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  1. badreg

    9900K - low scores?stock

    Raise your power limits in BIOS before jumping to conclusions. If your temperatures are under control, then you're clearly power throttling. It's a shit 4 phase VRM which isn't ideal for a 9900k, but there is no reason that it shouldn't be able to drive to the stock 4.7Ghz boost. Follow the instructions on this thread:
  2. badreg

    Tiny Motherboards

    Where do you see that the E key M.2 slot is x4, and that both M.2 slots are wired directly to the CPU instead of going through the chipset? Additionally, you only get 25W out of a single M.2 slot, so you would be limited to 50W if you manage to bridge the two slots.
  3. badreg

    9900K - low scores?stock

    That would explain it. What are your core and VRM temperatures? You may also be power limited.
  4. Please run CPU-Z and post screenshots of the Memory and SPD tabs.
  5. Are you running XMP with the 2x8? If so, dual rank @ 1866Mhz is asking a lot from the IMC. Try going down to 1600Mhz and see if your issues go away.
  6. If you're not on the latest BIOS, updating to the latest microcode seems like it should fix this. Otherwise, you can just do what it suggests and enter this into a PowerShell: bcdedit /set hypervisorschedulertype core
  7. As mentioned above, totally fine. You'll notice that TjMax is 212°F or 100°C. You're topping out at 140°F, which is 60°C. Anything under 80°C is optimal, and anything under 100°C is technically "safe". Pro tip: change your units to Celcius, as that is the standard scale for hardware temperatures.
  8. 10-15% in enterprise/professional workloads is a huge margin. We're not talking about a few extra FPS in games. If we are conservative and assume that the extra 10-15% allows you to bill 5% more hours, then the difference in the cost will be recouped very quickly. For general computing, the Ryzen is a better value, but this is not the intended use case here.
  9. Even for a 6700k, it's not that close. The 1700 is really far behind. Since this is strictly for professional use, you're going to save enough time to recover the difference within a couple of weeks. https://www.pugetsystems.com/labs/articles/Adobe-Photoshop-CC-2017-AMD-Ryzen-7-1700X-1800X-Performance-907/ Puget tests at stock, so you can extrapolate the performance of an overclocked 1700 and 6700k and get pretty close to the results above.
  10. badreg

    Diagonal keys doesn t work with S letter

    If the keys work independently, but not simultaneously, then it's a hardware limitation. Some keys are wired to the same circuit and can't be actuated at the same time.
  11. Change to a B360 board and a RX580 8GB. You'll probably want to consider 16GB of RAM as well, especially if the 8GB is a single stick.
  12. badreg

    Pixel pitch?

    It's obviously a division or unit error. They're both 0.311mm. 597.6 / 1920 = 0.311
  13. badreg

    Memory issues B150m - 2400t

    Registered is a type of ECC memory. There is also unbuffered ECC. AFAIK, some Ryzen motherboards support unbuffered ECC memory, but registered (or buffered) ECC is only supported on server platforms.
  14. Maybe, but you're cutting it really close, and you should definitely consider a quality PSU as well. The specs say 15A over the 12V rail, which is a maximum of 180W. The 1050ti Windforce OC will draw up to 150W by itself, which only leaves 30W for your CPU and other components.
  15. badreg

    Memory issues B150m - 2400t

    You can't use registered RAM on consumer Intel motherboards.