will sunset Skype 7 in September

    That's also a way to look at it
  4. Google Chrome will use EVEN MORE RAM for Spectre security fixes

    That's some nice accomplishment... achievement unlocked?
  5. New Intel chips will have SOLDERED IHS, dropping August 1st

    There is always something new on the horizon related to PC tech. So if you keep waiting for all of the new releases, you'll never actually end up building your PC. You'll simply keep delaying your build.
  6. New Intel chips will have SOLDERED IHS, dropping August 1st

    Let us hope so...
  7. are my i5 7600k temps to high?

    Sorry, forgot that sentence in the beginning of your thread
  8. Microsoft will sunset Skype 7 in September

    Indeed, that's basically the same with everything I guess. Why would people still use Skype if there is nobody to talk to anyway...
  9. Thieves Steal $27K Worth of Devices From California Apple Store

    That's not only the policy with Apple, but also at other stores as well. Employees are asked not to intervene and simply to "cooperate". However, firing someone sounds a bit excessive to me though...

    Then I definitely subscribe to that thread The Shiny tribute PC is truly amazing, so I'm curious how you are going to try to top that one
  11. Skype to add cross-platform video call recording but there's a catch

    I was just joking...
  12. Vivo's Selfie Sniffs out Snoops

    Indeed, it is very common on basically any device with a webcam. Nowadays, certain laptop manufacturers start to add a built-in webcam "shutter" to their devices just for this reason.
  13. Inexpensive computer table

    Have you already decided yet?
  14. Every time I see "Samsung Announces" I read: Samsung Announces DRAM price increase
  15. Amazon Website Can't Handle Prime Day

    Prime isn’t for everybody, especially if they don’t need the 90%-crap streaming content; almost EVERYTHING on sale during this event can be had for the same price, sometimes less - and to ALL users - at various times throughout the year, especially at Black Friday. Prime is kinda for suckers. But there’s certainly enough of them out there.