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  1. yea i know for the demanding games i can set it differently for each game
  2. So basically what your saying is keep using this HP until i can get a better PC, OK just a few question's the Case i wanna get will it house a 9th Gen MOBO, and the PSU i wanna get, will it be enough power to run a GTX 1080 ti, NOW... Let's just say.. in time, i buy a 9th Gen MOBO and CPU and i put that in the Case with the PSU not forgetting DRR4 Ram as well. The Question is if i did all of those things, would i be able to Play and record on high or even Ultra. Or as you well know i don't get much money so it would take me months to save up, but if you or anyone can tell me the cheapest build that i can play and record on 1080p 60 FPS not doing 4k.. that it is powerful enough even on new games coming out now. Please give me a list on what to buy thank you.
  3. why is everyone going on about Wattage if you read my first "post" i never ask about Wattage, all i ask was will, it, "Work" with That "Case" That "PSU" and That "MOBO" with my CPU My and GPU that's all ask, and not being lead up the grange path, AGAIN.. history like's to repeat self it seems. i get £40 a month on benefits that's what i'm left with to spend to save up with, so it would take 3 months just to save up £120 i'm trying to get the Cheapest but also powerful enough Gaming PC so i can record and play on High or Ultra if can. And that case and PSU is a great start to build from, But i can't afford to buy a 9th Gen MOBO and CPU and DRR4 Ram and NEW GPU that soon, it would take me "Years" to save up for that. But that MOBO i can save up for in months and then transfer everything over from this HP to the New case and have a more ventilated and nice looking PC mean while. Then,..then i can stat saving up for a 9th MOBO and CPU and DRR4 ram and GPU and i hope it fits in the case and hope that PSU can handle what ever GPU i get. Also i didn't see if anyone said if that z77 can fit a High end GPU better than the GTX 1050 ti and would PSU be enough, (NOW i'm asking about Wattage) . That MOBO the z77 is far better than the MOBO i have right now in this HP if you offer me a cheaper, but just as good as the z77 i'll take that option instead...Thank you.
  4. Finely your the only one who given me a straight answer Yea. I do Gaming on Youtube i have a 1050 ti a i7 2600 and 8GB Ram so not all games i can play on High and record on high at the same time, WAIT, hold on..i just had thought crossed my mind, can that MOBO the z77 extreme4, Keeping in mine what i have all ready with everything I've got, i am planning on getting 16GB as well as some point. Can that MOBO the z77 extreme4 handle a GTX 1080 ti or anything better than the GTX 1050 ti so i can comfortably play and record on high or even Ultra with good 60 FPS. Then I've not only got a new Case and PSU and Much Better GPU already, all i then need is to save up for, is a much more up to date MOBO and CPU then i can take out that old z77 extreme4 and have put in the new MOBO and CPU and put back in the GPU and i'll have an even more powerful PC. I might also need to get New RAM depending on the MOBO i choose to get, can handle DRR3 i'll have to wait and see on that. The reason i said that i want a 5th or 6th Gen is because i know with those MOBO they can handle High end GPU's and the game play is great, i Know you don't need a over the top price PC to Play and Record game on Ultra, and if i can do that with that MOBO were it's a lot cheaper than the best MOBO out there, Than i would rather do that. I've seen that MOBO for £100 on amazon. why spend £1000 or £2000 on a Gaming PC were you can spend under £1000 and still Play and record on Ultra. If that MOBO can't handle a high end GPU then i'll still Buy that case and that MOBO and PSU, then i can Transfer my i7 2600 and my 8GB Ram and GTX 1050 ti all move it over to the new case. And i can start saving up for an even better MOBO and CPU and GPU through time. I wouldn't put links to to those sites if i couldn't afford anything better, it would take me years to save for the MOBO and CPU that ALL OF YOU would recommend where it would only take me months to save for of those items in the LINKS. And once i have a Tower case and that PSU i can build on that then and slowly build up from there, get one thing at a time until i can finely i take out the old and put in the new.
  5. My last experience on here, wasn't great and kept being lead up the grange path, if you get my expression. OK i have the 8200 HP SFF case and the MOBO is the Hewlett- Packard Model 1495, and with that come's a 240v PSU i do have a Low Profile GTX 1050 ti. Now i have heard that GPU needs more Power than what it's getting right now, i have a Case and MOBO and PSU in mind, i just need a straight will it work and will it improve performance by any, if it doesn't improve performance that fine. And my other reason for getting this Case and PSU, is so later on i can upgrade the MOBO to a 5th or 6th Gen and the PSU should be able to handle an even better GPU, when i finely get around to upgrading it. So that just save's me having to buy a new Case and PSU for awhile anyway and i don't care if it looks shit it's fine. So here is the PSU it has been shown on LT so i know its a good make: https://www.corsair.com/uk/en/Categories/Products/Power-Supply-Units/c/Cor_Products_PowerSupply_Units?q=%3Afeatured%3ApsuPower%3A450+Watts%3ApsuModular%3ASemi&text=#rotatingText Here is the MOBO it's the best one apparently i don't mind the cost it's fine: https://www.asrock.com/mb/Intel/Z77 Extreme4/ and finely the Case it doesn't look to bad and it's the same make as the PSU: https://uk.pcpartpicker.com/product/2tTrxr/corsair-spec-04-blackred-atx-mid-tower-case-cc-9011107-ww So please straight answer thank you.
