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Christophe Corazza

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    PhD student
  • Birthday 1992-05-14

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    Can you believe they let ME play and mess around with subatomic particles? Me? ;-)
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    PhD Student Nuclear Engineering: Particle Physics

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  1. Christophe Corazza

    Just like Apple, Google will ban hammer crytomining apps on Google Play

    Would be hilarious
  2. Christophe Corazza

    Disney's buyout of 20th century FOX as good as done.

    Walter is turning in his grave.
  3. Conveniantly when many iPhones today are water resistant.
  4. Christophe Corazza

    Samsung making GPU’s

    Nvidia will try to sue in 3... 2... 1...
  5. Christophe Corazza

    Dashlane launches Dashlane 6 with identity monitoring features

    Seems like a lot for a password manager. And I don't know how I feel about my VPN and password managers being together.
  6. Christophe Corazza

    Just like Apple, Google will ban hammer crytomining apps on Google Play

    The Play Store also now has a ban on repetitive content, which Google describes as "multiple apps with highly similar content and user experience," Did you look at your communication apps offering Google?
  7. Christophe Corazza

    Valve bans over 60,000 Steam accounts to smash its previous record

    Probably a bit over-the-top reaction... no?
  8. Cause I need emojis when I am clearing an ARP cache, pinging Google or releasing a DHCP config... ipconfig /all Copy *. D:\
  9. Christophe Corazza

    Surface Book 2 not detecting GPU in keyboard dock

    Between this, the flicker gate, the power problems and the CU finding of poor reliability of Surface devices, I don’t see why anybody would buy a Surface device over other more capable competitors.
  10. I'd like to sue Denuvo for performance hindrance in products that I buy...
  11. Christophe Corazza

    Intel's 10nm only coming to servers in 2020 with Ice Lake

    ce Lake SP Xeons still two years away? Oh boy. AMD has a serious chance now...
  12. Christophe Corazza

    AMD reports best quarterly profit in 7 years thanks to new products

    Profits are on the Ryze!
  13. Users whine about short battery life all the time, then they whine about the app can't run in the background by default. You can't have both.
  14. Don't they usually come much later?