  6. I do have 2 Monitors..there was a feature in the Nvidia control panel that they removed called.(Multi-Display/mixed-GPU acceleration) which i found that out when i was searching for a problem I think before i got the GTX 1050ti. And so though looking i found (Nvidia Inspector) where i can get the option back. When i installed it..the option was on default with it on (Compatibility) so i remembered they said at the time....with the problem i was having at the time even tho i had 2 monitors they said to put in on (single Display) But when i got the New GPU i should of turned it to (Multi Display) so far i think everything has improved.. it's still to early to say i haven't tested all the game's yet to be sure. But i'll let you know if they are O.K.
  7. when i'm recording i put the game on a SSD I've never had any issues with the 14 GB ram i did have 16GB ram but one stick broke but everything runs well with the Ram
  8. I've tested the ram through the Extended option in (windows memory diagnostics) took hours but everything came back Perfectly fine..no problems i don't stream on my channel i only record through OBS but this happens when i don't record. It's my FPS it can never be stable a 60 and then at random moments it drops from 60 to 30 the game freezes for a split second and resumes. I've configured the OBS for every game i record..i can't play every game on ultra...it's depending on how taxing the game is. I open up task manager and look at the % of the CPU and GPU while configuring the game to run nice and record nice with out PFS dropping. Once both CPU and GPU hit 100% that's when FPS starts to be affected and that's when i lower the graphic's setting in game. But that's not the problem it's when i'm playing the game out of know where..at random moments it drops from 60 to 30 the game freezes for a split second and resumes. Mad Max is one of the game's... if i'm not recording i can play on high but that sudden lag drop still happens. And the other one i'm not recording of yet... but the lag drop still happens and that's Factorio i think it happen also when i record Skyrim SEE.
  9. The main reason i'm looking is because I've got games that i'm playing that are behaving weirdly.. and trying to figure out which part of the Machine it is causing the problem..there's way to many individual parts that it could be so getting a much better MOBO and PSU can tick them of the list. Also the MOBO will be in more an open air case than this Slab i have..You see i do Gaming on YouTube so it upsets me when a game that plays up when it shouldn't do. You see i could tell you...but you'll say it's this...then i'll check...and find out it's not that..then you say try this...again it's not that. Believe me i've looked and tried everything i can't put my finger on it. You could say it's the game it self..but there are people that are saying ohh..it works fine for me..so i don't if it's the PSU not getting enough Power to the GPU when i play certain games i don't know if's the Ram i don't if the MOBO playing up or on it's way out. When you game's that are well over 10 years old acting up and with a machine that can play most AAA games of 2016-and some 2017 not to sure of 2018 i kinda wonder what is going on.
  10. O.k... i....can't afford to buy the top of line shit right now... it will take me years to save up for that stuff...all i'm asking from anyone is if there is a much much better MOBO and PSU than the "one" i'm using right now in this HP 8200 sff slab of a machine that it is....that the CPU and GPU can really shine. That with a budget of £200 to allow me to buy a new MOBO Case & PSU that's all i'm asking please.
  11. Let me clarify my £200 budget is for a New MOBO PSU and Case the MOBO being the ASRock - Z77 Extreme4 ATX LGA1155 which i have see on online for around £100 which leaves the other £100 for Case and PSU cost of case not bothered i would rather put more money in the PSU. If 480W is to much Power then i'll get a 400W i was only thinking of future upgrading where the 480W would come in handy. The i7 2600 and GTX 1050ti is what i have already and will be going into the new case and MOBO when i get it....with the shitty HP 8200 slab case that i have right now i can't improve the PSU or case.
  12. budget £200 $252.71 I have i7 2600..14 GB..2tb HDD and a 1tb SSD as well the LP GTX 1050ti Minimum 300W like i said with that MOBO i posted..in regards to a Case as long as it cheap but looks nice and can hold that MOBO i posted about and i can handle newer and better MOBO down line..and i just need at least 480W PSU that i can also use when i can get a better MOBOs and a Better GPU. As long as it's a good brand but not to expensive i've seen one's for around £40-£50's $50.54-$63.18 that would be great thanks.
  13. Someone on Tom Hardware said this is mislabelled i'm just here to reconfirm something ... this is the link i posted.. https://pcpartpicker.com/product/wQH323/logisys-case-cs308rd .. so then He posted this.. https://evertek.com/Product/CS308RD and it was the same Item but He say's it's not really 480W instead it 192W..16A on 12V rail. 16 x 12 = 192W. And that it should say for 480W PSU should have 40A on 12V rai...again i'm making sure that this is correct or not and looking at my PSU i feel it's not 240W either but also 192W if he is right about 16A on 12V rail. 16 x 12 = 192W. My PSU .. http://tinypic.com/r/opxnur/9 i'm not really good at knowing what i'm looking at.. when it come to PSU power and stuff. You see i have a HP 8200 SSF with LP GTX 1050ti with a 240W PSU so i have found a good MOBO ASRock - Z77 Extreme4 ATX LGA1155 i'm not bothered about the case as long as it can fit the MOBO and able to fit even better MOB's down road. The only worry i'm having is..is he right about it needing to be 40A on 12V rail to be 480W. Because i don't want to buy a 480W PSU if it's not really 480W and if it is trustworthy to but in bundle case with PSU. Thank for your time.
  14. I need help i have a HP 8200 SSF Compaq slab with a GTX 1050 ti with i7 2600 and 14 GB ram and it only have as a 240v PSU is there an alternative case out there that i can put it in and then get a 500W PSU for it ...or is there a way you can fit a 500W PSU in that case thank you.